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- - By Morpheus (****) Date 2019-08-10 14:53 Edited 2019-08-10 15:45
Dear Chessfriends,

Wallachian gambit or Benko gambit (as in English literature) - a variant of Benoni defense marked with ECO codes from A57 to 59, arising after the moves:   1.d4 Sf6 2.c4 c5 3.d5 b5 !?

What do You think is the most dangerous response of white  ( that WHITE can WIN) 4 ..?
Acceptance Benko f..e. 4. cxb5 gambit or discard 4.Nf3? or 4. Qc2?

What do you think ?

Maybe other options,  examples supported with source, please

Parent - By Uly (Gold) Date 2019-08-12 09:17
(this thread originally posted on the correspondence chess section - moved here as it seems the intention is to discuss the Benko gambit itself, which is a chess topic)
Parent - - By Morpheus (****) Date 2019-09-18 16:17 Edited 2019-09-19 05:22
No one has added any comments?? :cry::cry:
Where are the good old days? :confused::confused:
Parent - By user923005 (****) Date 2019-09-19 08:26
r1b1k2r/2q1bppp/p1nppn2/1p6/4PP2/1NNBB3/PPP3PP/R2Q1RK1 w kq - acd 35; acs 330; bm Qf3; ce 19; aid Hyatt-Quiet.0263; pm Qf3; pv Qf3;

r1bq1rk1/ppp1n1bp/3p1np1/3Ppp2/2P1P1P1/2N2P2/PP2B2P/R1BQNRK1 w - - acd 35; acs 330; bm Nd3; ce 22; pm Nd3;
pv Nd3 h6 h4 c6 Nf2 Bd7 a4 a5 Kg2 Be8 Bd2 Nd7 Nh3 f4 Be1 Nc5 Bf2 b6 b3 Bf7 Qc2 Qc7 Rfd1 Rad8 Qb2 Rd7 Rd2 Rfd8 g5 h5 Rb1 Kh7 Qa3 Qb7 Rbd1;
rnbq1rk1/3pppbp/p4np1/1PpP4/P7/2N1PN2/1P3PPP/R1BQKB1R b KQ - acd 36; acs 172; bm Bb7; ce -52;
pm Bb7 {282} d6 {170} e6 {87} axb5 {20} Qa5 {2} Ne8 {1}; pv Bb7 e4 e6 Be2 axb5 Bxb5 exd5 exd5 Qe8+ Be3 Ng4 Qe2 Nxe3 fxe3 Bxc3+ bxc3 Bxd5 O-O Nc6 Rfd1 Bb3 Re1 Be6 e4 Qe7 e5 Kg7 Qe3 h6 Nd2 Rfb8 h3 Qg5 Qxg5 hxg5 Bxc6 dxc6 Ne4 Rb2 a5 Ra2 Rxa2 Bxa2;
r1b1k2r/pp2bppp/1qnppn2/8/2B1P3/1NN1B3/PPP2PPP/R2Q1RK1 b kq - acd 36; acs 218; bm Qc7; ce -10;
pm Qc7 {1957} Qd8 {61} Qb4 {2}; pv Qc7 f4 a6 Qf3 b5 Bd3 Rb8 Ne2 O-O c3 e5 f5 Bb7 Ng3 Rfd8 Nh5 d5 exd5 Na5 Nxf6+ Bxf6 Be4 Nc4 Nc5 Nxe3 Qxe3 Bxd5 Bxd5 Rxd5 Nxa6 Qb6 Qxb6 Rxb6 Nb4 Rd8 Rae1 Rbd6 a3 Re8 g3 Rd2 Rf2 Rd6 Nc2 Rd3 Rg2;
rn1qkb1r/4pp1p/b2p1np1/2pP4/8/1P4P1/P3PPBP/RNBQK1NR b KQkq - acd 36; acs 222; bm Bb7; ce -43;
pm Bg7 {160} Qa5+ {6} Nbd7 {5} Bb7 {1}; pv Bb7 Bb2 e6 e4 exd5 exd5 Bg7 Ne2 O-O O-O Re8 Nbc3 Nbd7 a4 Ba6 Nb5 Bxb5 axb5 Rxa1 Bxa1 Qa5 Nc3 Nb6 Qc2 Qb4 Rb1 Ra8 Bf1 Ra3 Na4 Nfxd5 Bxg7 Kxg7 Nxb6 Nxb6 Qb2+ Kg8 Qf6 Qd4 Qxd4 cxd4 Rc1 Nd5 Rc6 Rxb3 Rxd6;
rnbqkb1r/p2ppppp/5n2/2pP4/2p5/5N2/PP2PPPP/RNBQKB1R w KQkq - acd 36; acs 234; bm Nc3; ce 48;
pm Nc3 {253} e3 {3} Nbd2 {2} Qc2 {1}; pv Nc3 d6 e4 Nbd7 Bxc4 g6 Bg5 Bg7 O-O Rb8 b3 O-O Rc1 Qa5 Bd2 Ng4 Na4 Qd8 Bc3 Bxc3 Nxc3 Nge5 Nxe5 Nxe5 Be2 Nd7 f4 Qa5 Qe1 Rb4 Qh4 Nf6 Qg5 Nxe4 Nxe4 Rxe4 Bf3;
rn1qkb1r/3ppppp/b4n2/2pP4/8/6P1/PP2PP1P/RNBQKBNR b KQkq - acd 36; acs 243; bm e6; ce -58;
pm d6 {232} g6 {119} e6 {7} Bb7 {5} Bc4 {4} Qa5+ {1} Qb6 {1} e5 {1}; pv e6 Nc3 Nxd5 Nxd5 exd5 Bg2 Nc6 Bxd5 Rc8 Qa4 Qb6 Nf3 Qb4+ Qxb4 Nxb4 Be4 d5 Bf5 Ra8 a3 Nc6 Bf4 Be7 Rd1 Bb7 O-O O-O Rxd5 Nd4 Rxd4 cxd4 Nxd4 Bf6 e3 Rfd8 Bc7 Bxd4 Bxd8 Bxb2 Bb6 g6 Bh3 Rxa3 Rb1 Bf6 Bc5 Ra5 Bd4 Bxd4 Rxb7 Bg7 Kg2;
rnbqkb1r/p2ppp1p/5np1/1PpP4/8/5N2/PP2PPPP/RNBQKB1R b KQkq - acd 36; acs 251; bm a6; ce -60;
pm a6 {2450} d6 {20} Bg7 {12} Qa5+ {7} Bb7 {1}; pv a6 bxa6 Bxa6 Nc3 Bg7 e4 Qa5 Bd2 O-O Be2 Bxe2 Qxe2 Qa6 a4 Qxe2+ Kxe2 Na6 Bg5 Rfb8 Rab1 d6 Nd2 Nc7 Nc4 Nxe4 Nxe4 Rxa4 Ned2 Nxd5 Ra1 Rab4 Ra7 Bxb2 g3 Bg7 Rc1 Bb2 Rc2 Bg7 Be3 Nxe3 Nxe3 e6;
rnbqkb1r/p2ppppp/5n2/1ppP4/P1P5/8/1P2PPPP/RNBQKBNR b KQkq - acd 36; acs 259; bm Qa5+; ce 0;
pm bxc4 {410} b4 {187} Qa5+ {31} bxa4 {2} a6 {1}; pv Qa5+ Bd2 b4 Qc2 g6 e4 Qc7 Nf3 Bg7 Bd3 Nh5 Be3 O-O Nbd2 Na6 Nb3 Nf4 Bf1 Nh5;
r4rk1/3nppbp/3p1np1/q1pP4/4P3/2N2NPP/PP3PK1/R1BQR3 b - - acd 36; acs 260; bm Nb6; ce -35;
pm Rfb8 {278} Nb6 {14} Nh5 {13} Ra7 {11} c4 {6} Qc7 {5} Rab8 {3} Ne8 {2} Qd8 {2} Qa6 {1} Qb4 {1} Rad8 {1} Rfd8 {1}; pv Nb6 Bg5 h6 Bxf6 Bxf6 e5 Bg7 Re4 Rab8 a4 Nd7 exd6 exd6 Ra2 Nf6 Rf4 Nd7 Qe2 Rfe8 Re4 Rxe4 Nxe4 Qa8 Qd3 Nb6 b3 Nxd5 Rd2 Nc7 Nxd6 Ne6 Kh2 Qc6 Nb5 Ra8 Re2 c4 bxc4 Rxa4 Rc2 Rb4 Qd5 Qxd5 cxd5 Rxb5 dxe6 fxe6 Rc6 Kh7 Rxe6 Rb2;
rn1qk2r/4ppbp/3p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N3P1/PP3PKP/R1BQ2NR b kq - acd 36; acs 260; bm O-O; ce -63;
aid C.A.P. 443761; pm O-O {582} Nbd7 {135} Na6 {3} Qb6 {2}; pv O-O Nf3 Qc8 a4 Na6 Qe2 Nc7 Bg5 h6 Bxf6 Bxf6 h4 h5 Rhe1 Bg7 Nd2 Rb8 Nc4 Qa6 a5 Rb4 Nb6 Qxe2 Rxe2 Rb8 Ra3 Bd4 f4 Kg7 e5 dxe5 fxe5 Rd8 e6 fxe6 dxe6 Rf8 Nd7 Rf5;
rnb1kb1r/3ppppp/pq3n2/2pP4/8/8/PP2PPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - acd 36; acs 264; bm Nc3; ce 28;
pm Nc3 {1134} Nf3 {7} a4 {2} Nh3 {1}; pv Nc3 e6 e4 exd5 exd5 d6 Nf3 Nbd7 Nd2 Be7 Nc4 Qc7 Bf4 Nb6 Ne3 O-O Be2 Re8 O-O Bf8 Re1 g6 Qc2 a5 Rac1 a4 h3 Bd7 Bf3 Qd8 Qd3 Qe7 Re2 Qd8 Nc4 Nxc4 Qxc4;
rnbqkb1r/4pppp/pP1p1n2/2pP4/8/8/PP2PPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - acd 36; acs 269; bm Nc3; ce 47;
pm Nc3 {1074} a4 {9} Qb3 {4} Nf3 {2} e4 {2}; pv Nc3 Nbd7 e4 g6 a4 Qxb6 a5 Qb4 Ra4 Qb7 f4 Bg7 Bc4 O-O Nf3 Ne8 Qd3 Nc7 Ra3 Rb8 O-O Qa7 Qe2 Nb5 Nxb5 axb5 Bxb5 Rxb5 Qxb5 Ba6 Qa4 Rb8 Rd1 Bxb2 Bxb2 Rxb2 Nd2 c4+ Kh1;
rn1qkb1r/4pp1p/b2p1np1/2pP4/8/2N2N2/PP2PPPP/R1BQKB1R b KQkq - acd 36; acs 276; bm Qa5; ce -9; pm Qa5;
pv Qa5 Bd2 Bg7 g3 Qb6 Bg2 O-O Bc1 Nbd7 O-O Qb7 Nd2 Nb6 Ndb1 Bc4 a4 Rfb8 Re1 Nbxd5 e4 Nxc3 Nxc3 Qa6 e5 dxe5 Bxa8 Qxa8 Rxe5 Rd8 Qe1 Nd5 Nxd5 Bxd5 Rxe7 Bh1 Qf1 Bg2 Qxg2 Rd1+ Qf1 Rxf1+ Kxf1 Kf8 Rc7 Qh1+ Ke2;
rn1qkb1r/4pppp/b2p1n2/2pP4/8/2N3P1/PP2PP1P/R1BQKBNR b KQkq - acd 36; acs 279; bm g6; ce -72;
aid C.A.P. 594055; pm g6 {332} Nbd7 {12} Qa5 {2} e6 {1}; pv g6 Bg2 Bg7 Nf3 Nbd7 Bf4 O-O O-O Nb6 Re1 h6 Qc1 g5 Bd2 Nc4 h4 g4 Nh2 Nxd2 Qxd2 Rb8 Rab1 Qc8 a3 Qf5 e4 Qg6 Nf1 Nd7 Ne2 Qf6 b4 Ne5 Ne3 cxb4 axb4 Nd3 Nxg4 Qg6 Nf4 Nxf4 Qxf4 Bd3 Ne3 Bxb1 Rxb1 Qf6 Nf5 Kh7 b5;
rnbqkb1r/3p1ppp/p3pn2/1PpP4/8/5P2/PP2P1PP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - acd 36; acs 279; bm e4; ce 0;
pm e4 {343} dxe6 {26} Nc3 {5}; pv e4 exd5 e5 Qe7 Qe2 Ng8 Nh3 c4 Nc3 Bb7 Nf4 Qc5 Nfxd5 Bxd5 Be3 Qb4 a3 Qa5 Bd2 Be6 Nd5 c3 Bxc3 Qd8 Qc4 Ra7 Qd4 Ra8 Qc4;
r1b1k2r/pp2bppp/1qnppn2/8/2B1P3/1NN5/PPP2PPP/R1BQ1RK1 w kq - acd 36; acs 280; bm Bd3; ce 0;
pm Be3 {2020} Bg5 {649} a4 {327} Kh1 {221} Bf4 {82} Bd3 {42} Be2 {20} Qe2 {18} Re1 {10} Qd3 {7} h3 {3} a3 {1} g4 {1}; pv Bd3 Qc7 f4 a6 Qf3 O-O Be3 b5 a4 b4 Nb1 a5 N1d2 Ba6 Rac1 Rfc8 Rfd1 d5 e5 Nd7 Qh3 h6 Nf3 Bf8 Bf2 Nb6 Ra1 Nd7;
rnbqkb1r/p2ppppp/5n2/1ppP2B1/2P5/8/PP2PPPP/RN1QKBNR b KQkq - acd 36; acs 288; bm Ne4; ce 8;
pm Ne4 {114} bxc4 {12} g6 {11} d6 {8} b4 {5} Qb6 {4} Qa5+ {3} Bb7 {1} e6 {1}; pv Ne4 Bf4 Qa5+ Nd2 g5 Be5 Rg8 Nf3 Nxd2 Qxd2 Qxd2+ Nxd2 d6 Bg3 b4 h4 g4 h5 h6 e4 Bg7 O-O-O a5 Be2 a4 Nf1 Nd7 Bf4 Nb6 Ne3 Kd8 Kb1 Kc7 Rc1 Rb8 Rh4 Bd7 Rhh1 b3 axb3 axb3 Bxg4 Bxg4 Nxg4 Bd4 Ne3;
r2q1rk1/3nppbp/b2p1np1/2pP4/8/2N2NP1/PP2PPBP/1RBQ1RK1 b - - acd 36; acs 289; bm Qa5; ce -62;
aid C.A.P. 771699; pm Qa5 {498} Nb6 {143} Ne8 {114} Qc7 {37} Ra7 {28} Ng4 {26} Qb6 {11} Rb8 {3} Bb7 {2} Bc4 {1} Re8 {1} h6 {1}; pv Qa5 Bd2 Qc7 b3 Bb7 Ng5 Rfb8 a4 h6 Nh3 Ne5 Qc1 Kh7 Qc2 Kg8 Nf4 Qd7 Nd3 Nxd3 Qxd3 Ba6 Qc2 Qf5 Qxf5 gxf5 Rfc1 Rb6 Bh3 Ng4 Kg2 Rab8 f3 Bxc3 Bxc3 Ne3+ Kf2 Nxd5 Bxf5 Nxc3 Rxc3 c4 Bc2 d5 e3 Kg7 h3 e6;
rnbqkb1r/3ppp1p/p4np1/1PpP4/8/4P3/PP3PPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - acd 36; acs 299; bm Nc3; ce 60;
pm Nc3 {1002} Nf3 {34} bxa6 {2} d6 {1}; pv Nc3 Bg7 e4 O-O a4 Bb7 Bg5 Qa5 Bd2 Qd8 Bc4 e6 Nge2 exd5 exd5 d6 Bg5 Nbd7 O-O Nb6 b3 h6 bxa6 Bxa6 Bxa6 Rxa6 Be3 Re8 Qd2 g5 Rad1 Ng4 Qd3 Ra8 Rde1 Nxe3 fxe3 Qe7 e4 Nd7;
rnbqkb1r/p2ppppp/8/1ppP2B1/4n3/5N2/PPP1PPPP/RN1QKB1R w KQkq - acd 36; acs 299; bm Bh4; ce 65;
pm Bh4 {290} Bf4 {186} Qd3 {32} h4 {7} e3 {4} Nc3 {2}; pv Bh4;
rn1qk2r/4ppbp/b2p1np1/2pP4/8/2N2NPB/PP2PP1P/R1BQK2R b KQkq - acd 36; acs 316; bm Nbd7; ce -22;
pm Nbd7 {89} O-O {67} Qb6 {12} Bc8 {1} Qc7 {1} h6 {1}; pv Nbd7 O-O Nb6 Re1 O-O a4 Qc7 e4 Nfd7 Bf4 Rfb8 Qc2 Nc4 Nb5 Bxb5 axb5 Nxb2 Ra6 c4 Rb1 Rxa6 bxa6 Nc5 e5 dxe5 Be3 Ncd3 Bf1 e4 Nd4 h5 Bg2 Ra8 Rxb2 Nxb2 Qxb2 Rxa6 Qb5 Ra1+ Bf1 Qa5 Qxc4 Qa2 Qxa2 Rxa2 Nb3 f5 Nc5;
r1b1kb1r/pp2pppp/1qnp1n2/1N6/2B1P3/2N5/PPP2PPP/R1BQK2R b KQkq - acd 36; acs 330; bm a6; ce -11; pm a6;
pv a6 Be3 Qa5 Nd4 Ne5 Nb3 Qc7 Be2 Nc4 Bxc4 Qxc4 Qd3 Qxd3 cxd3 e6 Rc1 Bd7 f4 Be7 h3 O-O Kf2 Rfc8 Nd2 b5 Ne2 h6 Nf3 a5 Rxc8+ Rxc8 Rc1 Rxc1 Nxc1 b4 Nb3 Bd8 Nbd4 Kf8 b3 Ke7 Nd2 a4 Nc2;
r1b1kb1r/pp3ppp/1qnppn2/8/2B1PB2/1NN5/PPP2PPP/R2QK2R b KQkq - acd 36; acs 330; bm Qd8; ce -22; pm Qd8;
pv Qd8 O-O;
r2qk2r/3nppbp/b2p1np1/2pP4/8/2N2NP1/PP2PPBP/R1BQ1RK1 b kq - acd 36; acs 330; bm Nb6; ce -58; pm Nb6;
pv Nb6 Re1;
rnbqkb1r/ppp1pp1p/3p1np1/8/4P3/6P1/PPPP1PBP/RNBQK1NR w KQkq - acd 36; acs 330; bm Ne2; ce 40; pm Ne2; pv Ne2;

rnbqkbnr/pppppp1p/6p1/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - acd 36; acs 330; bm d4; ce -31; pm d4;
pv d4 Nf6 Nf3 Bg7 e3 O-O c4 c5 d5 e6 Nc3 exd5 cxd5 d6 Bd3 Bg4 h3 Bxf3 Qxf3 Nbd7 Qe2 a6 a4 Ne5 Bc2 b5 axb5 axb5 Rxa8 Qxa8 f4 Nc4 O-O Qa5 Bd3 b4 Bxc4 bxc3 bxc3 Ne4 Qc2 f5 Bb2 Rb8 Rb1 Bxc3;
r1bqk1nr/pp3ppp/8/1Pb1p3/1nPp4/3P1N2/4PPPP/RNBQKB1R w KQkq - acd 36; acs 335; bm g3; ce 53; pm g3;
pv g3 e4 dxe4 Nf6 Bg2 Nxe4 O-O O-O Ba3 Re8 Bxb4 Bxb4 Qxd4 a5 bxa6 Rxa6 Qxd8 Rxd8 Rxa6 bxa6 Ne5 Bb7 Nd3 a5 Rc1 f5 c5 Rc8 Bxe4 fxe4 Nxb4 axb4 Rc4 Ba6 Rxb4 Rxc5 Rb2 Rc1+ Kg2 h6 Nd2 Bxe2 Nxe4 Bg4 f3 Bd7 Kf2 Bc6 Ke3 Kf7 h4 Bd5 Rb8;
r2qk2r/4ppbp/bn1p1np1/2pP4/8/2N2NP1/PP2PPBP/R1BQ1RK1 w kq - acd 36; acs 340; bm Bf4; ce 49; aid 04105;
pm Re1 {494} Rb1 {53} Ne1 {38} Nh4 {33} Nd2 {32} Bf4 {18} a4 {13} Bg5 {8} Ng5 {3} h3 {3} a3 {2} Qc2 {1}; pv Bf4 h6 Re1 O-O h3 Nc4 Qc2 Nd7 b3 Na3 Qc1 Kh7 Bd2 Bb7 Rd1 Qc8 Ne1 e6 dxe6 fxe6 e4 Rf7 f4 Qf8 Nc2 Nxc2 Qxc2 Bd4+ Kh2 e5 f5 Qg7 Nb5 Bxa1 Rxa1 Qf8 Nc7 gxf5 exf5 Bxg2;
r1bqkbnr/pp2pppp/2n5/8/1pPp4/P4N2/3PPPPP/RNBQKB1R w KQkq - acd 36; acs 352; bm axb4; ce -34; pm axb4;
pv axb4 Nxb4 e3 dxe3 Qa4+ Nc6 dxe3 e6 Be2 Nf6 O-O Be7 Nc3 O-O Qc2 a6 Rd1 Bd7 Bb2 Qc7 Ne4 Nxe4 Qxe4 Rfd8 h4 f5 Qc2 h6 c5 Be8 e4 Rxd1+ Bxd1 Bf7 exf5 Qd7 fxe6 Qxe6 Be2 Bf6 Rd1 Re8 Bxf6 gxf6;
r2q1rk1/3nppbp/3p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N2NP1/PP3PKP/R1BQR3 b - - acd 36; acs 359; bm Qc7; ce -95;
pm Ra7 {807} Ng4 {404} Qa5 {290} Ra6 {218} Qb6 {197} Qc7 {52} Nb6 {37} Qb8 {32} Nh5 {5} Ne8 {3} Rb8 {1} c4 {1} h6 {1}; pv Qc7 a4;
r1bqkb1r/pp2pp1p/2n2np1/8/2Pp4/B2P1NP1/4PP1P/RN1QKB1R w KQkq - acd 36; acs 367; bm Nbd2; ce -52; pm Nbd2;
pv Nbd2 Bg7 Bg2 O-O Nb3 Bf5 O-O Re8 Nh4 Bg4 h3 Bc8 Nf3 Nd7 Qc2 Nf8 Nc5 Qc7 Nd2 Nd7 Rfb1 Nxc5 Bxc5 Be6 Ba3 Bd7 Ne4 Nd8 Nc5 Bc6 Bxc6 Qxc6 Qa4 Qxa4 Nxa4 Rc8 Kg2 f5 Nc5 b6 Na6 e5 Nb4 Nc6 Bc1 Nxb4 Rxb4 Re7 Rb5 e4 Bf4 exd3 exd3;
rn1qkb1r/3ppp1p/b4np1/2pP4/8/2N3P1/PP2PP1P/R1BQKBNR b KQkq - acd 36; acs 390; bm d6; ce -69;
pm d6 {1322} Bg7 {325} Qa5 {2} Qb6 {1}; pv d6 Bg2 Bg7 Nf3 Nbd7 O-O Nb6 Bf4 h6 Re1 O-O Qc1 Kh7 Rd1 Nh5 Bd2 f5 Nh4 Nc4 Be1 Qe8 b3 Ne5 f4 Nd7 Bf3 Ndf6 h3 Qf7 Bf2 Bb7 a4 Rab8 a5 e6 dxe6 Qxe6;
rnbqkb1r/3ppppp/5n2/1ppP4/8/5P2/PP2P1PP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - acd 36; acs 392; bm e4; ce 16;
pm e4 {487}; pv e4 Qa5+ Bd2 b4 Na3 d6 Nc2 e6 a3 Qc7 Bb5+ Bd7 Bxd7+ Nbxd7 dxe6 fxe6 Nh3 d5 axb4 Rxa1 Qxa1 h6 exd5 exd5 O-O cxb4 Rc1 Kf7 Kh1 Qb6 Qa8 Rg8 Nf4 Bd6 Qa4 Nc5 Qxb4 Qxb4 Nxb4 Nb3 Rc6 Ra8;
r1b1kb1r/pp3ppp/1qnppn2/8/2B1P3/1NN5/PPP2PPP/R1BQ1RK1 b kq - acd 36; acs 393; bm Be7; ce 0;
pm Be7 {3402} a6 {1273} Qc7 {26} Bd7 {20} Ne5 {3} Qb4 {1} Qd8 {1}; pv Be7 Be3 Qc7 f4 a6 Bd3 b5 Qf3 O-O Qg3 Bb7 a3 Rab8 Nd2 h6 Ne2 Nh5 Qh3 Nf6;
r2q1rk1/3nppbp/3p2p1/2pP4/4P1n1/2N2NP1/PP3PKP/R1BQR3 w - - acd 36; acs 402; bm Qe2; ce 129;
pm Qe2 {146} Re2 {64} Nd2 {42} h3 {40} Ng5 {34} Bf4 {20} Qc2 {19} Bg5 {13} a4 {11} Nh4 {7} Kg1 {3} Bd2 {1} h4 {1}; pv Qe2 Bxc3 bxc3 Ra4 Nd2 Ngf6 c4 e5 a3 Qa8 Rf1 Rb8 Ra2 Ra7 Bb2 Ra4 f4 Rb6 Qd3 Qc8 Qc2 Qa6 Raa1 Rb7 Rab1 Nb6 Rfc1 Nbd7 Qd3 Qa8 Re1 exf4 gxf4 Nh5 Rf1 Ra6 Qc3 f6 h3 Ra4;
r1bqkb1r/pp1npppp/2n5/8/2Pp4/B2P1NP1/4PP1P/RN1QKB1R w KQkq - acd 36; acs 419; bm Qa4; ce -36; pm Qa4;
pv Qa4 e5 Bxf8 Kxf8 Bg2 a5 Nbd2 Nc5 Qa3 Nb4 O-O Qc7 Nb3 Nxb3 Qxb3 g6 e3 dxe3 fxe3 Kg7 d4 Re8 Nxe5 f6 Nf3 Bf5 Ne1 Rac8 c5 b6 cxb6 Qxb6 Rf2 Re7 Bf3 Ra7 Rd2 Re8 Re2 g5 Rc1 Rc8 Rxc8 Bxc8 Rd2 Be6 Qa3;
rnb1kb1r/4pppp/3p1n2/q1pP4/1pN1P3/5P2/PP1B2PP/R2QKBNR b KQkq - acd 36; acs 430; bm Qc7; ce -16;
pm Qd8 {150} Qc7 {76} Qa7 {74}; pv Qc7 Nh3 e6 Bd3 exd5;
3q1rk1/3nppbp/r2p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N2NPP/PP3PK1/R1BQR3 b - - acd 36; acs 438; bm Qa8; ce -39;
pm Qa8 {226} Nb6 {6} Qb6 {4} Qa5 {2} e5 {2} Nh5 {1} Qb8 {1} Qc8 {1} e6 {1}; pv Qa8 a4 Rb8 Ra3 Rb4 b3 Ne8 Qd3 Nc7 Bd2 Rb8 h4 Nf6 Rb1 h6 Ng1 e6 dxe6 Nxe6 Nge2 Re8 f3 d5 Nxd5 Nxd5 Qxd5 Qxd5 exd5 Nc7 Kf2 Nxd5 Ra2 Rd8 Rc1 Nc7 Rxc5 Ne6 Rc1 Rb8 Nf4 Rxb3 Nxe6;
rnbqkb1r/p2ppppp/5n2/1ppP4/2P3P1/8/PP2PP1P/RNBQKBNR b KQkq - acd 36; acs 443; bm Nxg4; ce 69; pm Nxg4;
pv Nxg4 cxb5 d6 e4 g6 Nc3 Bg7 Be2 Nf6 a4 a6 Nf3 O-O Be3 Ng4 Bd2 Nd7 Qc2 axb5 Nxb5 Nb6 h3 Nf6 Ra3 Nbd7 O-O Nb8 Nh2 Na6 Qc4 Bd7 Re1 Nb4 Bxb4 cxb4 Qxb4 Qa5 Qxa5 Rxa5 Nc3;
rnb1kb1r/3ppppp/5n2/qppP4/4P3/5P2/PP1B2PP/RN1QKBNR b KQkq - acd 36; acs 455; bm b4; ce -12;
pm b4 {376} Qb6 {20}; pv b4 Na3 d6 Nc2 e6 a3 Qc7 Bb5+ Bd7 Bxd7+ Nbxd7 axb4 Rxa1 Qxa1 exd5 Qa8+ Qd8 Qxd8+ Kxd8 exd5 Ne5 Nh3 Nxd5 Ke2 Be7 Nf4 Nxf4+ Bxf4 Ng6 Bg3 Kd7 bxc5 dxc5 Ra1 f5 Ra7+ Ke6 Kf1 f4 Ra6+ Kf7 Be1 Rb8 Bc3 Bg5 Kf2 Ne7;
rnbqkbnr/pp2pppp/8/2p5/1PPp4/5N2/P2PPPPP/RNBQKB1R b KQkq - acd 36; acs 470; bm cxb4; ce 60; pm cxb4;
pv cxb4 a3 e6 e3 dxe3 fxe3 Nc6 d4 Nf6 c5 Be7 axb4 Nxb4 Na3 O-O Nc4 e5 Bd2 e4 Bxb4 exf3 Ba5 f2+ Kxf2 Qe8 Be2 Ne4+ Kg1 Be6 Be1 Bd5 h4 f5 Rh3 Bf6 Nd6 Nxd6 cxd6 Qe6 Bd3 Kh8 Kh1 Qxd6 Bxf5;
r1b1kb1r/pp2pppp/1qnp1n2/8/2B1P3/1NN5/PPP2PPP/R1BQK2R b KQkq - acd 36; acs 473; bm e6; ce -33;
pm e6 {8035} a6 {61} Bg4 {41} Bd7 {15} g6 {14} Qb4 {10} h6 {5} Ne5 {3} Ng8 {2} Qd8 {2} Qc7 {1} a5 {1}; pv e6 Bd3 Qc7 O-O Be7 Be3 a6 a4 Bd7 a5 Rc8 f4 Nb4 Be2 O-O Bd4 e5 Bb6 Qc6 Bf3 Be6 Qd2 Nd7 Nd5 Bxd5 exd5 Qb5 Be2 Rxc2 Bxb5 Rxd2 Bxd7 Rxb2 Rfb1 Rxb1+ Rxb1 Nxd5 fxe5 Nxb6 axb6;
rn1qkb1r/3ppp1p/b4np1/2pP4/5P2/2N5/PP2P1PP/R1BQKBNR b KQkq - acd 36; acs 480; bm Qa5; ce -10;
pm Bg7 {88} d6 {48} Qa5 {17} e6 {2}; pv Qa5 g3 Ne4 Bd2 Nxd2 Qxd2 d6 Bh3 Bg7 Nf3 Ra7 O-O Nd7 Bxd7+ Rxd7 Rf2 O-O e4 Bc8 e5 Rb7 Re1 Bg4 b3 Bxf3 Rxf3 c4 bxc4 Rc8 Ne4 Qxd2 Nxd2 Rb2 Re2 Rxc4 Rb3 Rxa2 Nxc4;
rn1qk2r/4ppbp/b2p1np1/2pP4/8/2N2NP1/PP2PPBP/R1BQK2R b KQkq - acd 36; acs 484; bm Nbd7; ce -64;
pm Nbd7 {1807} O-O {843} Nfd7 {29} Qb6 {6} Qa5 {4} Bc8 {1} Qc7 {1} Ra7 {1} h6 {1}; pv Nbd7 O-O Nb6 Bf4 h6 Re1 O-O h3 Qc7 Rc1 Nh5 Bd2 Nf6 e4 Nc4 Na4 Bb5 b3 Bxa4 bxa4 Nxd2 Nxd2 Rfb8 Nc4 Nd7 Bf1 Bd4 a5 Rxa5 Nxa5 Qxa5 Rb1 Qxa2 Rxb8+ Nxb8 Qe2 Qb3 Qd3 Qb2 Re2 Qb4 Kg2 Nd7 Qd2 Qxd2;
rn1qk2r/4ppbp/3p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N3P1/PP3P1P/R1BQ1KNR w kq - acd 36; acs 488; bm Nf3; ce 65;
aid C.A.P. 443760; pm Kg2 {722} Nf3 {141} Nge2 {2} f4 {2} Qe2 {1} h3 {1}; pv Nf3 Qc8 Kg2 O-O Qe2 Na6 Bg5 Nc7 Rhe1 h6 Bxf6 Bxf6 Rad1 Qa6 e5 Qxe2 Rxe2 Bg7 b3 Rfb8 Rdd2 Rb4 Rd3 Rbb8 Rd1 Rb4 h3 Rd8 Rd3 Rbb8 exd6 exd6 Re7 Na6 Ne2 Nb4 Rd2 Ra8;
rnbqkb1r/4pp1p/p2p1np1/1PpP4/8/2N1P3/PP3PPP/R1BQKBNR w KQkq - acd 36; acs 489; bm e4; ce 85;
pm Nf3 {64} a4 {36} bxa6 {10} e4 {8} Bc4 {4} Bd3 {1} Qa4 {1} Qb3 {1} b6 {1}; pv e4 Bg7 a4 O-O Nf3 e6 dxe6 Bxe6 Be2 axb5 Bxb5 d5 e5 Ne4 O-O Nd7 Nxe4 dxe4 Ng5 Nxe5 Qxd8 Rfxd8 Nxe6 fxe6 Rb1 Nd3 b3 Bd4 Bg5 Rd6 Rbd1 Rb8 Be3 Kg7 Rd2 Rdb6 Re2 Rxb5 axb5 Rxb5 Bxd4+ cxd4 Rxe4 e5 Rb1 Kf6 f3;
rn1q1rk1/4ppbp/3p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N2NP1/PP3P1P/R1BQ1K1R w - - acd 36; acs 512; bm Kg2; ce 77; aid Hyatt-Quiet.3021;
pm Kg2 {1969} Qe2 {6} Bg5 {4} Bf4 {3} h3 {3} Kg1 {2} Nd2 {1} Qc2 {1} a3 {1} e5 {1}; pv Kg2 Na6 Rb1 Qc8 a3 Nc7 Re1 Re8 Bg5 Qa6 Qc1 Rab8 Bh6 Bh8 Bf4 Nd7 Qc2 Bg7 e5 c4 Rbd1 Nxe5 Bxe5 Bxe5 Nxe5 dxe5 Rxe5 Qb7 Rd4 e6 Rxc4 exd5 Rb4 Rxe5 Rxb7 Rxb7 a4;
r2q1rk1/3nppbp/b2p1np1/2pP4/8/2N2NP1/PP2PPBP/R1BQ1RK1 w - - acd 36; acs 527; bm Rb1; ce 80; aid Hyatt.1939;
pm Qc2 {693} Rb1 {395} Re1 {128} h3 {60} Bf4 {39} Ne1 {18} a4 {14} Bg5 {8} b3 {3} Bd2 {1} Bh3 {1}; pv Rb1 Qa5 Bd2 Qc7 b3 Bb7 Ng5 Rfb8 a4 h6 Nh3 Bc8 Nb5 Qb6 Nf4 Ne5 Bc3 Bf5 Nd3 Nxd3 exd3 Ng4 h3 Ne5 Qd2 g5 Rfe1 Qd8 Bxe5 Bxe5 Na3 Qa5 Qxa5 Rxa5 Nc4 Ra7 Nxe5 dxe5 Rxe5 Bxd3 Rbe1 Rxb3 Rxe7;
rn1q1rk1/4ppbp/3p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N3P1/PP3PKP/R1BQ2NR w - - acd 36; acs 535; bm Nf3; ce 70; aid PosBook.2108;
pm Nf3 {468} Nge2 {65} f4 {16} h3 {14} Bg5 {3} Qe2 {3} Bf4 {2} Nh3 {2} Qc2 {2} Rb1 {2} f3 {2} h4 {2} g4 {1}; pv Nf3 Qc8 Re1 Qb7 Qe2 Nbd7 a4 Rfb8 Ra3 Ne8 h4 h5 Nb5 Nc7 Nxc7 Qxc7 b3 Bc3 Bd2 Bb2 Ra2 Rxb3 Rb1 Rab8 Bg5 Bf6 Rxb3 Rxb3 a5 Rb4 a6 Qa7 Bd2 Rb6 Bf4 Rb4 e5 Nxe5 Nxe5 Bxe5 Bxe5 dxe5 Qxe5 Rb6 Qe4 e6 dxe6 Rxe6;
rn1q1rk1/4ppbp/b2p1np1/2pP4/8/2N2NP1/PP2PPBP/R1BQK2R w KQ - acd 36; acs 550; bm O-O; ce 71;
aid C.A.P. 630621; pm O-O {907} Rb1 {36} a4 {4} Bd2 {2} Bf4 {2} Qc2 {2} Bg5 {1}; pv O-O Nbd7 Rb1 Ng4 Bd2 Nb6 b3 Bb7 e4 Ba6 Re1 Nd7 Na4 Qc7 Bc3 Bxc3 Nxc3 Rfb8 Qd2 Nde5 Nxe5 Nxe5 f4 Nd3 Re3 c4 Bf1 cxb3 axb3 Nc5 b4 Bxf1 Kxf1 Nd7 Kg2 Nb6 Re2 Nd7 Qd3 Rc8 Nb5 Qc4 Qxc4 Rxc4 e5 dxe5 fxe5;
rnbqkb1r/4pppp/3p1n2/2pP4/1pN1P3/5P2/PP1B2PP/R2QKBNR w KQkq - acd 36; acs 553; bm a3; ce 31; aid Dart-Open.1998;
pm a3 {62} Bd3 {48} a4 {14} Bf4 {7} Ne2 {7} Ne3 {6} Bg5 {4} g4 {3} Be2 {2}; pv a3 e6 dxe6 Bxe6 Ne3 bxa3 Rxa3 Nbd7 Nh3 Rxa3 bxa3 g6 Nf4 Bh6 Nc4 Bxc4;
r1bq1knr/pp3p1p/2n3p1/4p3/2Pp4/3P1NP1/4PP1P/RN1QKB1R w KQ - acd 36; acs 558; bm Bg2; ce -56; pm Bg2;
pv Bg2 Kg7 O-O Nf6 Qc1 a5 Na3 Bg4 h3 Bxf3 Bxf3 Nd7 Rb1 Rb8 Bg2 Re8 f4 f6 Nc2 Qc7 Rb5 exf4 Qxf4 Qxf4 Rxf4 a4 Nxd4 a3 Nc2 Rxe2 Nxa3 Re3 Bf1 Nde5 Kf2 Rxd3 Bxd3 Nxd3+ Kg2 Nxf4+ gxf4 f5;
rn1qkb1r/4pp1p/3p1np1/2pP4/4P1P1/2N5/PP3P1P/R1BQ1KNR b kq - acd 36; acs 571; bm Bg7; ce -22;
pm Bg7 {99} Qc8 {12} h5 {12} h6 {6} Nbd7 {1}; pv Bg7 Kg2 Na6 h3 h5 g5 Nd7 Qe2 O-O Nf3 Qb6 Bf4 Rfb8 Rab1 Nc7 Rhe1 Nb5 Nxb5 Qxb5 b3 Qxe2 Rxe2 c4 Rc1 cxb3 axb3 Rxb3 Rc7 Nc5 Rxe7 Bf8 Rc7 Rb4 Nd2 Rb2 f3 Nb3 Rb7 Raa2 Rf2 Rxd2 Bxd2 Nxd2 Rb8 Kg7 Rc8;
rn1qk2r/4ppbp/b2p1np1/2pP4/8/2N3P1/PP2PPBP/R1BQK1NR w KQkq - acd 36; acs 661; bm Nf3; ce 84;
aid C.A.P. 631199; pm Nf3 {1398} Nh3 {208} Rb1 {42} e4 {4} Qc2 {3} h4 {3} a4 {1} f4 {1}; pv Nf3 Nbd7 O-O Nb6 Bf4 h6 Re1 O-O Qc1 g5 Bd2 Nc4 h4 Nxd2 Qxd2 g4 Nh2 Rb8 Rab1 Qc8 Qc2 Nh5 e3 f5 b3 Rb4 a3 Rb8 Ne2 Bxe2 Qxe2 Ra8 a4 c4 bxc4 Rxa4 Rec1 Qa6 Nf1 Ra2 Rc2 Ra1 Rxa1 Qxa1 Ra2 Qc1 Kh2;
rnbqkb1r/4pppp/3p1n2/1NpP4/1p2P3/8/PP3PPP/R1BQKBNR b KQkq - acd 36; acs 664; bm Nbd7; ce 111; pm Nbd7;
pv Nbd7 Qc2 g6 Nf3 Bg7 Be2 Nb6 O-O O-O Be3 Bd7 a4 Ne8 Rfe1 Ra5 e5 Qa8 Bf4 Rxa4 Rxa4 Qxa4 Qxa4 Nxa4 exd6 exd6 b3 Nc3 Nxd6 Nxd5 Bg3 Nxd6 Bxd6 Re8 Kf1 Bf8 Ne5 Bf5 Bb5 Rd8 Bxf8 Kxf8 Nc6 Rd6 Ne5;
r2q1rk1/3nppbp/b2p1np1/2pP4/8/2N2NP1/PPQ1PPBP/R1B2RK1 b - - acd 36; acs 667; bm Qc7; ce -57;
pm Qa5 {252} Qb6 {148} Nb6 {104} Qc7 {74} Ra7 {51} Ng4 {27} Bc4 {12} Ne8 {12} Rb8 {8} Bb7 {2} Qb8 {1} Qe8 {1} h6 {1}; pv Qc7 Re1 Qb7 Ng5 Nb6 Rd1 h6 Nh3 Rfb8 b3 Nbd7 Rb1 Ne5 Bf4 Nh5 Bd2 Nf6 Qc1 g5 f4 gxf4 Nxf4 Qa7 h3 Bc8 Nd3 Nh5 Bxh6 c4+ Be3 Qa3 Nxe5 Qxc1 Rbxc1 Bxe5 bxc4 Rb2 Bd4 Bxg3 Kh1;
r1bq3r/pp3pkp/2n2np1/4p3/2Pp4/3P1NP1/4PPBP/RN1Q1RK1 w - - acd 36; acs 668; bm Qc1; ce -56; pm Qc1;
pv Qc1 Re8 Qb2 Qe7 Na3 Bg4 h3 Bxf3 Bxf3 a6 Nc2 Rab8 Rfb1 Qe6 Bg2 a5 Rf1 b6 f4 Nh5 fxe5 Nxg3 Rf2 b5 Nxd4 Nxd4 Qxd4 Nf5 Qf4 bxc4 dxc4 Qxe5 Qxe5+ Rxe5 Bd5 Re3 Rxa5 Rxh3 Ra7 Rb1+ Rf1;
r1bqkbnr/pp3ppp/2n5/4p3/2Pp4/B2P1N2/4PPPP/RN1QKB1R w KQkq - acd 36; acs 684; bm Bxf8; ce -95; pm Bxf8;
pv Bxf8 Kxf8 g3 g6 Bg2 Nf6 O-O Kg7 Qc1 a5 Na3 Bg4 Qb2 Qd7 Rfb1 Rab8 c5 Qe7 Nc4 Qxc5 Rc1 Qe7 h3 Bd7 Nxa5 h6 Nxc6 bxc6 Qa3 Qe6 Nd2 Rhe8 e4 dxe3 fxe3 e4 Nxe4 Nxe4 dxe4 f6 Qc5;
rnbqkbnr/pp2pppp/8/8/1pPp4/P4N2/3PPPPP/RNBQKB1R b KQkq - acd 36; acs 684; bm e6; ce 63; pm e6;
pv e6 e3 dxe3 fxe3 Nf6 d4 Be7 axb4 Bxb4+ Bd2 Nc6 Bd3 O-O Nc3 b6 O-O Bb7 Be1 a5 Rb1 h6 Qe2 Rc8 Rc1 Ne7 Nb5 Bxe1 Rcxe1 Nc6 Rd1 Nb4 Bb1 Be4 Bxe4 Nxe4 Ne5 Qg5 Rb1;
rnbqkb1r/ppp1pppp/5n2/3p4/8/6P1/PPPPPPBP/RNBQK1NR w KQkq - acd 36; acs 820; bm Nf3; ce 22; aid Neutral.372;
pm Nf3 {5331} d3 {893} c4 {425} f4 {193} d4 {79} b3 {29}; pv Nf3 Bg4 c4 c6 Ne5 Bf5 cxd5 cxd5 Nc3 Nc6 Qa4 Bd7 Nxd7 Qxd7 d4 e6 O-O Be7 e4 Nxe4 Nxe4 dxe4 Bxe4 O-O Rd1 Rfd8 Be3 f5 Bg2 Nb4 Qxd7 Rxd7 a3 Nd5 Rac1 Nxe3 fxe3 Rad8 Rc3 a5 Re1 a4;
r1bq1rk1/ppp1n1bp/3p1np1/3Ppp2/2P1P1P1/2NN1P2/PP2B2P/R1BQ1RK1 b - - acd 36; acs 828; bm a5; ce -21; pm a5;
pv a5 Kg2 b6 Nf2 Nd7 b3 Nc5 Nd3 Nxd3 Qxd3 Bf6 Bh6 Rf7 g5 Bg7 Bxg7 Kxg7 h4 f4 Rh1 Bd7 Rag1 Kh8 Kf2 Rg7 Rg2 Be8 Rd1 Bf7 Qd2 Rg8 Rgg1 Kg7 Rh1 Rh8 Rdg1 Nc8 Bd3 Ne7 Kg2 c6 Rd1 h6 gxh6+ Rxh6;
rn1qk2r/4ppbp/3p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N2N1P/PP3PP1/R1BQ1K1R b kq - acd 36; acs 854; bm Qa5; ce -53;
pm O-O {240} Nbd7 {79} Na6 {5} Qa5 {4} Qb6 {3} Nfd7 {1}; pv Qa5 g3 Na6 Kg2 O-O Qe2 Nc7 Rd1 Qa6 Qc2 Rfb8 a4 Nd7 Bd2 Rb6 a5 Rb4 Ra2 Rab8 Re1 Rb3 Bg5 e6 Qd2 h5 dxe6 Nxe6 Be3 c4 Rd1 Ndc5 Qxd6 Qxd6 Rxd6 Bxc3 bxc3 Nxe4;
r1bq1k1r/pp2nppp/2n5/4p3/2Pp4/3P1NP1/4PP1P/RN1QKB1R w KQ - acd 36; acs 927; bm Bg2; ce -61; pm Bg2;
pv Bg2 g6 O-O Kg7 Nbd2 f6 Ne4 a5 c5 Be6 Nfd2 Qc7 Qc1 Rhf8 Nc4 Nb4 f4 exf4 Rxf4 Nbd5 Rf2 Nf5 Qb2 a4 Ned6 Nde3 Nxf5+ Nxf5 Bxb7 Ra7 c6 Bxc4 dxc4 Qa5 Qb5 Qc3 Raf1 a3 c7 a2 c8=Q Rxc8 Qd7+ Kh6 Qxc8 a1=Q Qf8+ Kh5 Rxa1 Rxa1+ Kg2;
rn1qkb1r/4pp1p/b2p1np1/2pP4/8/2N3P1/PP2PPBP/R1BQK1NR b KQkq - acd 36; acs 931; bm Bg7; ce -47;
aid C.A.P. 594047; pm Bg7 {1337} Nbd7 {103} Qa5 {4} Qb6 {1}; pv Bg7 Nf3 Nbd7 O-O Nb6 a4 O-O Nd2 Rb8 a5 Nbd7 Ra3 Ng4 h3 Nh6 g4 Kh8 Nf3 Ng8 Qc2 Ngf6 Re1 h5 g5 Ne8 e4 Kh7 Be3 Nc7 h4 Nb5 Ra4 Ra8 Rea1 e6 Bh3 Nxc3 bxc3 Bb5 R4a3 exd5 exd5;
rnbqkb1r/p2ppppp/5n2/1ppP4/2P5/5P2/PP2P1PP/RNBQKBNR b KQkq - acd 36; acs 933; bm bxc4; ce 9;
pm bxc4 {73} d6 {15} e6 {14} g6 {14} b4 {13} Qa5+ {4} a6 {1} e5 {1}; pv bxc4 e4 e6 Na3 Ba6 Nh3 Qb6 Qc2 exd5 exd5 Bd6 Nxc4 Bxc4 Bxc4 O-O O-O Be5 Kh1 d6 Nf2 Nbd7 Rb1 Bd4 Bf4 Rab8 b3 Ne5 Nd3 Nfd7 b4 Nxc4 Qxc4 Rfe8 a4 h6 a5 Qc7 bxc5 Bxc5;
rnbqkb1r/4pppp/3p1n2/1NpP4/1p2PB2/8/PP3PPP/R2QKBNR b KQkq - acd 36; acs 983; bm g5; ce 67;
pm g5 {771} Nbd7 {51} Nxe4 {40} g6 {32} Na6 {15} Bb7 {3} Ba6 {2} e5 {1}; pv g5 Bc1 Nxe4 Bd3 Qb6 Qe2 f5 Nf3 Nd7 Bxg5 Rg8 Bh4 Ndf6 Bxf6 Nxf6 O-O Nxd5 Qd2 Nf6 Rfe1 Rg7 g3 e5 Rad1 e4 Bc4 Ba6 Nxd6+ Qxd6 Qxd6 Bxd6 Rxd6 Bxc4 Rxf6 Rxa2 Rxf5 Re7 Ng5 Bd3 Rxc5 Rxb2 Ra5 Kf8 Ra8+ Kg7 Rd8 b3 Rxd3 exd3 Rxe7+ Kf6 Rd7 Kxg5 Rxd3 Kf6 Kg2 Rb1 Kf3;
rn1qkb1r/4pppp/b2p1n2/2pP4/5P2/2N5/PP2P1PP/R1BQKBNR b KQkq - acd 36; acs 1112; bm g6; ce -29;
pm g6 {41} e6 {5} Qa5 {2} Nbd7 {1}; pv g6 Nf3 Bg7 e4 Qa5 Bd2 O-O Be2 Bxe2 Qxe2 Qa6 a4 Qxe2+ Kxe2 Na6 a5 Rfb8 Rhb1 Rb7 Ra4 Rab8 Nd1 Ne8 g4 Bxb2 e5 Rb3 Rc4 R3b5 Rc2 Ba3 Rxb5 Rxb5 Ne3 Bb4 Ra2 Nec7 Ra1 Kg7 g5 Rb8 Rb1 dxe5 fxe5;
rn1qkb1r/4pppp/b2p1n2/2pP4/4P3/2N5/PP3PPP/R1BQKBNR b KQkq - acd 36; acs 1134; bm Bxf1; ce -68;
aid C.A.P. 443800; pm Bxf1 {430} g6 {6} Qa5 {2} Nbd7 {1}; pv Bxf1 Kxf1 g6 g3 Bg7 Nf3 O-O Kg2 Qb6 a4 Qb7 Qe2 Na6 Bf4 Rfb8 Rhb1 Nb4 Nb5 Ne8 Rd1 Nf6 Ra3 h6 Bc1 g5 b3 Qd7 Kg1 Qg4 Re1 Nd7 Kg2 Qh5 h3 g4 hxg4 Qxg4 Bb2 Bxb2;
rn1qkb1r/4pp1p/b2p1np1/2pP4/8/2N5/PP1NPPPP/R1BQKB1R b KQkq - acd 36; acs 1188; bm Bg7; ce -39;
aid C.A.P. 443797; pm Bg7 {163} Qa5 {85} Nbd7 {18} Bh6 {15}; pv Bg7 e4 Bxf1 Nxf1 Qa5 Bd2 O-O Ne3 Qa6 Qe2 e6 a4 exd5 exd5 Re8 a5 Qxe2+ Kxe2 Na6 Rhb1 Nc7 Kf3 Reb8 g3 Rb4 Ke2 Re8 Kf1 Reb8 a6 Ra8 Nc2 Rb3 a7 Rb7 b4 cxb4 Rxb4 Rbxa7 Rxa7 Rxa7;
rnbqkb1r/pppp1ppp/5n2/8/1P2p3/6P1/P1PPPP1P/RNBQKBNR b KQkq - acd 36; acs 1269; bm Bxb4; ce 161; pm Bxb4;
pv Bxb4 c4 d5 cxd5 Qxd5 Bg2 Qe5 Nc3 Nc6 Bb2 O-O e3 Bg4 Qc2 Ba5 a3 Qc5 h3 Bf5 g4 Bg6 Nge2 Ne5 Nf4 Rad8 O-O Nf3+ Bxf3 exf3 Nxg6 hxg6 Qd1 c6 Rc1 Qg5 Qxf3 Rxd2 Na4 Qd5 Qxd5 Nxd5;
rn1q1rk1/4ppbp/3p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N2NP1/PP3PKP/R1BQ3R b - - acd 36; acs 1389; bm Qc8; ce -75;
pm Nbd7 {2320} Qb6 {50} Na6 {46} Nfd7 {5} e6 {5} Qa5 {4} Ng4 {3} Nh5 {1} Qc8 {1}; pv Qc8 Nd2 Nbd7 a4 Ra6 Nc4 Nb6 Nxb6 Rxb6 Qe2 Qa8 Nb5 e6 Rd1 exd5 a5 Rb7 a6 Rd7 exd5 Nxd5 Qf3 Nb4 Rxd6 Rxd6 Nxd6 Nxa6 Qxa8 Rxa8 Nc4 Nc7 Rxa8+ Nxa8 Be3 Bf8 Bf4 f5 f3 Kf7 g4 Bg7 g5 Ke6 b3 Kd7 Be5 Bxe5 Nxe5+ Ke6 Nd3 Kd5 h3 Nc7;
rn1qkb1r/4pp1p/3p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N3P1/PP3P1P/R1BQ1KNR b kq - acd 36; acs 1555; bm Bg7; ce -62;
aid C.A.P. 443792; pm Bg7 {870} Nbd7 {26} Qa5 {18} Na6 {2} Qb6 {1} Qc7 {1}; pv Bg7 Kg2 O-O Nf3 Qc8 a4 Na6 Qe2 Nc7 Qc2 Qb7 Bg5 e6 dxe6 fxe6 Rhe1 d5 exd5 exd5 Re7 d4 Nb5 Nfd5 Qe4 Rab8 Nxc7 Nxe7 Qxb7 Rxb7 Bxe7 Rf7 Bd6 Rfxc7 Bxc7 Rxc7 a5 c4 a6 Ra7 Nd2 c3 bxc3 dxc3 Ne4 Kf7;
rn1qkb1r/4pppp/3p1n2/2pP4/4P3/2N5/PP3PPP/R1BQKbNR w KQkq - acd 36; acs 2032; bm Kxf1; ce 67;
aid C.A.P. 443799; pm Kxf1 {430}; pv Kxf1 g6 g3 Bg7 Nf3 O-O Kg2 Qc7 Re1 Na6 Qe2 Qb7 Rb1 Nc7 Bg5 Rfb8 a4 h6 Bxf6 Bxf6 Qd3 Qb4 e5 Bg7 Qd2 Rd8 Rbd1 Rdb8 Re2 Qb7 h3 dxe5 Qe3 e6 d6 Nd5 Nxd5 exd5 Nxe5;
rnbqkb1r/p2ppppp/5n2/1ppP2B1/8/5N2/PPP1PPPP/RN1QKB1R b KQkq - acd 36; acs 2095; bm a6; ce -31;
pm Ne4 {522} Qb6 {434} d6 {349} Bb7 {131} Qa5+ {62} g6 {33} e6 {15} a6 {5}; pv a6 a4 b4 Bxf6 exf6 e4 d6 Nbd2 f5 exf5 Bxf5 Nc4 Be7 Bd3 Bg4 O-O Nd7 h3 Bxf3 Qxf3 O-O Qf4 g6 Rfe1 Ne5 Nxe5 dxe5 Qe4 Bg5 Bc4 Re8 Rad1 Qd6 Qg4 Bf4 Qf3 Rad8;
rn1qk2r/4ppbp/b2p1np1/2pP4/8/2N2NP1/PP2PP1P/R1BQKB1R w KQkq - acd 36; acs 2292; bm Bg2; ce 55;
pm Bg2 {1255} Bh3 {170} e4 {91} h4 {7} Rb1 {4} Bg5 {1} a4 {1}; pv Bg2 Nbd7 Rb1 Ng4 Bd2 Nb6 b3 Bb7 Nh4 Nf6 Bc1 Nfd7 Bb2 c4 O-O O-O Qc2 Qc7 Rfc1 cxb3 axb3 Qc5 Qe4 e5 Qd3 Qb4 Qb5 Qc5 b4 Qc4 Bh3 Qxb5 Nxb5 Bxd5 Nxd6 f5 Ra1 Rxa1 Rxa1;
r1bq1rk1/pppnn1bp/3p2p1/3Ppp2/2P1P1P1/2N2P2/PP2B2P/R1BQNRK1 b - - acd 36; acs 2345; bm a6; ce -17;
pm Kh8 {391} Nf6 {276} f4 {48} h5 {21} a5 {13} fxg4 {13} h6 {13} Nb6 {3} c5 {3} c6 {3} a6 {2} b6 {1} fxe4 {1}; pv a6 Bd2;
r1bqk1nr/pp1pppbp/2n3p1/2p5/4P3/6P1/PPPPNPBP/RNBQ1RK1 b kq - acd 36; acs 2400; bm d6; ce 0;
pm d6 {416} e6 {117} e5 {73} Nf6 {36} b6 {5} h5 {3}; pv d6 d3 h5 h4 Bg4 Na3 Nf6 f3 Bd7 c3 O-O Be3 e5 Bg5 Qc7 Nc2 Nh7 Be3 Nf6 Bg5;
rn1qk2r/4ppbp/3p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N2N2/PP3PPP/R1BQ1K1R w kq - acd 36; acs 2493; bm g3; ce 71;
pm g3 {2184} h3 {314} e5 {43} Kg1 {29} Bg5 {19} Qe2 {11} a4 {11} h4 {11} Bf4 {7} Qc2 {7} Nd2 {3} Ke2 {2} Ke1 {1}; pv g3 O-O Kg2 Qc8 Qe2 Na6 a4 Nc7 Rd1 Qa6 Qc2 Rab8 Bg5 h6 Be3 Nd7 b3 Rb4 Rab1 Rfb8 Na2 R4b7 Bf4 Nf6 Nc3 Nd7 Nd2 g5 Be3 Ne5 Nf3 Nxf3 Kxf3 Bxc3 Qxc3 Rb4 Kg2 Rxe4;
rn1qkb1r/4pppp/3p1n2/2pP4/4P3/2N5/PP3PPP/R1BQ1KNR b kq - acd 36; acs 3181; bm g6; ce -72;
aid C.A.P. 443798; pm g6 {419} Nbd7 {9} e5 {1} h6 {1}; pv g6 g3 Bg7 Kg2 O-O Nf3 Qc8 Re1 Qb7 Qe2 Nbd7 a4 Rfb8 Ra2 Qa6 Ra3 Qxe2 Rxe2 Ra6 b3 c4 bxc4 Rc8 a5 Rxc4 Bd2 e6 dxe6 fxe6 Ng5 Nc5 f3 Nfd7 Nb5 Ne5 Nc7;
rn1qkb1r/4pp1p/b2p1np1/2pP4/8/2N2N2/PP2PPPP/R1BQKB1R w KQkq - acd 36; acs 3600; bm e4; ce 68;
pm e4 {1085} g3 {1046} Nd2 {281} Bf4 {6} Bg5 {4} Qa4+ {4} a4 {2} h3 {2} Bd2 {1} Qc2 {1} e3 {1} h4 {1}; pv e4 Bxf1;
rn1qkb1r/4pp1p/b2p1np1/2pP4/8/2N2NP1/PP2PP1P/R1BQKB1R b KQkq - acd 36; acs 4560; bm Bg7; ce -42;
aid C.A.P. 443796; pm Bg7 {1181} Nbd7 {111} Qa5 {9}; pv Bg7 Bg2 Nbd7 O-O Nb6 Re1 O-O Bf4 h6 Qc1 g5 Bd2 Nc4 h4 Nxd2 Qxd2 g4 Nh2 Rb8 Rab1 Qc8 e4 Rb4 Qc2 h5 Nf1 Rd4 Rbd1 Nd7 Ne3 e6 Ne2 Bxe2 Qxe2 Ne5 b3 Qa8 Nc4 Nxc4 bxc4 Qa5 Rxd4 Bxd4;
rn1qkb1r/4pp1p/3p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N5/PP2NPPP/R1BQ1K1R b kq - acd 36; acs 7080; bm Bg7; ce -48;
aid C.A.P. 443793; pm Bg7 {101} Nbd7 {15} Qb6 {3}; pv Bg7 g3 O-O Kg2 Nbd7 Rb1 Qb6 f3 Ne5 Bg5 h6 Bf4 Nfd7 Rf1 Qb4 Qd2 Nc4 Qc2 Rfb8 Bc1 Qa5 f4 Rb4 Qd3 Qa6 Rf3 Nf6 Qd1 Qb6 b3 Na3 Bxa3 Rxa3 Qd3 Qa6 Qe3 Nd7 Qc1;
rnb1kb1r/4pp1p/pq1p1np1/2pP4/8/2N2N2/PP2PPPP/R1BQKB1R w KQkq - acd 37; acs 299; bm e4; ce 67;
pm e4 {353} Nd2 {191} a4 {17} g3 {4} h3 {4} a3 {1}; pv e4;
r1bqk2r/ppp2ppp/2n5/2bnp3/8/1QNP1N2/PP2PPPP/R1B1KB1R b KQkq - acd 37; acs 330; bm Nb6; ce 14; pm Nb6;
pv Nb6 e3 Bg4 Ne4 Be7 Be2 Be6 Qc2 Nb4 Qb1 f5 Ng3 Nc6 O-O a5 b3 O-O a3 f4 Ne4 fxe3 fxe3 Qd5 Bb2 Nd7 Nfg5 Rxf1+ Qxf1 Qxb3 Nxe6 Qxe6 Qc1 a4 d4 Kh8 Bc4 Qg6 Qc2 Nb6 d5 Na5 Ba2 Rd8 Bxe5 Nxd5 Bxd5;
r1bqnrk1/pp2b2p/2n2p2/2p1p1p1/3pPP2/3P2P1/PPPNN1BP/R1BQ1RK1 w - - acd 37; acs 330; bm a3; ce 0; pm a3;
pv a3 Nd6 f5 h5 Bf3 g4 Nxd4 Nxd4 Bxg4 Nxc2 Bxh5 Nxa1 Qg4+ Kh8 Qh3 Kg8;
rnbqkb1r/3ppp1p/p4np1/1PpP4/8/2N1P3/PP3PPP/R1BQKBNR b KQkq - acd 37; acs 330; bm Bg7; ce -22; pm Bg7; pv Bg7;

rnbqkb1r/ppp1pppp/5n2/3p4/8/1P4P1/P1PPPPBP/RNBQK1NR b KQkq - acd 37; acs 330; bm e5; ce 40;
aid C.A.P. 609281; pm e5; pv e5 d3 Bd6 Nd2 O-O Bb2 c5 e4 d4 Ne2 Nc6 O-O b5 a4 b4 h3 Ba6 f4 Rc8 Qe1 h6 Kh2 Re8 Qf2 Qe7 Rae1 Qc7 Rd1 Rcd8 Qf3 Na5 Qf2 Bb7 Rfe1 Nc6 f5;
rn1qk2r/4ppbp/b2p1np1/2pP4/8/2N5/PP1NPPPP/R1BQKB1R w KQkq - acd 37; acs 352; bm e4; ce 29;
pm e4 {171} g3 {1}; pv e4 Bxf1 Nxf1 Qa5 Bd2 O-O a4 Qa6 Qe2 Nbd7 Qxa6 Rxa6 Ke2 Rb8 Ra2 Rab6 Bc1 Rb4 f3 Ne8 a5 Nc7 Nd1 Ra8 Nfe3 Rb3 Bd2 Nb5 Nc4 Ra7 Nde3 Ra6 Kf2 Bd4 Kg3 e6 dxe6 fxe6;
rn1qkb1r/3ppp1p/5np1/2pP4/4P3/2N5/PP3PPP/R1BQ1KNR b kq - acd 37; acs 358; bm d6; ce -83;
pm d6 {2311} Bg7 {21} Na6 {1} Qc7 {1}; pv d6 g3;
rnbq1rk1/3pppbp/p4np1/1PpP4/8/2N1PN2/PP3PPP/R1BQKB1R w KQ - acd 37; acs 359; bm Bc4; ce 20;
pm a4 {427} bxa6 {24} Qb3 {19} Be2 {16} e4 {9} Bc4 {5} Bd2 {3} d6 {3} Qa4 {2} h3 {2}; pv Bc4 axb5 Bxb5 Ne4 Bd2 Nxd2 Nxd2 Na6 O-O Nc7 a4 Bb7 e4 e6 Bc4 exd5 exd5 Re8 Nde4 d6 Qd3 Bd4 Nd2 Bg7 h3 Na6 Nf3 Nb4 Qd2 Bc8 Bb5 Re7 Rfe1 Bf5 Rxe7 Qxe7 Bc6 Rf8 Re1 Qf6 Re8 Rxe8 Bxe8 Bc2;
rnbqkb1r/p2ppppp/5n2/1ppP4/2P5/8/PP1NPPPP/R1BQKBNR b KQkq - acd 37; acs 359; bm bxc4; ce -13;
pm bxc4 {429} g6 {79} Qa5 {72} d6 {54} e6 {47} b4 {15} Bb7 {12} a6 {1}; pv bxc4 e4;
r4rk1/3nppbp/bq1p1np1/2pP4/8/2N2NP1/PPQ1PPBP/R1B2RK1 w - - acd 37; acs 397; bm Rb1; ce 57;
pm Rd1 {63} Rb1 {44} h3 {27} Bf4 {6} Re1 {6} Bg5 {3} a4 {3} Bd2 {1} Bh3 {1}; pv Rb1 Rfb8 Re1 Ng4 h3 Nge5 b3 Nxf3+ exf3 Qb4 Bd2 Ne5 Re3 Qd4 Qd1 Nd3 Bf1 g5 a4 f5 Bxd3 Bxd3 Ne2 Qxd5 Bc3 c4 Rxe7 Be5 f4 Qf3 Nd4 Qxd1+ Rxd1 gxf4 bxc4 Rb1 Rxb1 Bxb1 gxf4 Bxd4 Bxd4 Rxa4 Rd7 Rxc4 Rxd6 Be4 Kh2 Rb4 Be5 Rb1 Rd7 Rb7 Rd8+ Kf7 Rd6 Rb1 Rd7+ Kg6 Kg3 Rb7;
rnbqkb1r/pp1ppppp/5n2/2p5/3P4/5N2/PPP1PPPP/RNBQKB1R w KQkq - acd 37; acs 519; bm d5; ce 38;
pm d5 {6742} e3 {2714} c4 {1707} c3 {1697} dxc5 {448} g3 {317} Nc3 {63} Bg5 {53} Bf4 {14} Nbd2 {2} e4 {2} h3 {2} Qd3 {1} a3 {1}; pv d5;
rnbqkb1r/p3pppp/3p1n2/1ppP2B1/8/5N2/PPP1PPPP/RN1QKB1R w KQkq - acd 37; acs 538; bm e4; ce 57;
pm Bxf6 {263} e4 {37} e3 {21} a4 {11} Qd3 {6} Nc3 {3} c3 {3} c4 {3} Nbd2 {1}; pv e4 a6 Nbd2 Nbd7 c4 Rb8 Bd3 h6 Bxf6 exf6 O-O Ne5 Nxe5 fxe5 cxb5 axb5 a4 bxa4 Qxa4+ Bd7 Qc2 Rb7 Nc4 Be7 Na5 Rb6 Nc6 Bxc6 dxc6 O-O Ra6 Qc7 Qa4 Bg5 Bb5 Rxa6 Qxa6 Rb8 Ra1 Bd2 Bc4;
rn1qkb1r/4pp1p/b2p1np1/2pP4/8/2N3P1/PP2PP1P/R1BQKBNR w KQkq - acd 37; acs 568; bm Nf3; ce 38;
aid C.A.P. 594046; pm Bg2 {1380} Nf3 {254} Nh3 {31} e4 {11} Bh3 {2} Bg5 {1} h4 {1}; pv Nf3 Bg7 Bg2 Nbd7 Rb1 Nb6 b3 Bb7 Nh4 O-O Bb2 Qd7;
q4rk1/3nppbp/r2p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N2NPP/PP3PK1/R1BQR3 w - - acd 37; acs 573; bm Bg5; ce 59;
pm Bg5 {80} Re2 {66} Bf4 {35} Qc2 {27} Qd3 {6} Bd2 {3} Rb1 {2} a4 {2} e5 {2} Kg1 {1} Kh2 {1} Qe2 {1}; pv Bg5 Rb8 Qd2 h6 Bxh6 Bxh6 Qxh6 Rxb2 Qc1 Qb7 a4 Ra5 g4 Rb3 Qd2 Nb6 Qc2 Rb4 Nd2 Nfd7 Reb1 Qa8 Ra2 Rxb1 Qxb1 Nxa4 Qa1 Ndb6 h4 Qe8 Ra3 Ra8 h5 Qd7 Nxa4 Rxa4 Rxa4 Nxa4 Qd1 Qb5 Qf3 Qb2 Qe3 Qb4;
rnb1kb1r/3ppppp/5n2/q1pP4/1p2P3/N4P2/PP1B2PP/R2QKBNR b KQkq - acd 37; acs 576; bm e6; ce -17;
pm d6 {324} e6 {30} Ba6 {6} Qd8 {3} Qa4 {2} Qa7 {1} Qc7 {1} g6 {1}; pv e6 Nc4 Qc7 Bg5 d6 Bxf6 gxf6 Nh3 Bh6 Be2 O-O O-O Ba6 f4 Nd7 Rf3 Kh8 dxe6 fxe6 Rf2 Bxc4 Bxc4 e5 Bd5 Rae8 Qh5 Bg7 Qg4 c4 a3 f5 Qh4 Nf6 Ng5 exf4 exf5 bxa3;
r2qk2r/3nppbp/3p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N2N1P/PP3PP1/R1BQ1K1R w kq - acd 37; acs 991; bm g3; ce 46; aid Hyatt.2464;
pm Kg1 {170} g3 {67} g4 {5} a4 {4} Be3 {2} Bg5 {2} Bf4 {1} Rh2 {1}; pv g3 O-O Kg2 Qb6 Qc2 Rfb8 Rb1 Ne8 Bd2 Qa5 Ra1 Qa6 a4 Rb4 a5 Nc7 Ra4 Qb7 Ra2 Rb8 Nd1 Rb5 h4 h5 Nc3 Rb4 Re1 Rb3 Na4 Rb5 Qd3 Qa6 Rd1 Rb3 Qxa6 Nxa6 Bc3 Nc7 Bxg7;
r4rk1/3nppbp/3p1np1/q1pP4/4P3/2N2NPP/PP3PK1/R1BQ3R w - - acd 37; acs 1420; bm Qc2; ce 64;
pm Re1 {198} Bg5 {60} Bd2 {27} Qc2 {26} a4 {7} Be3 {2} Bf4 {2} Qd3 {2} Qe2 {1} Rf1 {1} a3 {1}; pv Qc2 Rfb8 Bd2 Ne8 a4 Qa6 Rhc1 Rb4 a5 Rab8 Ra2 Nc7 Na4 Rb3 Bc3 R3b7 Bxg7 Kxg7 Nc3 Rb4 Re1 Qb7 Rb1 Qa6 Rba1 Ne8 Qd2 Nc7 Re1 Qb7 Re2 Qa6 Qg5 f6 Qe3 Ne5 Nxe5 fxe5 f3;
rnbqkb1r/3ppp1p/P4np1/2pP4/8/2N5/PP2PPPP/R1BQKBNR b KQkq - acd 37; acs 1444; bm Bg7; ce -53;
pm Bxa6 {5019} Bg7 {57} d6 {33} Qa5 {11} Nxa6 {3}; pv Bg7 e4 O-O Be2 Qa5 Bd2 d6 a7 Qxa7 Nf3 Ba6 a4 Nbd7 O-O Rfb8 Bb5 Ne8 h3 Nb6 Bxa6 Qxa6 Qc2 Nc4 b3 Nxd2 Nxd2 Qa5 Rac1 Nc7 Ne2 Qa6 Nc4 Rb4 f4 e6 dxe6 Nxe6 f5 Nd4 Nxd4 Bxd4+ Kh2 Qc6 Qd3 Rab8 fxg6 hxg6;
rnbqkbnr/ppp2ppp/8/3pp3/8/6P1/PPPPPPBP/RNBQK1NR w KQkq - acd 37; acs 1700; bm d3; c4 "d3"; ce 5;
aid C.A.P. 972631; pm d3 {1362} c4 {520} Nf3 {224} c3 {51} d4 {20} b4 {2} e3 {2} f3 {2} a3 {1}; pv d3;
3q1rk1/3nppbp/r2p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N2NPP/PP3PK1/R1BQ3R w - - acd 37; acs 2557; bm Re1; ce 62; aid 04114;
pm Re1 {163} Qe2 {43} Bg5 {29} a4 {11} Qc2 {10} Bf4 {5} Rb1 {4} Nd2 {3} Be3 {1} Qd3 {1}; pv Re1 Qa8 a4 Rc8 Bg5 Ne8 Ra3 h6 Be3 Rb8 Qc2 Rb4 Nd2 g5 b3 Nc7 Raa1 f5 f3 fxe4 fxe4 Qe8 Re2 e6 Rf1 Ne5 dxe6 Qxe6 Ref2 g4 h4 Nf3 Qd3 Rxb3 Nxb3 Qxb3 Rc1 Qe6;
r4rk1/3nppbp/1q1p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N2NPP/PP3PK1/R1BQ3R w - - acd 37; acs 3780; bm Rb1; ce 46; aid 2474;
pm Re1 {136} Qe2 {32} Rb1 {29} a4 {9} Qc2 {8} Qd3 {4} a3 {1}; pv Rb1 Rfe8 a4 e6 dxe6 Rxe6 Qd3 Qb4 Re1 c4 Qd1 Nc5 Ng5 Nd3 Nxe6 Nxe1+ Qxe1 fxe6 Bf4 Nd7 Qd1 Ne5 Bxe5 Bxe5 Qc2 Bxc3 bxc3 Qxa4 Rb8+ Kg7 Rb7+ Kg8 Qxa4 Rxa4 Re7 e5 Rc7 Ra3 Rxc4 Kf7 Rc7+ Kf6 c4 Rc3 Rc6 Ke6;
3q1rk1/3nppbp/r2p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N2NP1/PP3PKP/R1BQR3 w - - acd 37; acs 4020; bm a4; ce 80;
pm h3 {84} Qc2 {23} Re2 {20} Bf4 {17} Bg5 {16} Qe2 {15} e5 {15} a4 {14} Rb1 {3} Bd2 {1} Kg1 {1} Nb5 {1} Nd2 {1}; pv a4 Qa8 Ra3 Qb7 Nb5 c4 Qc2 Rc8 Nbd4 Ng4 Bd2 Nde5 Nxe5 Nxe5 a5 Nd3 Rxd3 cxd3 Qxd3 Bxd4 Qxd4 Qb5 Bc3 Rxc3 Qxc3 Rxa5 b4 Ra7 Rc1 Ra4 Rb1 Ra2 Rb2 Ra1 Kf3 Qf1 b5 Qh1+ Kf4 Re1 Qc8+ Kg7 Qc2 Kg8 b6;
r2q1rk1/3nppbp/3p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N2NP1/PP3PKP/R1BQ3R w - - acd 37; acs 4680; bm a4; ce 65;
pm Re1 {2050} h3 {924} Qe2 {109} a4 {48} Qc2 {25} Bg5 {24} Nd2 {6} Bd2 {4} Bf4 {3} a3 {3} Rb1 {2} Rf1 {2} Be3 {1} Ng1 {1}; pv a4 Ra6 Bg5 Qa8 Re1 h6 Bd2 c4 Qe2 Nc5 Qxc4 Rc8 Qe2 Rb8 Be3 Nfxe4 Nxe4 Nxe4 Bxh6 Nf6 Bxg7 Kxg7 h4 Nxd5 h5 Rab6 h6+ Kg8 Ra2 Rb3 Kg1 Nf4 gxf4 Rxf3 Qe4 Qa5 Qxf3 Qxe1+ Kg2 Qa5 b3 Rb4 Qc3 f6 Qg3 Qd5+ f3 Qd3;
rn1qkb1r/4pp1p/3p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N5/PP3PPP/R1BQ1KNR w kq - acd 37; acs 6360; bm g3; ce 64;
pm Nf3 {1376} g3 {909} g4 {131} Nge2 {120} f4 {53} h4 {46} Bg5 {35} h3 {26} f3 {17} a4 {5} Qe2 {4} Be3 {2} Bf4 {2} Ke1 {1} Nh3 {1} Qb3 {1} a3 {1}; pv g3 Bg7 Kg2 O-O Nf3 Qd7 Qe2 Na6 Nd2 Nc7 Nc4 Ra6 Rd1 Nb5 Nxb5 Qxb5 Bg5 Rfa8 Bxf6 Bxf6 a3 Bd4 Rab1 Qb3 Nd2 Qb7 Qd3 e6 dxe6 fxe6 Nf3 Bf6 h4 Rb6 Qc4 d5 exd5 Rxb2 Rxb2 Bxb2 Qe2 exd5;
r1b1kb1r/p3pp1p/1qpp1np1/8/2B1P3/2N5/PPP2PPP/R1BQ1RK1 w kq - acd 38; acs 330; bm e5; ce 2; aid Dart-Open.0305; pm e5;
pv e5 dxe5;
r1b1kb1r/pp2pppp/1qnp1n2/8/2B1P3/2N5/PPP1NPPP/R1BQK2R b KQkq - acd 38; acs 330; bm e6; ce 10; pm e6; pv e6;

r1b1kb1r/pp3ppp/1qnppn2/8/2B1P3/1NN1B3/PPP2PPP/R2QK2R b KQkq - acd 38; acs 330; bm Qc7; ce -11; pm Qc7;
pv Qc7 f4;
rn1qkb1r/4pp1p/3p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N2N2/PP3PPP/R1BQKb1R w KQkq - acd 38; acs 330; bm Kxf1; ce 62; pm Kxf1; pv Kxf1;

rn1qkb1r/4pp1p/b2p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N2N2/PP3PPP/R1BQKB1R b KQkq - acd 38; acs 330; bm Bxf1; ce -62; pm Bxf1;
pv Bxf1 Kxf1 Qc8 h3 Bg7 g3 O-O Kg2 Na6 Bg5 h6 Bxf6 Bxf6 Rb1 Nc7 Qd2 Bg7 Rhc1 Qd7 a3 Rfb8 Qd3 Rb7 Nd2 Rab8 Nc4 Kh7 Qc2 Nb5 Nxb5 Rxb5 b3 Qb7 Nd2 Qa6 a4 Rb4;
rnbqk2r/3pppbp/p4np1/1PpP4/8/2N1PN2/PP3PPP/R1BQKB1R b KQkq - acd 38; acs 330; bm O-O; ce -44; pm O-O;
pv O-O a4 Bb7 e4 e6 Be2 axb5 Bxb5 exd5 exd5 Na6 O-O d6 Bf4 Nb4 Bc4 Ba6 Bxa6 Rxa6 Qd2 Qd7 Rfd1 Qf5 Bh6 Bxh6 Qxh6 Re8 Qd2 Kg7 h3 Ne4 Nxe4 Rxe4 b3 h5 Kh2 Ra8 Re1 Rxe1 Rxe1 Nxd5 Rd1 Nf6 Qxd6 Ne4 Qd5 Nxf2 Qxf5;
rnbqkb1r/3ppp1p/pP3np1/2pP4/8/5N2/PP2PPPP/RNBQKB1R b KQkq - acd 38; acs 330; bm d6; ce -39; pm d6;
pv d6 e4;
rnbqkb1r/3ppppp/5n2/1ppP4/4P3/2N5/PP3PPP/R1BQKBNR b KQkq - acd 38; acs 330; bm b4; ce 18; pm b4;
pv b4 Nb5 d6 Bd3 e6 Nf3 Be7 O-O exd5 exd5 O-O Re1 Bb7 Bf4 Bxd5 Rxe7 Qxe7 Bxd6 Qb7 Bxf8 Kxf8 a4 Nc6 Bf1 Qe7 Nd2 Na5 Rc1 Rc8 Qc2 g6 Nc4 Bxc4 Bxc4 Kg7 Qe2 Qxe2 Bxe2 Rd8 Rxc5 Rd2 Bf1 Nb3 Rc4 Nd5 a5 Nxa5 Rd4 Rxd4 Nxd4 Kf6 Nf3 Ne7 Bb5;
r4rk1/3nppbp/1q1p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N2NPP/PP3PK1/R1BQR3 b - - acd 38; acs 359; bm Rfb8; ce -58;
pm Rfb8 {116} Ne8 {70} Qb7 {27} e6 {10} Nh5 {5} Rfe8 {5} h6 {2} Qa6 {1} Qb4 {1} Ra7 {1} c4 {1}; pv Rfb8;
rnbqkb1r/4pppp/3p1n2/1NpP4/1p2P3/5N2/PP3PPP/R1BQKB1R b KQkq - acd 38; acs 710; bm Nxe4; ce 23;
pm g6 {41} Nbd7 {9} Bg4 {8} Nxe4 {5} Qa5 {1} Ra5 {1}; pv Nxe4 Bc4 g6 Qe2 f5 Ng5 Bg7 O-O O-O a3 h6 Nxe4 fxe4 Bd2 bxa3 Rxa3 Rxa3 bxa3 Nd7 Na7 Ne5 Nxc8 Nxc4 Qxc4 Qxc8 a4 Qf5 a5 Ra8 a6 h5 Be3 Kf7 f3 Kg8 fxe4 Qc8 Bg5 Qxa6 Qxa6 Rxa6 Bxe7 Bd4+ Kh1;
rnbqkb1r/pp1ppp1p/5np1/2p5/2PP4/5N2/PP2PPPP/RNBQKB1R w KQkq - acd 38; acs 886; bm d5; ce 50;
pm Nc3 {2204} d5 {667} g3 {580} e3 {553} dxc5 {124} Bg5 {1} b3 {1}; pv d5 d6 Nc3 Bg7 e4 O-O Be2 Bg4 O-O Nfd7 Bd2 Bxf3 Bxf3 Bd4 Rb1 Re8 Nb5 Be5 b3 Na6 g3 Nc7 Na3 a6 Nc2 e6 Bg2 Bg7 Ne3 exd5 cxd5 Bd4 Nc4 Ne5 Nxe5 Rxe5 Rc1 Nb5;
rnb1kb1r/3ppp1p/pq3np1/2pP4/8/2N2N2/PP2PPPP/R1BQKB1R b KQkq - acd 38; acs 890; bm Bg7; ce -43;
pm d6 {210} Bg7 {127} a5 {1} e6 {1}; pv Bg7 e4 d6 Be2 O-O O-O Nbd7 Rb1 a5 Nd2 Ne5 b3 Qb4 Nb5 Nxe4 a3;
rnbqkb1r/4pp1p/3p1n2/1NpP2p1/1p2PB2/8/PP3PPP/R2QKBNR w KQkq - acd 38; acs 1198; bm Bc1; ce -62;
pm Bxg5 {564} Be3 {133} Bc1 {60} e5 {12} Bg3 {1}; pv Bc1;
rnbqkb1r/p2ppp1p/5np1/1ppP4/2P5/5N2/PP2PPPP/RNBQKB1R w KQkq - acd 38; acs 1247; bm cxb5; ce 37;
pm cxb5 {2489} Qc2 {445} Nbd2 {114} a4 {113} Nfd2 {32} Nc3 {16} g3 {13} e3 {8} d6 {5} b3 {4} Bf4 {1} Bg5 {1} e4 {1}; pv cxb5 a6 bxa6 Bg7 Nc3 Bxa6 e4 Qa5 Bd2 O-O Be2 Bxe2 Qxe2 Qa6 a4 Qxe2+ Kxe2 Na6 Rhb1 Rfb8 a5 d6 Bg5 Rb4 Nd2 h6 Bxf6 Bxf6 Na4 Ra7 Ra2 Rb8 Ra3 Nb4 Nc3 Nc2 Ra2 Ra6 g3 Nd4+ Kd3 Rb4 b3 Nxb3 Nxb3 c4+ Kc2 cxb3+ Rxb3 Rc4 Rb8+ Kg7;
rn1qkb1r/pb1ppppp/5n2/1ppP4/2P5/5N2/PP2PPPP/RNBQKB1R w KQkq - acd 38; acs 1265; bm a3; ce 44;
aid C.A.P. 631677; pm a4 {600} Nbd2 {160} Qc2 {148} Nc3 {40} Nfd2 {35} Qb3 {33} e3 {32} b3 {22} Bg5 {19} g3 {13} cxb5 {11} e4 {5} Bf4 {2} a3 {1}; pv a3;
rnb1kb1r/3ppppp/p4n2/qPpP4/8/2N5/PP2PPPP/R1BQKBNR w KQkq - acd 38; acs 1578; bm bxa6; ce 57;
pm Bd2 {31} b6 {18} bxa6 {14} e3 {4} f3 {2} Qa4 {1}; pv bxa6 Ne4 Qd3 f5 f3 Bxa6 Qc2 Nxc3 Bd2 Qa4 b3 Qd4 Bxc3 Qxd5 e4 Qe6 Nh3 fxe4 Nf4 Qf5 g3 Bxf1 fxe4 Qg4 Rxf1 e6 Qd1 Qxd1+ Kxd1 Nc6 a4 Rg8 Kc2 Be7 Nd3 g6 Ne5 Nxe5 Bxe5 d6 Bc3 Rf8 Rxf8+ Bxf8;
rnbqkbnr/pp2pppp/8/8/2Pp4/p4N2/3PPPPP/RNBQKB1R w KQkq - acd 38; acs 1622; bm e3; ce -42; pm e3;
pv e3 Nc6 exd4 Nxd4 Be2 Nf6 O-O Nxe2+ Qxe2 Bf5 d4 e6 Rd1 Be7 Bxa3 Bxa3 Rxa3 O-O Nc3 Bg4 h3 Qe7 Ra4 Bxf3 Qxf3 b6 Nb5 a5 Rd3 Rfd8 Qe2 Qb7 Re3 Rac8 f3 Rd7 g3 h6 Qf2 Rdd8 Qe2 Qd7;
rnbqkb1r/p2ppppp/5n2/1ppP4/2P1P3/8/PP3PPP/RNBQKBNR b KQkq - acd 38; acs 1877; bm Nxe4; ce 45;
pm Nxe4 {25} d6 {2} a6 {1}; pv Nxe4 Nf3 bxc4 Bxc4 g6 O-O Bg7 Re1 Nd6 Bd3 O-O Nc3 Na6 Bf4 Nc7 Be5 Nde8 Qe2 Rb8 Bc4 Nd6 Bd3 Bb7 Bxg7 Kxg7 Qe3 Bxd5 Nxd5 Nxd5 Qxc5 Nb4 Bf1 f6 a3 Nc6 b4 Qb6 Qd5 Rfd8 Rac1 Nf7 Qc4 e5 b5 Na5;
rn1qkb1r/3ppppp/b4n2/2pP4/8/2N5/PP2PPPP/R1BQKBNR b KQkq - acd 38; acs 1923; bm d6; ce -55;
pm d6 {1661} g6 {1342} e6 {21} Qa5 {15} e5 {7} Qc7 {1}; pv d6;
rn1qkb1r/3ppp1p/b4np1/2pP4/4P3/2N5/PP3PPP/R1BQKBNR b KQkq - acd 38; acs 3600; bm Bxf1; ce -73;
pm Bxf1 {2335} Qa5 {77} d6 {15} Bg7 {1} Qc7 {1} e5 {1}; pv Bxf1 Kxf1;
rnbqkbnr/pppp1ppp/8/4p3/8/6P1/PPPPPP1P/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - acd 38; acs 3601; bm c4; c4 "Bg2"; ce -4; aid es-dc-neutral.0423;
pm c4 {3982} Bg2 {2877} Nf3 {136} d3 {69} d4 {12} e4 {12} c3 {7} e3 {5} Nc3 {4} Nh3 {2} b3 {2} Na3 {1} h3 {1} h4 {1}; pv c4 Nc6 Nf3 Bc5 Nc3 d6 Bg2 Nf6 e3 Bb6 d4 Bg4 d5 Ne7 e4 O-O O-O Ng6 Re1 h6 Qd3 Qd7 Be3 Bh3 Nd2 Bxg2 Kxg2 Ba5 f3 Bxc3 Qxc3 b6 Qc2 Rfd8 Rad1 a5;
rnbqkbnr/ppp1pppp/8/3p4/8/6P1/PPPPPP1P/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - acd 38; acs 4149; bm Nf3; ce 0; aid es-dc-neutral.0520;
pm Bg2 {8509} Nf3 {7491} d4 {243} c4 {232} f4 {109} d3 {103} c3 {9} b3 {3} Na3 {1} Nc3 {1} Nh3 {1} b4 {1} h3 {1}; pv Nf3 e6 d4 Nf6 c4 Be7 Bg2 O-O O-O dxc4 Ne5 c5 dxc5 Qc7 Nxc4 Qxc5 Qb3 Nc6 Be3 Qh5 Bf3 Ng4 Bxg4 Qxg4 Nc3 e5;
rnbq1rk1/ppp1ppbp/3p1np1/8/3PP3/6P1/PPP1NPBP/RNBQK2R w KQ - acd 38; acs 4500; bm c4; ce 8; aid "
C.A.P. 598929"; pm O-O {566} Nbc3 {249} h3 {76} c4 {4}; pv c4 c5 d5 e6 Nec3 exd5 cxd5 Re8 O-O Na6 Nd2 Nb4 Nb3 b6 a3 Na6 h3 Nc7 Bf4 Nh5 Bd2 Nf6 Re1 Nd7 Bf1 f5 Bf4 Ne5 Nd2 Nf7 Bg2 Ne5 Nf3 Nf7 exf5 Rxe1+ Qxe1 Bxf5 Qd2 Bd7 Ng5 Nxg5;
r3k2r/1bq1bppp/p1nppn2/1p6/4PP2/1NNBB2Q/PPP3PP/R4RK1 b kq - acd 39; acs 330; bm h5; ce -11; pm h5;
pv h5 a4;
rn1qkb1r/pb1ppppp/5n2/1ppP4/P1P5/5N2/1P2PPPP/RNBQKB1R b KQkq - acd 39; acs 540; bm Qa5+; ce -12;
pm b4 {214} Qa5+ {188} bxc4 {138} a6 {71} e6 {4}; pv Qa5+ Bd2 b4 Qc2 d6 h3 Nbd7 e4 g6 Bd3 Bg7 O-O O-O Bg5 Qc7 Nbd2 Rae8 Rfe1 Nh5 a5 Ba6 Nb3 e6 Rad1 h6 Be3 g5 Qd2 Qc8 Be2 Nhf6 Qc2 exd5 exd5 Ne4 Bc1 f5 Bd3 Ndf6 Nfd2 Qd7 Nxe4 fxe4 Bxe4 Nxe4 Rxe4 Rxe4 Qxe4;
rnbqkb1r/3ppppp/p4n2/1PpP4/8/4P3/PP3PPP/RNBQKBNR b KQkq - acd 39; acs 665; bm e6; ce -58;
pm g6 {1038} axb5 {554} Bb7 {319} e6 {120} d6 {33} Qa5+ {25} Qb6 {1} e5 {1}; pv e6 dxe6 fxe6 Nf3 d5 Nc3 Be7 b3 O-O a4 Bb7 Bb2 axb5 Bxb5 Nc6 O-O d4 Ne2 Ne4 Bxc6 Bxc6 Ne5 Bd6 Nxc6 Bxh2+ Kh1;
rnbqkb1r/pp1ppp1p/5np1/2pP4/2P5/5N2/PP2PPPP/RNBQKB1R b KQkq - acd 39; acs 665; bm e6; ce -47;
pm b5 {605} Bg7 {507} d6 {291} e6 {103} Ne4 {19} Na6 {2} Qa5+ {2}; pv e6 dxe6 dxe6 Qxd8+ Kxd8 Ne5 Ke7 g3 Nbd7 Nd3 Bg7 Bg2 h6 O-O Rb8 a4 Ne8 Nc3 g5 f4 Nd6 fxg5 Nxc4 Bf4 hxg5 Bxg5+ f6 Bf4 e5 Bc1 Na5 Nd5+ Kd8 b4 Nb3 Ra3 Nd4 Nxc5;
rnbqkb1r/3ppppp/5n2/1NpP4/1p2P3/8/PP3PPP/R1BQKBNR b KQkq - acd 39; acs 1187; bm d6; ce 29;
pm d6 {1044} Nxe4 {2} Qa5 {2} Ba6 {1} Ra5 {1}; pv d6 Nf3;
rnbqkb1r/3ppppp/5n2/1ppP4/8/2N5/PP2PPPP/R1BQKBNR w KQkq - acd 39; acs 1198; bm Nxb5; ce 46;
pm e4 {1113} Nxb5 {156} e3 {2} Bg5 {1} b4 {1} d6 {1}; pv Nxb5;
rn1qkb1r/4pp1p/b2p1np1/2pP4/8/6P1/PP2PPBP/RNBQK1NR w KQkq - acd 39; acs 1791; bm Nf3; ce 43;
pm b3 {171} Nc3 {66} Nf3 {36} Bd2 {28} Nh3 {23} h4 {7}; pv Nf3 Bg7;
rn1qkb1r/4pp1p/b2p1np1/2pP4/5P2/2N5/PP2P1PP/R1BQKBNR w KQkq - acd 39; acs 1800; bm e4; ce 25;
pm Nf3 {88}; pv e4 Bg7 Nf3 Qa5 Bd2 O-O Be2 Bxe2 Qxe2 Qa6 a4 Qxe2+ Kxe2 Na6 a5 Rfb8 Rhb1 Ra7 Ra4 Rab7 Nd1 Ne8 g4 Nec7 f5 Kf8 h4 gxf5 gxf5 Bxb2 Nf2 Bg7 Rxb7 Rxb7 Nd3 Ke8 Rc4 Rb3 Rc1 Nb5 h5 Kd7 h6 Nc3+ Kf1;
r2q1rk1/3nppbp/b2p1np1/2pP4/8/2N2NP1/PP2PPBP/R1BQR1K1 b - - acd 39; acs 2674; bm Nb6; ce -36;
pm Qa5 {34} Qc7 {34} Qb6 {21} Nb6 {18} Ng4 {12} Ra7 {7} Rb8 {3} Ne8 {2}; pv Nb6 Bf4 Nh5 Bg5 h6 Bc1 Nf6 Nd2 Qd7 Nf1 Rfb8 Qc2 Nh7 h3 Nc4 Nd2 Ng5 g4 Nxd2 Bxd2 Nh7 Rab1 Nf6 f4 Qc7 e3 Nd7 b3 Qb7 Bf3 Nf6 e4 Nd7 a3 Bd4+ Be3 g5 Qd2 gxf4 Bxd4 cxd4;
r1bq1r1k/pppnn1bp/3p2p1/3Ppp2/2P1P1P1/2N2P2/PP2B2P/R1BQNRK1 w - - acd 39; acs 3151; bm Nd3; ce 42;
pm Be3 {102} Nd3 {96} Ng2 {50} h4 {38} Bg5 {27} Kh1 {27} exf5 {20} Bd2 {9} Kg2 {7} Nc2 {5} g5 {5} gxf5 {2} Nb1 {1} a4 {1}; pv Nd3 b6 Kh1 f4 Rg1 Kg8 b3 Nc5 Bb2 Bd7 Qc2 Bf6 g5 Bg7 Nf2 a5 Nb5 Nc8 Rad1 Ne7 Nd3 Nb7 Qd2 Nc8 Nc3 Nc5 Ra1 Nb7 Rac1 Nc5 Rcd1 Nb7 Ra1 Nc5 Nb5 Rf7 Rad1 Re7 Qc2 Rf7 Nxc5 dxc5;
rnbqkb1r/p2ppppp/5n2/1ppP4/2P5/8/PP2PPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - acd 39; acs 3600; bm Nf3; ce 33;
pm cxb5 {16865} Nf3 {3444} Nd2 {709} a4 {632} Qc2 {333} Bg5 {159} f3 {135} Nc3 {36} g3 {29} e4 {28} e3 {10} b3 {5} g4 {3} Na3 {2}; pv Nf3 Bb7 a4 b4 Nbd2 d6 e4 g6 Bd3 Bg7 O-O O-O Re1 Re8 Qc2 Nbd7 h3 Qc7 Nf1 e6 Rb1 Re7 Bf4 Rae8 Ng3 Ba6 b3 Qb6 Qd2 exd5 cxd5 Bxd3 Qxd3 h6 Rbc1 Qc7 Rc2 a5 Bd2;
rnbq1rk1/ppp2pbp/3p1np1/4p3/3PP3/2N3P1/PPP1NPBP/R1BQK2R w KQ - acd 39; acs 3601; bm dxe5; ce 16;
pm h3 {2019} O-O {912} dxe5 {73} d5 {10} a3 {4} Be3 {3} Bg5 {2}; pv dxe5 dxe5 Qxd8 Rxd8 Bg5 c6 f3 Na6 Kf2 Be6 a3 Nc5 Rad1 a5 Rxd8+ Rxd8 Nc1 h6 Be3 Bf8 Rd1 Rxd1 Nxd1 Kg7 Ke2 Bd6 Nd3 Nxd3 Kxd3 Nd7 Kd2 h5 Nf2 Nc5;
rnb1kb1r/3ppp1p/pq3np1/2pP4/8/5N2/PP2PPPP/RNBQKB1R w KQkq - acd 40; acs 330; bm Nc3; ce 48; pm Nc3;
pv Nc3 d6 e4 Nbd7 Be2 Bg7 Rb1 a5 Nd2 O-O O-O Ba6 b3 Bxe2 Qxe2 Qa6 Nc4 Ne8 Na4 Nc7 Bb2 Bd4 Qd3 Nb5 Qh3 Nf6 Rbe1 Rfe8 Bc1 e6 Qf3 Nd7 Bf4 Bg7 Qg3 exd5 exd5 Nd4 Qh3 Ne5 Bxe5 Bxe5 Nxe5 Rxe5 Rxe5 dxe5 Nxc5;
rnbqkb1r/3ppppp/5n2/1ppP4/4P3/5P2/PP4PP/RNBQKBNR b KQkq - acd 40; acs 330; bm Qa5+; ce -11; pm Qa5+;
pv Qa5+ Bd2 b4 Na3 e6 Nc4 Qc7 Bg5 exd5 exd5 d6 Bxf6 gxf6 Bd3 Bg7 Ne2 Nd7 Bf5 Ne5 Ne3 O-O O-O c4 Qd4 Ba6 f4 Ng6 Rfe1 Rfe8 Ng3 Qa7 Rad1 Qxd4 Rxd4 c3 bxc3 bxc3 a4 Rab8 Re4 Rxe4 Nxe4 Nxf4 Nxc3 Nd3 Bxd3 Bxd3 Rd1 Bg6 Nb5 f5 Nxd6 f4;
rnbqkb1r/pppppp1p/5np1/8/4P3/8/PPPP1PPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - acd 40; acs 330; bm e5; ce 0; pm e5;
pv e5 Nh5 d4 d6 exd6 Qxd6 Be3 Bg7 Nd2 O-O Ngf3 b6 Nc4 Qd5 Be2 Bb7 O-O Nd7 Re1 Rad8 Bg5 Nhf6 Ne3 Qa5 Nc4;
rnbqkb1r/4pppp/3p1n2/1NpP4/1p2P3/8/PP3PPP/R1BQKBNR w KQkq - acd 40; acs 900; bm Nf3; ce -17;
pm Bf4 {915} Nf3 {63} Bc4 {59} Bd3 {4} Bd2 {1} Qc2 {1} e5 {1}; pv Nf3 Nxe4 Bc4 g6 Qe2 f5 Ng5 Bg7 O-O O-O a3 h6 Nxe4 fxe4 Qxe4 Nd7 Bd2 bxa3 Nxa3 Ne5 Bc3 g5 Be2 Bf5 Qe3 Ra4 Qd2 Qa8 Bb5 Rd4 Bxd4 cxd4 Nc2 Qxd5 Ra5 Bxc2 Qxc2 d3 Qc7 Bf6 Bd7 Qb3 Bc6 Qc2 Bd5+ Kg7 Ra7 Qxb2;
rnbqkb1r/3ppppp/p4n2/1PpP4/8/5P2/PP2P1PP/RNBQKBNR b KQkq - acd 40; acs 1800; bm axb5; ce -19;
pm axb5 {487} e6 {374} g6 {268} d6 {105} Qa5+ {25} Bb7 {7}; pv axb5 e4;
r2qk2r/3nppbp/b2p1np1/2pP4/8/2N2NP1/PP2PPBP/R1BQK2R w KQkq - acd 40; acs 3600; bm O-O; ce 56;
pm O-O {1015} Rb1 {888} h3 {10} Qc2 {4} a4 {3} Bf4 {1} Bh3 {1} e4 {1} h4 {1}; pv O-O Qd1c2;
rnb1kb1r/3ppppp/5n2/q1pP4/1p2P3/5P2/PP1B2PP/RN1QKBNR w KQkq - acd 41; acs 330; bm Na3; ce 13; pm Na3;
pv Na3 d6 Nc2 Qb6 a3 bxa3 Nxa3 Qb7 Bc3 g6 Nb5 Rxa1 Qxa1 Bg7 Bc4 O-O b3 Nh5 Ne2 Nd7 O-O Ne5 f4 Nxc4 bxc4 Bd7 Bxg7 Ra8 Qb2 Nxg7 Nec3 Qb6 Ra1 Ra5 e5 Nf5 Kf2 Rxa1 Qxa1 Qd8 Qa7 Kf8 Qc7 Qxc7 Nxc7 Nd4 exd6 exd6;
rnb1kb1r/4pppp/3p1n2/q1pP4/1p2P3/N4P2/PP1B2PP/R2QKBNR w KQkq - acd 41; acs 330; bm Nc2; ce 11; aid 04041; pm Nc2; pv Nc2;

rn1qkb1r/3ppp1p/5np1/2pP4/4P3/2N5/PP3PPP/R1BQKbNR w KQkq - acd 41; acs 882; bm Kxf1; ce 66;
pm Kxf1 {2335}; pv Kxf1 d6 g3 Bg7 Kg2 O-O Nf3 Qc8 Re1 Qb7 Qe2 Na6 Bg5 Rfb8 Rab1 h6 Bxf6 Bxf6 a3 Nc7 Nd2 Qa6 Qxa6 Rxa6 Re3 Nb5 Ne2 Ra4 f3 Bg7 Kf2 Nd4 Nc3 Raa8 Nc4 Nb3 e5 Bxe5 Nxe5 dxe5 Rxe5 Nd2;
rnbqkb1r/pppppp1p/5np1/8/2PP4/5N2/PP2PPPP/RNBQKB1R b KQkq - acd 41; acs 900; bm Bg7; ce -18;
pm Bg7 {72570} c5 {2707} d6 {2335} d5 {971} c6 {358} b6 {234} e6 {123} Bh6 {1} Na6 {1} Nc6 {1} h5 {1}; pv Bg7 Nc3 d5 cxd5 Nxd5 e4 Nxc3 bxc3 c5 Be3 O-O Rc1 Qa5 Qd2 Rd8 Be2 Nc6 d5 e6 O-O exd5 exd5 Bg4 Rfd1 Bxf3 Bxf3 Ne5 c4 Nxf3+ gxf3 Qxd2 Bxd2 Re8 Kg2 b6 Re1 f5 Bg5 h6 Bd2 Kf7 Kg3 Rad8 Rxe8 Rxe8 d6 Rd8 Bf4 a6;
rnbqkb1r/3ppppp/p4n2/1PpP4/8/2N5/PP2PPPP/R1BQKBNR b KQkq - acd 41; acs 1198; bm axb5; ce -48;
pm axb5 {1274} Qa5 {69} g6 {48} d6 {20} Bb7 {4} e6 {1}; pv axb5 Nxb5;
rnbqkb1r/pppppp1p/5np1/8/3P4/5N2/PPP1PPPP/RNBQKB1R w KQkq - acd 41; acs 1700; bm c4; ce 25;
pm c4 {44971} g3 {15621} Bg5 {9962} Bf4 {7252} Nc3 {3265} c3 {1707} e3 {1613} Nbd2 {1529} b3 {761} h3 {332} b4 {243} e4 {25} d5 {15} a3 {14} h4 {14} Qd3 {4} g4 {3} Be3 {1} Bh6 {1}; pv c4 Bg7 Nc3 d5 cxd5 Nxd5 e4 Nxc3 bxc3 c5 Be3 Qa5 Qd2 Nc6 Rb1 cxd4 cxd4 O-O Qxa5 Nxa5 Bd3 Bg4 Ke2 e6 Rhc1 Rad8 e5 Nc6 Rc4 Rd7 Be4 f6 h3 Bf5 Bxf5 gxf5 Rc5 Rfd8 Rcb5 b6 Rc1 Na5 Bd2 fxe5 Bxa5 bxa5 dxe5;
rn1qk2r/4ppbp/3p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N2NP1/PP3P1P/R1BQ1K1R b kq - acd 41; acs 1931; bm Qc8; ce -69;
pm O-O {1975} Nbd7 {366} Qa5 {8} Qb6 {5} Na6 {3} Ng4 {3}; pv Qc8 Kg2 O-O Re1 Qb7 Qe2 Na6 Rb1 Nc7 Bg5 h6 Bxf6 Bxf6 Qc2 Bg7 Nd2 f5 f3 Rf7 a3 fxe4 Qxe4 Kh7 Nc4 Bxc3 bxc3 Qxd5 Rb7 Qxe4 fxe4 Ne6 Nxd6 Nd8 Nxf7 Nxb7 h3;
rnbqkb1r/4pppp/3p1n2/1NpP4/1pB1P3/8/PP3PPP/R1BQK1NR b KQkq - acd 41; acs 2365; bm Nbd7; ce 28;
aid C.A.P. 444819; pm Nbd7 {28} g6 {19} Nxe4 {7} Ra5 {3} Bg4 {1}; pv Nbd7 Nf3 Nb6 b3 Nxe4 O-O Nc3 Nxc3 bxc3 Re1 Nxc4 bxc4 h6 Qd3 e6 dxe6 Bxe6 Qxc3 Be7 Qxg7 Bf6 Rxe6+ fxe6 Qg6+ Ke7 Rb1 Rb8 Rxb8 Qxb8 Bf4 Qb4 Nd2 Qb2 g3 Bc3 Ne4 Be5 Bxe5 Qxe5 a4 Kd7 Nf6+ Kc8 Qf7 Rd8 a5 d5 a6 Qa1+ Kg2;
rnbqkb1r/p2ppppp/5n2/1ppP4/8/5N2/PPP1PPPP/RNBQKB1R w KQkq - acd 41; acs 2719; bm c4; ce 35;
pm Bg5 {1551} c4 {1417} a4 {232} Qd3 {90} e3 {26} g3 {9} e4 {6} Nc3 {4} Nbd2 {3} b3 {3}; pv c4;
rn1qkb1r/3ppppp/b4n2/2pP4/8/8/PP2PPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - acd 41; acs 9960; bm Nc3; ce 58;
pm Nc3 {3002} g3 {370} Nf3 {29} b3 {14} f4 {2} h4 {2} d6 {1} e3 {1} f3 {1}; pv Nc3 e6;
rn1qkb1r/4pppp/b2p1n2/2pP4/8/2N5/PP2PPPP/R1BQKBNR w KQkq - acd 41; acs 10920; bm e4; ce 53;
aid C.A.P. 443802; pm Nf3 {887} e4 {439} g3 {332} f4 {49} Bf4 {2} Bg5 {2} Nh3 {1}; pv e4 Bxf1 Kxf1 g6 g3 Bg7 Kg2 O-O Nf3 Qb6 Re1 Nbd7 a4 Rfb8 Nb5 Ne8 Qc2 Nc7 Nxc7 Qxc7 Ra2 Qb6 h3 Qb3 Qxb3 Rxb3 a5 Ra6 Bg5 e6 Bf4 Rxb2 Rxb2 Bxb2 Rb1 Bc3 Rb7 Nf8 Nd2 f5 Rb8 Kg7 exf5 exd5 fxg6 Nxg6 Rb7+ Kg8;
rnbqkb1r/3p1ppp/pP2pn2/2pP4/8/8/PP2PPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - acd 42; acs 430; bm Nc3; ce 23;
pm Nc3 {618} dxe6 {8}; pv Nc3;
rnbqkb1r/3ppppp/5n2/2pP4/1p2P3/2N5/PP3PPP/R1BQKBNR w KQkq - acd 42; acs 1194; bm Nb5; ce -10;
pm Nb5 {1050} e5 {2} Nce2 {1}; pv Nb5;
r1b1kb1r/pp3ppp/1qnppn2/8/2B1P3/1NN5/PPP2PPP/R1BQK2R w KQkq - acd 42; acs 1722; bm Bf4; ce 27;
pm O-O {4726} Bf4 {1459} Be3 {1230} Bg5 {331} Qe2 {184} Bd3 {51} Be2 {26} a4 {26} f4 {24} g4 {17} Qf3 {2} h3 {1}; pv Bf4 Qd8 Qd2 a6 a4 Ne5 Bxe5 dxe5 Qxd8+ Kxd8 f3 Bd7 Nd1 Kc7 Ne3 Bc6 c3 Nd7 Na5 Nb6 Nxc6 Kxc6 Ke2 Bc5 Bd3 a5 b4 Bxe3 Kxe3 Kc7 Rhd1 Rhc8 Bb5 Kb8 Ra3 Kc7 Rb3 Kb8 Kf2 axb4 cxb4 Nxa4 Rd7 Nc3;
r4rk1/3nppbp/3p1np1/q1pP4/4P3/2N2NP1/PP3PKP/R1BQR3 w - - acd 42; acs 1767; bm a4; ce 80;
pm h3 {141} e5 {69} Bg5 {17} Bd2 {13} a4 {12} Re2 {11} Rb1 {7} Qc2 {6} Bf4 {5} Qe2 {5}; pv a4 Rfb8 Bd2 Ne8 Nb5 Qd8 Bc3 Nc7 Nxc7 Qxc7 Bxg7 Kxg7 b3 Rb4 Qc2 Qb7 Nd2 Ra7 Kg1 Kg8 Re3 Qa6 Kg2 Nb6 Qc3 Ra8 Qd3 Qa5 Qc2 Rd4 Rd3 Rb4 Rc3 Ra7 Rf3 Ra8 Rd3 Rb8 Rc3 Rd4 Rc1 Rb4 Re1 Ra8 Rc1;
rnbqkb1r/pp1ppppp/5n2/2pP4/2P5/8/PP2PPPP/RNBQKBNR b KQkq - acd 42; acs 2267; bm b5; ce -47; aid com.15;
pm b5 {22388} e6 {13102} g6 {6185} d6 {4728} e5 {4031} a6 {468} Ne4 {221} Na6 {31} Qa5+ {7} b6 {6} Nc6 {1} h6 {1}; pv b5 Nf3;
rnbqkb1r/3ppppp/p4n2/1PpP4/8/8/PP2PPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - acd 42; acs 2268; bm e3; ce 40;
pm bxa6 {9268} b6 {3299} e3 {2091} f3 {1266} Nc3 {634} g3 {4} a3 {3} Bg5 {2} Qc2 {2} e4 {2} g4 {2} b3 {1}; pv e3;
rn1qkb1r/4pp1p/3p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N2N2/PP3PPP/R1BQ1K1R b kq - acd 42; acs 3600; bm Qd7; ce -79;
pm Bg7 {1583} Nbd7 {816} Qc8 {4} Nfd7 {1} Qb6 {1}; pv Qd7 h3 Bg7 g3 O-O Rb1 Qb7 Kg2 Nbd7 a4 Rfb8 Bg5 h6 Be3 Qa6 Qc2 Rb4 Nd2 e6 dxe6 fxe6 Rhe1 Qc6 b3 d5 Nb5 Nxe4 Nxe4 Rxe4 f3 Rxe3;
rnb1kb1r/3ppppp/5n2/qppP4/4P3/5P2/PP4PP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - acd 43; acs 330; bm Bd2; ce 0; pm Bd2;
pv Bd2 b4 Na3 e6 Nc4 Qc7 Bg5 exd5 exd5 d6 Bxf6 gxf6 Ne2 Bg7 Ng3 O-O Bd3 f5 O-O f4 Nh5 Bd4+ Kh1 Nd7 Nxf4 Ne5 Ne2 Nxc4 Nxd4 Nxb2 Qc1 Nxd3 Qg5+ Kh8 Qf6+ Kg8;
rnbqkb1r/p2ppppp/5n2/1PpP4/8/8/PP2PPPP/RNBQKBNR b KQkq - acd 43; acs 1234; bm a6; ce -46;
pm a6 {16574} e6 {187} g6 {55} Bb7 {17} d6 {15} Qa5+ {10} a5 {4} e5 {3} c4 {1}; pv a6 bxa6 e6 Nc3 exd5 Nxd5 Be7 Nxe7 Qxe7 Bf4 d5 e3 O-O Nf3 Rd8 Be2 Bxa6 O-O Nc6 Bxa6 Rxa6 Qe2 Rb6 Bg5 h6 Bxf6 Qxf6 b3 c4 Rab1 Rdb8 Rfd1 Qe6 h3 cxb3 axb3 Rxb3 Rxb3 Rxb3 Qd2 Rb8 Nd4 Qf6 Nxc6 Qxc6 Qxd5 Qxd5 Rxd5 Rb2 Rd7 g6;
r1b1kb1r/pp2pppp/1qNp1n2/8/2B1P3/2N5/PPP2PPP/R1BQK2R b KQkq - acd 43; acs 1544; bm bxc6; ce -13;
pm bxc6 {2213}; pv bxc6 Qe2 g6 O-O Bg7 e5 dxe5 Qxe5 O-O Qxe7 Ba6 Bxa6 Qxa6 Be3 Ng4 Bf4 Qc4 Qe4 Qxe4 Nxe4 Bxb2 Rab1 Be5 Bxe5 Nxe5 Rb3 Rfd8 Re1 Kg7 h3 Rab8 f3 h6 Rc3 Rb2 Nc5 Rd5 a3 g5 Nd3 Nxd3 cxd3 Ra2 Re7 Ra1+ Kh2;
rnbqkb1r/3ppp1p/p4np1/1PpP4/8/5N2/PP2PPPP/RNBQKB1R w KQkq - acd 43; acs 1687; bm b6; ce 69;
pm bxa6 {1066} b6 {503} Nc3 {363} e3 {316} Qc2 {188} e4 {18} d6 {7}; pv b6 d6 Nc3 Nbd7 a4 Qxb6 a5 Qb4 Ra4 Qb7 e4 Bg7 Be2 O-O Ra3 Rb8 Nd2 Ne8 Rb3 Qa7 Nc4 f5 exf5 Rxf5 h4 Rb4 Bd3 Rxc4 Bxc4 Ne5;
rn2kbnr/1b1pqppp/p7/1P1pP3/2p5/2N2P1N/PP2Q1PP/R1B1KB1R w KQkq - acd 43; acs 2923; bm Nf4; ce 0; aid Hyatt.3506;
pm Be3 {58} Bg5 {13} Nf4 {7} Qf2 {3} Bd2 {1} Qe3 {1} a3 {1} b6 {1} bxa6 {1}; pv Nf4 Qc5 Nfxd5 Bxd5 Be3 Qb4 a3 Qa5 Bd2 Be6 Nd5 c3 Bxc3 Qd8 Qc4 Ra7 Qd4 Ra8 Nb6 axb5 Nxa8 Nc6 Qf2 Qxa8 Bxb5 Nge7 O-O Nd5 Bxc6 dxc6 Bb4 Nxb4 axb4 Qb8 Qa7 Qxa7+ Rxa7 g5 Rd1 Bg7 Ra8+ Ke7 Ra7+ Ke8 b5 cxb5 Ra8+ Ke7 Ra7+ Ke8;
rn1qkb1r/4pppp/b2p1n2/2pP4/8/2N2N2/PP2PPPP/R1BQKB1R b KQkq - acd 43; acs 3600; bm Qa5; ce -60;
aid C.A.P. 443801; pm g6 {876} Nbd7 {26} Qa5 {9} e6 {2}; pv Qa5 Bd2 g6 g3 Bg7 Bg2 O-O O-O Nbd7 b3 Qc7 Re1 Qb7 Rc1 Rab8 Bh3 h5 Bg5 Rfe8 Bg2 Ng4 Qd2 Nge5 Nxe5 Nxe5 Rb1 Ng4 h3 Nf6 Rbc1 Qb4 Rc2 Qb7 Bh6 Qb4 Rd1 Nd7 h4 Qd4 Qxd4 Bxd4 Ne4;
r2q1rk1/3nppbp/3p1np1/2pP4/4P3/2N2NPP/PP3PK1/R1BQ3R b - - acd 43; acs 9960; bm Qc7; ce -65;
pm Qa5 {322} Ra6 {275} Qb6 {207} Ra7 {104} Nb6 {96} Qc7 {39} Nh5 {14} Qb8 {9} Ne8 {3} Rb8 {3} Qe8 {2} Ra3 {2} c4 {2} Ra5 {1} Re8 {1}; pv Qc7 a4 Rfb8 Qc2 Rb4 Re1 Qb7 a5 Ra6 Na4 Ne8 Bd2 Rb3 Ra2 Nc7 Rea1 Rb5 Qc4 Ra8 Qd3 Rb8 Qe3 Bf6 Qh6 Na6 Ra3 Ne5 Bc3 Bg7 Qc1 Nxf3 Bxg7 Ng5 Qxg5 Kxg7 Qe3 Kg8 Nb6 Rxb2 Rb3 Rxb3 Qxb3 Nb4 Qc4 h5 f3;
rnbqkb1r/3ppp1p/P4np1/2pP4/8/8/PP2PPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - acd 44; acs 2267; bm Nc3; c5 "Jereon.TCEC.13.38"; ce 59;
pm Nc3 {5120} g3 {255} Nf3 {67} b3 {31} a7 {20} e3 {14} e4 {13} d6 {4} Bg5 {2} h4 {2}; pv Nc3 Bg7;
rnbqkb1r/3ppppp/pP3n2/2pP4/8/8/PP2PPPP/RNBQKBNR b KQkq - acd 45; acs 900; bm e6; ce -27;
pm Qxb6 {1144} d6 {1091} e6 {626} g6 {219} a5 {149} Bb7 {65} e5 {4}; pv e6 Nc3 exd5 Nxd5 Nxd5 Qxd5 Nc6 Nf3 Rb8 e4 Be7 Ne5 Nxe5 Qxe5 Rxb6 Qxg7 Bf6 Qg3 d5 Be2 dxe4 O-O Bd4 Be3 Qd6 Qxd6 Rxd6 Rac1 O-O b3 a5 Rc2 Bb7 g3 Kg7 Re1 Ra8 Rd1 Re8 Rcd2 Red8 Bb5 Rd5 Bf4 Rf5 Re1 Ra8 Rc2 Rf6 h4 Bd5 Bc4 Bxc4 Rxc4;
rnbqkb1r/p2ppppp/5n2/1ppP4/2P5/5N2/PP2PPPP/RNBQKB1R b KQkq - acd 45; acs 3600; bm Bb7; ce -32;
pm g6 {2637} Bb7 {1121} e6 {304} bxc4 {259} b4 {258} d6 {172} a6 {61} Qa5+ {43} Ba6 {5} Na6 {1}; pv Bb7 Bf4 d6 a3 Nbd7 Qc2 bxc4 e4 h6 Bxc4 g5 Bd2 Bg7 O-O O-O Nc3 Rb8 h3 Nb6 Be2 Nbd7 Rae1 Re8 Bb5 e6 Qd3 Rc8 b3 exd5 exd5 Rxe1 Rxe1 Nb6 Bc4 Rb8 a4 Nxc4 bxc4 Nh5 Ne2 Ba6 Bc3 Qd7 Bxg7 Nxg7;
rnbqk2r/3pppbp/p4np1/1PpP4/8/2N1P3/PP3PPP/R1BQKBNR w KQkq - acd 45; acs 4440; bm e4; ce 82;
pm Nf3 {403} a4 {366} e4 {73} Bc4 {19} bxa6 {19} d6 {10} Bd2 {6} Qb3 {4} Nge2 {1} Nh3 {1} g4 {1}; pv e4;
rnbqkb1r/pp1ppppp/5n2/2p5/2PP4/8/PP2PPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - acd 46; acs 3600; bm d5; c4 "
(MCO) std benoni"; ce 57; aid C.A.P. 444913; pm d5 {49726} Nf3 {5751} e3 {1875} dxc5 {339} Nc3 {170} g3 {4} Bg5 {1} Nd2 {1} Qd2 {1} a3 {1} f3 {1}; pv d5;
rn2kb1r/4pp1p/b2p1np1/q1pP4/8/2N5/PP1NPPPP/R1BQKB1R w KQkq - acd 47; acs 4080; bm a4; ce 63;
pm e4 {44} g3 {21} f3 {9} Nb3 {3} Qc2 {3} e3 {3} a3 {1}; pv a4;
rn1qkb1r/3ppp1p/b4np1/2pP4/8/2N5/PP2PPPP/R1BQKBNR w KQkq - acd 47; acs 4440; bm e4; ce 70; aid Silver2.05;
pm e4 {2431} Nf3 {2078} g3 {1613} f4 {154} Nh3 {36} Bf4 {11} d6 {10} Bg5 {8} h4 {8} a4 {3} Bd2 {2} e3 {2} Qa4 {1} Qc2 {1} f3 {1} g4 {1} h3 {1}; pv e4 Bxf1;
rnbqkbnr/ppp1pppp/8/3p4/8/6P1/PPPPPPBP/RNBQK1NR b KQkq - acd 48; acs 8400; bm e5; ce 15;
pm Nf6 {5155} c6 {1901} e5 {978} g6 {207} c5 {166} e6 {69} Nc6 {27} Bf5 {4} Bg4 {1} h5 {1}; pv e5 d3 Nf6 c4 c6 Nf3 Bd6 O-O O-O cxd5 cxd5 Nc3 h6 Nb5 Nc6 Nxd6 Qxd6 d4 e4 Ne5 Bd7 Bf4 Nh5 Be3 Rfe8 Rc1 Nxe5 dxe5 Qxe5 Bd4 Qd6 e3 Nf6 Bxf6 Qxf6 Qxd5 Bc6 Qb3 Rad8 Rfd1 Rxd1+ Rxd1 Rd8 Rxd8+ Qxd8 a4 Qa5 Qc2 Bxa4 Qxe4 Qe1+ Bf1;
rnbqkb1r/pppppppp/5n2/8/3P4/5N2/PPP1PPPP/RNBQKB1R b KQkq - acd 48; acs 9960; bm d5; c4 "e6"; ce -9; aid es-dc-neutral.0023;
pm e6 {85992} g6 {84028} d5 {56602} c5 {13603} d6 {6761} b6 {5502} c6 {1615} b5 {719} Nc6 {294} a6 {242} Ne4 {32} h6 {13} Ng4 {11} e5 {10} Rg8 {5} Na6 {3} Nh5 {3} Ng8 {1} g5 {1}; pv d5 c4;
rnbqkb1r/3ppppp/P4n2/2pP4/8/8/PP2PPPP/RNBQKBNR b KQkq - acd 49; acs 4920; bm e6; ce -43;
pm g6 {5527} Bxa6 {3422} e6 {175} d6 {81} Nxa6 {53} Qa5+ {7} Qb6 {4} e5 {1} h6 {1}; pv e6 Nc3 exd5 Nxd5 Be7 Nxe7 Qxe7 e3 O-O Bd3 Nxa6 Ne2 Nb4 Bb1 d5 O-O Nc6 Bd2 Rd8 Ng3 d4 exd4 Nxd4 Re1 Be6 Bd3 h6 Bc3 Qd6 Qc1 Rxa2 Rxa2 Bxa2 Nf5 Nxf5 Bxf5 Bd5 Re3 Bc6 Bd3 Bb7 Bc2 Nd5 Be5 Qe6 Re1 Qb6 Qb1 Nf6 h3 Qb5 Kh2 Rc8;
rnbqkb1r/pppppppp/5n2/8/2PP4/8/PP2PPPP/RNBQKBNR b KQkq - acd 49; acs 13800; bm e6; c4 "e6"; ce -10;
pm e6 {453207} g6 {217959} c5 {57835} d6 {14326} e5 {10497} c6 {10353} Nc6 {3572} d5 {1842} b6 {1605} a6 {1186} h6 {112} b5 {59} Ng4 {21} Ne4 {15} a5 {15} g5 {15} Rg8 {13} Na6 {6} Ng8 {3} Nh5 {1}; pv e6 Nf3;
rnbqkb1r/pppppppp/5n2/8/3P4/8/PPP1PPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - acd 50; acs 19980; bm c4; c4 "c4"; ce 30; aid es-dc-neutral.0004;
pm c4 {737047} Nf3 {202075} Bg5 {31032} g3 {13906} Nc3 {6823} e3 {3283} Bf4 {3203} c3 {2792} f3 {1066} g4 {1059} Nd2 {658} f4 {395} Qd3 {294} b3 {292} e4 {200} a3 {167} h3 {150} b4 {87} Nh3 {61} d5 {49} Be3 {27} Qd2 {25} h4 {24} a4 {10} Bd2 {8} Bh6 {2} Kd2 {2}; pv c4 e6;
rnbqkbnr/pppppppp/8/8/3P4/8/PPP1PPPP/RNBQKBNR b KQkq - acd 60; acs 680667; bm c5; c4 "d5"; ce -8;
pm Nf6 {1004729} d5 {434599} e6 {116089} f5 {63006} d6 {40940} g6 {32622} c5 {15043} c6 {6638} Nc6 {3907} b6 {2255} e5 {1558} b5 {1162} a6 {822} h6 {540} Na6 {446} a5 {334} h5 {316} g5 {233} f6 {171} Nh6 {117}; pv c5 Nf3 Nf6 g3 d5 d4 dxc4 Qa4 Nc6 dxc5 e6 Bg2 Bxc5 Nc3 Qa5 Qxc4 O-O O-O Bd7 Ne4 Be7 Bd2 Qf5 Nxf6 Bxf6;
rnbqkbnr/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - acd 70; acs 1589745; bm c4; c1 "01a"; c2 "
perft 1 20 perft 2 400 perft 3 8902 perft 4 197281 perft 5 4865609 perft 6 119060324"; c4 "e4"; c5 "e4"; c6 Arves.17811; ce 8; pm e4 {2379495} d4 {1725526} Nf3 {483679} c4 {479713} g3 {39820} f4 {35589} b3 {27764} Nc3 {13010} e3 {2686} b4 {2458} g4 {2450} c3 {1654} d3 {1649} a3 {1150} h3 {717} a4 {552} h4 {425} f3 {363} Nh3 {82} Na3 {28}; pv c4 c5 Nf3 Nf6 g3 d5 d4 dxc4 Qa4 Nc6 dxc5 e6 Bg2 Bxc5 Nc3 Qa5 Qxc4 O-O O-O Bd7 Ne4 Be7 Bd2 Qf5 Nxf6 Bxf6 Bc3 e5 Nd2 Rac8 Qb3 Rc7 Bd5 b5 a3 a6 Rac1 Be7 e3 Rfc8 f4 Be6 Bxe6 Qxe6 Qxe6 fxe6 Ne4 a5 Bxe5 Nxe5 Rxc7 Rxc7 fxe5 Rc4 Rf4 Bc5 Nxc5 Rxc5 Kf1 Rc1 Kg2 Rc5 b4 axb4 axb4 Rc2 Rf2 Rc3 Kf3 Rc4 Rd2 Rxb4 Rd7 g5 g4 Rb2 Rb7 Rxh2 Rxb5;
Attachment: benko.epd - Benko and closely related positions (53k)
Parent - By cimanser Date 2019-09-25 18:43
And I didn’t play such a gambit, but I think I’ll go for a blitz with a bang, in a serious game I would not indulge in this. Thank you for posting it, I'll watch it as I study and maybe I'll play in blitz tournaments. :red:
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