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- By mrcroach (*) Date 2013-01-19 17:02
I like to know if Aquarium and Chess Assistant could focus on what they are? What I mean is, I am assuming that aquarium is the chess playing program and Chess assistant is the database, similar to Fritz and Chessbase. what I have observed and is very confusing for serious chess players is that many of the database funtions in aquarium are not in chess assistant but aquarium cannot be used as a database program because it lacks many of the database funtions of a chess database program like chess assistent or chessbase. I feel the following:

1. IDEA should be moved or added to Chess Assistant
2. Both Chess assistant and aquarium should have full DGT capabilities to include showing the moves and time on the clock
3. Develop chess test and quizes that works in Chess Assistant (Marketing)
4. Video analyses should be made for Chess assistant; similar to Chessbase Magazines. Show the real power of Chess Assistant. It is better than Chessbase but the power of the database program is well hidden. (Maketing and Product Promotion)
5. Introduce a button that will switch from the playing program to the database program and database program to the playing program.

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