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- By Dr.X (Gold) Date 2015-04-30 16:11 Edited 2015-04-30 16:31
Couple of issues come to the fore re: 

The letter from Ed is clear-

From: Ed Schroder
Subject: RE: Rybka and the ICGA
Cc: Jaap van den Herik, David Levy
Date: August 24, 2013

Good morning Jaap and David,

Looking at Mark's patronizing comments I (perhaps) wasn't clear enough so allow me to be more attentively.

This is the document I both mailed you about 10-11 months ago. It's the hard work of a handful of intelligent chess programmers over a period of 15 months quickly labelled by Mark as "rhetoric", an empty and meaningless word since the word itself doesn't contain any content and as such is an insult to the intelligence to the composers of the document.

It's my hope you won't do the same thing.

Also let it be known that I have been given "carte blanche" by Vasik to speak on his behalf. And as such he wants to exercise his right to a full appeal of the Rybka-Fruit case.

So I want to ask you to set a date for the appeal.



According to the good Dr.Hyatt - which I would refer to as doublespeak -  Vas in the above request did not appeal to anything! (What a bizarre statement to make!)

By bob (Gold) [us] Date 2013-10-14 14:03
I will repeat.  Look at the DATE when I responded to Ed's "Vas was denied an appeal".  Hint:  dated BEFORE october 5.  David's email was dated ON oct 5.  One of Ed's "implications" was dated October 2.  Able to read the future?

As to the validity of the appeal, were it me, I would have ALSO said no.  Ed has not been helpful.  He has distorted the truth.  Taken things out of context.  Argued points that have no relevance to the case.  Why on earth would David want to get involved with Ed again?  Simple answer:  He wouldn't.  Vas didn't appeal anything. He did not say "I would like to appeal, I will answer all questions and provide whatever evidence I am asked for, if possible.  He said "I want Ed to handle this."  That is NOT an appeal.  I DO represent the ICGA, along with a group of others.  Sorry.  I've been a member since 1977.

Bob, claims not to be a representative of the ICGA-  sure as hell talks as if he is in charge!  And he say he's "sorry"(?)-but, he's been a member since 77'!  (another weird addendum)

Now, let's go to Levy's letter, which everyone has viewed before- no mention of the same dictum of refusal espoused here  by the good Dr.Hyatt. Levy is a little to smart for making that kind of blunder - he  rejects  Vas' appeal for different reasons. 

So, the question arises  by whose rules did the FIDE EC reject outright the filing of a the second complaint?

Levy wanted to discourage Vas from any attempt to appeal; I  don't think he even  wanted  him back to try for an appeal. If he did come back, they would want him alone and cornered that was clear.

No attempt to work out some amenable approach that would be acceptable to both sides!  For Hyatt is was " He did not say "I would like to appeal"  for Levy it's, " The ICGA will therefore not entertain any appeal..." and, the EC  dismissal out right! (?)
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