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- - By Dadi Jonsson (Silver) Date 2007-01-09 07:53
As this is a threaded forum (currently) there is much less need for quoting. It is always clear to which post you are replying. Under these circumstances you should only quote when you are specifically addressing a particular sentence or a part of a post.

When you reply to a post it is displayed at the bottom of the page where you are writing the reply. To quote, copy/paste the part of the post that you are addressing into the edit window and add a single '>' (greater than) at the beginning of the quote. If you quote more than one paragraph add a '>' in front of each of them. Use the preview button below the edit window to see what your message will look like.

> I typed the '>' at the beginning of this paragraph. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Donec elementum enim sit amet nulla. Pellentesque congue viverra eros. Phasellus erat. In eu turpis nec lacus tempus pellentesque. Vivamus semper tempus neque. Nam at lacus. Etiam ullamcorper. Maecenas nibh urna, ultricies at, sagittis a, semper et, nibh. Sed quis arcu a mi convallis dapibus. Aenean velit diam, congue euismod, feugiat a, interdum in, eros. Duis molestie, nibh sit amet porttitor viverra, arcu justo suscipit est, vel fermentum nulla urna nec mauris. Aenean nec nisl. Nullam faucibus lacus ac tellus. Suspendisse ac arcu. Nulla facilisi. Donec lobortis, erat non sodales sodales, ante.

The quoting mechanism may be changed in the future to make it a little bit easier.
Parent - - By Dadi Jonsson (Silver) Date 2007-01-18 21:11
I have added an experimental quoting function to the forum. When you reply to a post you will see this tiny button below the text of post that you are replying to:

If you highlight some text from the post with the mouse and then push this button, the highlighted text will be copied and pasted into your reply with proper quoting markup.

If you use the quoting function more than once, consecutive quotes will be separated by an empty line so you can type your reply after each of them.

I have tested this on FireFox 2, IE7 and Opera 9. The only problem I have run into is when you try to quote multiple paragraphs in Opera. Contrary to the other browsers, Opera doesn't seem to preserve linebreaks in the copied text.

JavaScript must be enabled to take advantage of this feature.

Any feedback is appreciated. If people use this feature I will finalize the code and replace the tiny button with something more noticeable.
Parent - By Dadi Jonsson (Silver) Date 2007-01-21 18:44
A new and improved version of the quoting function has been installed:

1) Formatting is preserved when quoting, instead of being converted into plain text (smilies, bold, italics, fixed-width text, inline images and URLs are preserved).

2) Linebreaks are now preserved in Opera 9.

Known issues:

1) Sometimes the cursor isn't correctly positioned after quoting in Opera 9.

Note that quoted text is always pasted into the reply at the location of the cursor.

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