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- By Permanent Brain (*****) Date 2018-09-18 13:53 Upvotes 2
Just if someone would like a "balanced" book made from grandmaster games.

Balanced-14.abk is a neutral opening book for engine tests, to be used with the Arena chess program. Download link below.

Facts & Infos:

-> 90%* based on 14,400 selected master games from 1985-2006
-> Elo average 2640 (minimum 2300 each, to 90% both 2500+)
-> min. 20 moves for wins, min 30 moves for draws
-> attempted design goal: provide more variety on high level
-> maximal variation length: 14 full moves = 28 plies
-> (typical, or average variation length will be smaller)
-> contains 219.639 moves. Decompressed file size ~6 MByte.

*) 10% of the games database are high quality test games
   from CCRL and CEGT, collected and rated by N.Pollock:  (CCG database)
   Thanks to the contributors of these games.


Unpack the download file to your Arena books location, i.e. ...\Arena\Books. Then, select it via the Arena book menu, and/or in the engine configurations as you wish.

The book focuses on openings which are frequently played. That's why some openings are missing. It shouldn't be a problem if used for testing only, whith all engines using the same book. The default book settings are intended to achieve a fairly useful book behaviour, and can of course be adjusted or optimized, according to your preferences.

Happy testing with the Balanced-14.abk! :-)

(c) Mike Scheidl, 2008

Any commercial use or distribution of this data is forbidden, private usage free of charge is permitted.

Diese Daten werden kostenlos "as is" zur Verf├╝gung gestellt. Jede kommerzielle oder entgeltliche Nutzung ohne meine Zustimmung ist nicht gestattet.
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