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- - By noranalyst (**) Date 2019-11-04 19:45 Edited 2019-11-04 20:09
You may choose freely from all 960^2 positions in chess 960^2, where both players' piece starting position, with the exception of the king and the second colour bishop, are selected by random, and where you, as the player challenged, are free to, within seven days, accept it, and choose the starting position and declare whether you want to play for a win, and, if so, with which colour, or if you want to play for a draw. Then, if I judge the position as respectively a draw or a draw, I take up the challenge for the given position, if not, a third party is ideally to choose a position for both of us for which I take your role from the initial stage. So the trick may be for you to select a position which cannot possibly be evaluated as a draw or as a win with some degree of probabilistic certainty.

Example position which you may choose (chosen by random by me, and, as a Christian, I do not lie), in which case you may analyse for the next seven days before you write if you take up the challenge with this position: Ra1, Nb1, Nc1, Kd1, Re1, Qf1, Bg1, Bh1 (may have clicked Shuffle Chess instead of Chess 960 in Arena); (clicked Chess 960 in Arena) Qa8, Rb8, Bc8, Nd8, Ke8, Bf8, Rg8, and Nh8. I have not analysed at all.

This is *the* way to play Fischerrandom for all of us, who, when honest, mind draws.

Edit: In order to stay with a maximum connection to normal chess tradition (i.e. not pure Fischer random), and in order to be able to utilize our computers, which especially you, who are employed, and I, who am "employed" as a theology student, and possibly Bojun Guo's wonderful RPPvRP tablebases, I suggest that castling is only allowed if there is a possibility for it when using "Position set-up / set-up a Postion" (Fritz-like GUI or Arena) for normal chess. Although I think this rule may be ignored if one has explored the hypothesis of a statistical correlation between (armageddon-)960^2 (with my suggested rule) and armageddon-Fischer (without this rule).

Edit edit: Completely oppositely to my above writing, such statistical correlation is an argument *for* my suggested rule set. And now begins my analysis in Arena, as of now only with 5 men Syzygy ...
Parent - By Master Om (Bronze) Date 2020-04-16 12:46
I have never played FRC. Not Interested now. ONCE i start playing those may understand well.
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