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- - By MightyMouse (**) Date 2013-11-27 04:20
I get security warning popups and errors when attempting to read this thread:

N/U Noomen 2012-Houdini 4 Pro x64 B vs Stockfish 191113 64 SSE4.   Peter Grayson   1 (1 new)   2013-11-26 18:56

Apparently some kind of unsigned Java code is involved.

Firefox 25, Windows XP SP3
Parent - - By The Wizard (***) Date 2013-11-28 08:47
     I think it is simply that you have not set your browser to run Java or you do not have have Java installed. It asks for a Java plugin install and gives you a link to download and install the latest Java so you can see board in that link

Parent - - By nebulus (****) Date 2013-11-28 11:38
No. It's a security warning saying that the applet is not signed and therefore might pose a potential risk.

If one doesn't care about the board it is possible to activate "Click to play".

In Firefox: Right-click somewhere -> View Page Info -> Permissions and change Java Platform SE from "Allow" to "Always ask". Or globally and not just for this site: Go to Add-ons Manager -> Plugins and change to "Ask to activate".
Parent - - By MightyMouse (**) Date 2013-11-28 13:27
That's correct. I made images of the security warning popups but don't see any easy way to upload them here. I have the latest versions of Firefox and Java plugins, which work fine on other Java websites such as

When I tried it again later, a second time, it showed the standard spinning Java circular image indicating it was trying to upload a Java object. That's familiar territory, so I was less concerned. I didn't see that the first time. Maybe the difference was that I was running some other software which slowed down my computer somewhat, so the Java applet took longer to try to load.

Then it proceeded with the same security warning popups. I decided to grant it permission when asked, also gave Java SE permission to access the internet in my firewall, and this time it loaded the image of a chessboard + 60 PGN games which operated OK.

All I can suggest is to try to get the Java code signed because Firefox, other browsers, and various anti-malware softwares are becoming more strict about what kind of Java code to allow automatically. It's a serious global security risk, I'm told. That's part of practicing "safe hex" :) which has always been my objective. I've been on the internet a long time and never was infected with anything serious, afaik.
Parent - - By nebulus (****) Date 2013-11-28 13:57
Certificates cost money, so I don't see it happening. My suggestion is to drop Java altogether in favor of a JavaScript solution, e.g. pgn4web.
Parent - - By MightyMouse (**) Date 2013-11-28 14:15
Can't do that. Chess is not my only interest. There are other Java websites that I need to access regularly, e.g. realtime financial data & tickers.
Parent - - By nebulus (****) Date 2013-11-28 14:33
I meant that Dadi should re-implement the solution using JavaScript instead of Java applet. If the site uses Java applet you obviously won't be able to do anything about it, other than blocking it.
Parent - By The Wizard (***) Date 2013-11-29 08:46 Edited 2013-11-29 08:50
    Because the link it gives you takes you directly to the main Java site download it would seem safe. I do not have Java installed and maybe I see something different when using Chrome? .... With Internet explorer 11 that comes with Windows 8.1 you get no popups of any kind and the board is not even shown but with either there are no security panic messages


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