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- - By Zsolt Kántor (**) Date 2019-04-20 18:22 Edited 2019-04-20 18:43
I have on my hard disk the Rybka 3 opening book (actually I did not used it, I always used the default Fritz book). The problem is that I have two Rybka 3 opening books. How can I tell which one of them is the original one, the Rybka 3 book by Jeroen Noomen? In one of the books the .ctg file has 150.6 MB, in the other the .ctg file is 256.2MB. I would like to keep only the genuine Rybka 3 book. Can somebody tell me which one is the original?

I read about Rybka 3 books. And now I'm a little confused. I read there is a Rybka 3 opening book for Aquarium by Jeroen Noomen which is 323 MB with 11.5 million positions. I read this on the Rybka webpage:
Then I found on the Internet a Rybka 3 book also by Jeroen Noomen with 3.38 million positions, the size is 260 MB.
And there is a free Noomen.ctg opening book. You can download it for free from the rybka webpage.
I'm using Rybka 3 engine with Deep Fritz 11. What kind of book should I use?

Thank you,
Parent - - By The Wizard (***) Date 2019-04-20 21:15
Hi, My Rybka 3 book is 256MB and my Jeroen book for Rybka Aquarium is 326MB in there folders but I do not use them so they are not installed.

The thorny issue of what book to use I guess depends on how you use your computer for chess? If it is just you versus the engine then personally I do not think it matters what book you use. For so called correspondence games or email, online games you can look around online as there so many available from people who upload there own master pieces (we all think we have one lol) then you can compare, combine and alter as you wish, I guess books from Sedats book tournaments if they are available for download is a place to start, I cannot remember if there is a version of the HIARCS book you can download but nothing is perfect and the HIARCS book I have certainly has lots of issues but probably is not a problem unless you play engine v engine games online in the Chessbase\Playchess engine room or on the Infinity site although there are plenty of others where you will then run into specialist books many of which have been built up over many years and altered and tinkered with with prepared variations etc it used to be and I guess still is that you could win or lose a game straight out of the book and then the loser had to go back to the drawing board and analyse to find the bad moves and change them.

You can build your own with games from databases or alter your own book by importing games from databases in various ways but of course if you import games with bad moves those moves will be in your opening book. .... My own old book I used to use online which I messed up has many imported games but I am still amazed when using a modern engine of just how many improvements they find at all stages of the game.

I am sure many here have there own views on all this and may add there thoughts

Parent - By Zsolt Kántor (**) Date 2019-04-21 08:21
Thanks for your reply.
I think I have the genuine Rybka 3 book by Jeroen. I play against the computer only, but I want to take chess a little bit more seriously as I did in the past.
So I want to consider now some of the details also. Probably it does not matter for me If I use the Fritz book, or the Rybka book (I'm just a hobby player), but to make sure that I have the genuine, original Rybka 3 book from Jeroen I generated the sha1 checksums for the book files. Can you please confirm if you have the same checksum values for the three book files?:

Rybka3.ctb: 1de953aa880ff83e22923676dbe5e9fe8af2cfec
Rybka3.ctg: d394ec64372b662e34678d4509e4f36c07df84a1
Rybka3.cto: 9ac33e0ade3a71b3a9bca1525c700592a7054c9a

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