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- - By -valdimor- (**) [be] Date 2007-01-16 11:18
what does this mean 32-bit and 64-bit?

i have installed rybka v1.0 32-bit on chesspart 5.4 but with 64-bit it doesn't work,i use windows xp proffesional 256 MB of RAM

i saw on a rating list that the ELO of rybka with 64-bit is much more than 32-bit why is that,does it make it play faster

and what does this mean 4CPU AND 2CPU?if you use more CPU's the engine will be stronger?

so an earlier version of rybka with 64-bit is better than a new version with 32-bit

if you use rybka1.0 with 4CPU is better than rybka 2.2 with a single CPU?

thanks and regards
Parent - - By Dragon Mist (****) [hr] Date 2007-01-16 11:58

I'll try to answer some of your questions. 32- and 64-bit describes the engine version for different OS. Now that there are 64-bit Windows available, it makes sense to produce 64-bit version programs for them to utilize, thus making the most of the newer, faster operating system.
I'm sorry but I don't quite understand your next question. If you ask why 64-bit Rybka does not work on 32-bit OS (Win XP Pro), well, it is not supposed to. With 32-bit OS you can only use 32-bit programs.
As regards to rating lists, there are many around. Among the most quoted are:
The same Rybka version (for example 2.2) should gain some 60% or so in terms of speed on 64-bit system compared to 32-bit one. So, Rybka 2.2 64-bit (running under 64-bit OS) will probably be rated say 30 ELO points above the Rybka 2.2 32-bit (running under 32-bit OS), on the same hardware.
About CPU figure, you're right: more CPU = stronger PERFORMANCE, although the progress is not linear (you should get less speed-up (which equals performance) going from 2 to 4 CPUs, then when you go from 1 to 2).
As for the last one, I am not sure; AFAIK there is no Rybka 1.0 with multiprocessor support; it was added only with version 2.0, so, running Rybka 1.0 on a 4 CPU machine will get you 0 speed increase compared with running Rybka 1.0 on 1 CPU (provided the same speed CPU).
So, in order to get the most of your Rybka v.XYZ 64-bit, you must have 64-bit OS.
In order to get the most of your Rybka mp v.XYZ, you must have a PC with 2 (or more cores, CPUs, whatever).
And, in order to get the most of your Rybka sp (single proc) v.XYZ 32-bit ..., well, there is not much you can do. But hey, you already have the World Champ in your hands. :-)

Hope this helps,

Dragon Mist
Parent - By -valdimor- (**) [be] Date 2007-01-16 15:58
thank you for the answers dragon mist,
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