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- - By Divis [es] Date 2007-01-10 22:40

I have adquired recently Rybka 2.2 mp and I am confused by the little number of kN/s that the program calculated in my computer (Intel Core 2 6600 2ยด4 Ghz and 2Gb RAM) if is compared with other programs, like Fritz o Junior... And of course with his deep version. Actually Rybka only calculated about 200 kn/s... Is possible what I have any problem?

Thank you very much
Parent - - By Michael Hart (***) Date 2007-01-10 23:29
This is perfectly normal.  Rybka has always calculated very little compared to other top engines, yet it crushes them all.  I think Vas called the kn/s reported by the engine only a cosmetic feature, or something to that effect, to let you know how well Rybka performs on ones hardware. Again, this is perfectly normal behavior.
Parent - By Chin2803 [in] Date 2007-01-11 12:38
Yes,Rybka always has counted less on kN/s but stength is just too good :)
Its perfectly normal for us,the kN/s matter to many of programmers,not needed much for us

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