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- By Garvin Gray (****) Date 2014-12-14 12:02 Edited 2015-07-22 11:41
This is the first draft and I am sure will be amended in the next few days.

1) Event will be run as a 6 round individual swiss, with 1 game per round.
2) Time control will be 30 days per player plus 1 hour per move
3) As tournament is an individual swiss, players will be ranked using their published ratings. These will be released at the conclusion of WBCCC 2014.
4) Entries open Monday December 22 2014 00:01 GMT
5) Entries close Monday January 5 2015 23:59 GMT
6) Play begins Monday January 12 2015 2200 GMT
7) Pairings will be published asap after the conclusion of the final game of the previous game.
8) There will be a minimum three day break between rounds (give or take a few hours based on time difference around the world).
9) If a player withdraws, or their games time out without an explanation that is accepted by the arbiter, they will be withdrawn from the event and will not be included in the pairings for future rounds.
10) There will be an official entry form that all players will be required to fill out before their entry will be accepted. This is so in case of emergency the organisers have a method of contact outside of Rybka Forum. It will include also include a person other than yourself to contact. Whilst I understand this might seem unnecessary to some, I do hope that events from 2013 (death of Salvador Signes and our inability to get in contact with the family) do show the need for better communication methods.

11) Xfccplay- Xfccplay is the official software provided for WBCCC 2015. Xfccplay is provided for the free use for participants whilst in the event. A user name and password will be provided once registered. Also download instructions will be provided by private message and these must be followed to install the program. The program is provided by chessok and is not to be passed on to anyone and is provided for the sole use of playing in WBCCC. All moves, draw offers etc in WBCCC 2015 must be played on this software.

12) New entrants will be required to play a couple of test games on xfccplay before entries close so that the arbiter is certain that all players are familiar with the software and its features. The organisers do not want to see players withdrawing after the event has begun because they find that they are unfamiliar with the software and get upset because their clock is running. Entries are open from December 22 to January 5. The organisers will not accept entries from players who have not tested the software.
Up Topic Correspondence Chess / WBCCC 2015 / WBCCC 2015- official event (locked)

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