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- By Garvin Gray (****) Date 2012-11-17 01:51 Edited 2014-02-11 21:50
Games Commentary

Looks like it is time to address the issue of game commentary and set a couple of guidelines.

When commenting on games that are not your own, there is a higher degree of responsibility to be careful that ANY comment you make does not affect future moves in a game.

It does not matter if the plan is better or not.

In these types of situations, paranoia is usually the biggest cause for concern, rather than direct assistance. Paranoia in these situations being that the opponent believes their opponent has been given assistance, either intentionally or unintentionally by a spectator.

So for a couple of guidelines.

1) The style of WBCCC allows for some discussion in each of the games and this is encouraged. The general idea of this discussion is for the PLAYERS in each game to give their thoughts about the game, their approach, ideas they considered etc while the game is in progress.

Spectators (that means everyone, excluding the two players, tournament director and site admins) are welcome to also comment or ask questions, but these can only be about past moves and that do NOT impact on future moves or events.

Players are also not to comment about future moves or events as this can be used to distract or intimidate their opponents, Remember, this is not poker

2) If a player has cause for concern regarding a comment, or comments, they are to contact me by private message and not with a comment in a game. This is for two reasons:

a) I may not see the comment
b) Raising an issue in a thread could cause more 'damage' than was originally the issue, in that further discussion occurs or that comments become heated because one or more people take issue with the 'complaint'.

Send me a pm, I am guaranteed to see and know what it is about.


3) As long as players are complying with the laws of chess, are not timing out on their games and are not bring the game in disrepute, they are freely allowed to continue their games for as many moves as they want to.

Spectators are not allowed to try and influence a game result by making comments, such as... oh this position is completely drawn and can not be won, so just agree a draw will ya. As organiser and arbiter, I really do not want to see any result decided by pressure being applied to one, or both players.

Garvin Gray
WBCCC 2014 Arbiter
- By Garvin Gray (****) Date 2012-11-17 01:50 Edited 2015-07-22 11:57
Tablebase Endings

It is a rule of WBCCC 2015 that a player can claim a 6 man tablebase result by sending me a private message (to make sure I am aware of the claim) once that position is showing on the board. I will then confirm the tablebase position and award a result according to the tablebase result.

Also, draws for repetition and 50 move draws need to be claimed by sending a private message to me, telling me which game. I recommend still offering a draw to your opponent in xfccplay and making your move. Upon the third repetition of position, your opponent may accept the draw before I have had a chance to sort the matter out.

Sending a private message to me claiming a draw is vital, otherwise it will be assumed that you are playing on and only OFFERING a draw to your opponent, rather than CLAIMING A DRAW through the arbiter.

If neither player claims for tablebase position, 3 move repeat or 50 move rule, the game continues as normal.

There has been a change to the 2014 fide laws of chess as well:

If one or both of the following occur(s) then the game is drawn:
the same position has appeared, for at least five consecutive alternate moves by each player.
any consecutive series of 75 moves have been completed by each player without the movement of any pawn and without any capture. If the last move resulted in checkmate, that shall take precedence.

9.6 gives the arbiter in over the board events the ability to immediately declare games drawn, rather than having to wait for games to be claimed by a player. I knew of this rule but missed adding it to the rules to make everyone aware of it. And to that extension, I also missed the extension for our event for tablebase endings-

That at any point the arbiter notices a six man tablebase position arise, the arbiter should immediately declare the result of the game. The actual six man tablebase position must be on the board. This rule will now be in effect from this point on.


Garvin Gray
WBCCC 2015 Arbiter
- By Garvin Gray (****) Date 2015-07-22 11:58
Change to this thread, please read.
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