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- - By Patzer73 (*) Date 2020-11-09 18:25
I have a couple of questions regarding IA and IDeA
- Is it possible to have 2 engines (each one running several threads) doing IA and run IDeA at the same time (through a linked project) using another engine (possibly the same engine as one of the IA engines)? I know that I can do it using a single engine in IA but I had no success with two. One of the engines (the one which is not running IDeA as well) wouldn't feed any moves to IDeA while for the other I would use the option "Add Analysis to IDea Tree and generate alternative tasks". Would this be correct?
- In any case (one or two engines running IDeA), what's the strategy to select both "Analysis quality" (I'm currently using 1sec & 28 plies) and Min. depth under "Insert infinite analysis from linked games"  (I'm currently using Min. depth = 32)? As an indication I tend to leave Stockfish analyzing in IA until d=52 to d=60 depending on the position, and I would like to optimize the information I get from IDeA, specially in those situations where IA gives me several moves with the same evaluation.
Best regards.
Parent - - By dickie (**) Date 2020-11-10 09:41
Yes, you can have 2 or more multi-threaded engines running in IA while using another engine to run IDeA at the same time. It requires a different installation of each engine, and of course, you should not exceed the total number of threads available to you.

Your settings are a personal choice. I can only suggest you experiment with different settings to find what you feel gives you the best analysis within the limitations of your hardware.
Parent - - By Patzer73 (*) Date 2020-11-10 13:10
Thnaks a lot. I have managed to make it work. I'll start playing with the settings now, although it is difficult for me to see how the analysis quality depth in IDeA and the depth under "Insert infinite analysis from linked games" interact with each other. To benefit from IDeA I would say that the first (depth in IDeA) should be higher than the second, but I'm not sure. My idea is to be able to extend the depth under IA for a few plies by using IDeA on the main lines.
Parent - By Uwak (***) Date 2020-12-07 05:29
Suggest you use idea most of the time. Use IA to fish for lines to investigate deeper with idea.
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