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- - By bifmeister Date 2020-12-02 15:55
I just got an email saying that Aquarium 2021 has been released. ChessOK's website doesn't have any information on what's new in this release.

Any ideas what may be new or is this a "bug fix" release??

I am still running 2018 and trying to decide if this warrants a purchase.

Parent - By Chestman (*) Date 2020-12-02 16:27
I don't remember the last time we had real changes.

Perhaps there are some changes that will benefit the .01% of us who have multiple computers, connected in various ways, some doing this, some that, and so on. Even bug fixes are mostly for them.

I am actually at Aquarium 2020. I'll need to see some hard detail on what is new.
Parent - By vdragan (***) Date 2020-12-03 01:11
I was wondering very same thing. Also on version 2018.
Parent - - By braindied (**) Date 2020-12-03 07:53 Upvotes 1
2020 version was pretty much the 2019 version with a version number change.
2021 is probably the same.

The good news is 2020 is now 1/2 price - so you can upgrade to that :-)
Parent - By Wheelman Date 2020-12-03 16:41 Edited 2020-12-03 16:48
I have Aquarium 2020. I think I remember buying in April almost at this price range, if not at this exact same price, which was awesome. Aquarium 2020 came with 1 year access to chessking learn compared to 2021 which only gives you 3 months (why??).
Parent - - By cma6 (****) Date 2020-12-21 02:55
Where do you see half price?
Parent - - By braindied (**) Date 2020-12-21 12:43
On the chessok website - Aq2021 is 39.96 euro, Aq2020 is 19.98 - half price.

If the software is the same, why not buy 2020 version?

So, the question is - are they the same?? - what are the new features?
Parent - By bifmeister Date 2020-12-21 15:23
That's just it, I don't think they have identified any new features. It certainly isn't called out on the website.

They certainly are not providing any good reason to buy the new version, except for updates to the DBs.
Parent - - By Ozymandias (****) Date 2020-12-05 09:12
I checked the page for the product and don't see anything new. I wonder if even the CAP calculations have been updated.

At the very least, one would think that the DBs are up to date and you have a 1-year access to Lomonosov (if that tickles your fancy).
Parent - By nebulus (****) Date 2020-12-05 22:55
Doubt it. Probably just the database and maybe a few bug fixes.
- - By Wheelman Date 2020-12-03 16:47
What is happening with Convekta? Why do they barely make or add any changes to Aquarium and Chess Assistant? Chess Assistant's interface for example is extremely outdated, yet nothing major changed. I keep hearing about bugs yet no big changes or fixes are done. I feel like both Aquarium and Chess Assistant have great potential but nothing significant is being done to them. :sad:
Parent - - By Heer (*) Date 2020-12-11 10:17
Since Apple, new MacBook Air, M1 Chip, I need a Mac Version.
Is there a macOS Version from ChessOK Aquarium 2021 or how long do we need to wait for it?

What's new in the 2021 release???

They can put a lot of things from ChessBase and other free GUIs like Banksia into ChessOK Aquarium 2021.
Parent - - By Heer (*) Date 2020-12-14 09:04

only new databases and trees and special offer
Read description of this product in our web store in
Here written about what' new more detaily

Program abilities left the same

What does it mean, buy or no?
Parent - By Felix Kling (Gold) Date 2020-12-17 16:58 Edited 2020-12-17 17:01
I run Aquarium 2015 on Linux with Wine. Mac OS + Wine worked with some old version, too. But there will be minor glitches and maybe you need some manual tuning to get it running. I guess nobody tried it on the M1 yet (and wrote about it).
Parent - - By Felix Kling (Gold) Date 2020-12-17 17:03 Upvotes 1
I assume (and this is really just an assumption) that websites like changed the market quite a bit and the classical chess software is not as important as it was in the presmartphone era. Even though they sell smartphone programs as well, the times when there were only two big players for chess software are over.
Parent - By cma6 (****) Date 2020-12-21 02:53
To Felix and the other experts:
I have Aqr 2020 and it works reasonably well with two minor glitches:
1) Material imbalance is grayed out in Display Options, so I cannot choose it.
2) In Database Window, if identical position is reached in notation window, there is no longer an indication of that, which used to be quite useful for repetitions.
  Does anyone have a hack (short of reinstall) in the config files that might fix these two issues?
  Would a Convekta tech person care to mention what has changed, if anything, in Aqr 2021 vs. 2020, including bug fixes?
  Thanks, CMA
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