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- By Hurnavich (Bronze) Date 2014-10-14 00:20

I have just bought AQ 2014 set up build 725

I would like to add my TB's file to my book i had in AQ 2012

but it will not display the tbs info

how do i get the TB file in my book location so on in AQ 2014

I have tried drop down box computer evaluations TB pointed to my endgame tablebase hsh file
checked the TB7 online tabe to tree auto just like AQ2012 and it Shows the previous ones from Aq2012 But no new ones are added

I click insert optimal moves it does that, but load a 7 man or 6 position and nothing happens normal it loads in AQ2012 all the positions into my TB column. as in the pic attached

but the red numbers bottom left of screen do not appear when i load a 6 of 7 man position.

IT's as if the auto tree feature is not working!!!!

UPDATE i'm using a book i made from a AQ2012 it looks like it is reading only not writing tb to it if i load the Endgame tablebase book all is good.can i convert my old book to work in AQ2014 as it did in AQ 2012

- By Hurnavich (Bronze) Date 2014-10-14 00:21

And for number 2 problem how do i get my Infinite analysis from AQ2012 to AQ2014

I have 4 files the new one has 2?

- - By Hurnavich (Bronze) Date 2014-10-14 00:21

Is it possible to create a new book based on say narrow book and add the DTM AND DTM colums

If so where are the DTM50 And DTM located? what i'm trying to do is not have to switch from my book to the endgame table book rather run the endgame book info within new created book.

Picture attached where are these files in AQ2014 hidden so i can point my new book at them
Parent - - By keoki010 (Silver) Date 2014-10-14 23:02
It's all simple. Check out Dadi's articles on ChessCafe.
Parent - By nebulus (****) Date 2014-10-14 23:23
Well, not so simple... ChessCafe articles are behind the paywall now (new owners?) and it appears they will not continue with ChessOK column...

You can however access the the older cached version of the site here, where it's possible to download zipped archive:

Or you could read the articles over at ChessOK.
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