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- - By fauzi (**) Date 2018-11-28 09:12
Hello dears,

First of all I would like to thank you for the help and the support that you showed to me through all these years, and I must admit that you are one of the main reasons that keep my motivation high.

The work with both the Abk and Ctg book has continued more than ever and so I am glad to announce the release of Fauzi 1.5.ctg, and Fauzi 6.9.abk.

Comparing between these two different formats, I can say that each one of these 2 formats has various advantages and various disadvantages, and the real chess enthusiast such as the chess correspondence players, must learn how and when to use each different opening book, similar as the expert correspondence players interchange between the different engines during the different game phases of a single match (Stockfish, Komodo, Houdini and Leela)

I really hope that both Arena (Abk) and Chessbase (Ctg) will improve their opening book features in the near future, since they both shine in some features and lack in some other, its really sad for me that both of them didn't updated their opening book features in a very very very long time.

For any chess lover who doesn't have problems in using more than one chess GUI, I have created also a special bundle product to be able to get both the books together, at a better price than buying each one separately.
Also please note that the play-style and the lines played by the two books are completely different since they was created in different methods.

Using a combination of both the opening books has personally showed its potential and its strength in my correspondence games, as well as my testers.
Since I started playing Correspondence chess, using Fauzi.ctg book in conjunction with Fauzi.abk book, I was able to win most of my games and draw the rest due to the advantage obtained in the opening phase, and managed to never lose any single game regardless if playing with White or Black.
Here in IECC you can see an example:
Where up to now I was able to win 23 games, draw 15 and lose 0.
I'm currently playing also on ICCF achieving similar results, example:

In the past I was giving more focus and putting more efforts into the abk book, but recently I have done an immense work on the ctg as well taking care of many deep aspects of it, and I'm now very proud and satisfied with the final shape that the book is taking, so I think that both of the books embraces an experience of a lifetime in the chess opening field, and therefore they are both an ultimate weapon for any computer chess lover, correspondence player or "on the Board" player.

At the end I would like to thank you all again, with the hope that you will be satisfied with the product that I'm offering, and as always I'm open to any remarks or feedback.

[Fauzi 6.9.abk]                            :
[Fauzi 1.5.ctg]                             :
[Fauzi 6.9.abk + Fauzi 1.5.ctg]      :

Also please note that these 3 links will always direct you to the latest version available for each of the opening books.
Parent - By fauzi (**) Date 2019-03-13 07:35
New versions have been released.

Fauzi 1.7.ctg & Fauzi 7.0.abk

Links are always the same:

Fauzi 7.0.abk :
Fauzi 1.7.ctg :
Fauzi 7.0.abk + Fauzi 1.7.ctg :
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