Where to Play Chess Online?

Chess is a favorite game for many people. With online games becoming more popular, chess lovers are searching for ways to play games online. Playing more games is the only way to improve your skills in chess. The good news is that there are plenty of online chess game providers. Many online sites offer to place bets on popular chess tournaments. Punters who want to find betting providers that do not require a German license can check the Sportwetten Ohne Lizenz Test results to find the best ones ideal for chess games. You get to choose opponents of different levels 24×7 from these providers. Here are some of the best online chess servers.

  • Chess.com

Chess.com is the biggest chess community on the internet. It has more than 28 million community members. The server allows you to play online chess matches at different time controls. You can also play games in correspondence style according to the days taken for every move. Basic membership at this platform is completely free, however, you have to take premium membership to enjoy training videos, statistics, and features. People with good knowledge of chess may choose the best odds and earn money from betting on chess games. Bettors interested in Alberta sportsbooks may visit https://canadiansportsbooks.com/alberta/ to learn more about betting in the province.

  • Lichess

Lichess is a popular free open-source server for playing online chess. They can be embedded in your website also. Different play modes are available along with training features. Even though the training content is not great as other sites, the fast and slick interface, and the 24×7 competitions are notable features of this site.

  • Chess24

Chess24 was launched in 2014 and is one of the top sites to learn and play chess online. Basic membership of this site is free, however, premium membership offers good-quality training materials including ebooks and video series. Premium Members also get the chance to challenge the site’s titled players in live streams.

  • Internet Chess Club (ICC)

Internet Chess Club (ICC) is known to be a premium site to play online chess. ICC allows you to play against Grandmasters and International Masters. But the membership in ICC is not free. However, you get to enjoy a month of a free trial.

  • Free Internet Chess Server (FICS)

FICS is known to be one of the oldest servers to play chess. It is a free alternative for people who are not interested in paying for ICC membership. Players will have to download a reliable and compatible interface as the server does not have an official interface.

  • GameKnot

GameKnot offers completely free and only correspondence-style chess games. More than a million members are there in the GameKnot community. It features an attractive interface along with features like annotated games, tactics training, as well as a game database. 

  • Playchess.com

This server is from ChessBase, which is the maker of the famous chess database software. However, the site does not have many strong players like other servers. The site is completely integrated with ChessBase programs and ChessBase software. 

  • Red Hot Pawn

Red Hot Pawn has a big player base and features correspondence-only chess games. The site features ladders and tournaments, teams, and other chess play modes. Players can get a basic membership for free. For advanced features, you need a subscription. 

  • ItsYourTurn.com

This server is ideal for casual chess players who are not interested in serious games. It offers correspondence-style chess games without whistles and bells. Apart from chess, you can play other games also on this server.