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- - By Vasik Rajlich (Silver) [hu] Date 2007-01-09 14:28
Alan wrote:


I can't resist throwing my two cents in. I agree with most of the things that M Ansari says, but I think people that want to deviate from stock settings should build their own systems. If you have someone else put your system together, they should probably be changing the settings too. Building your own system will help you become more familiar with the individual components and system testing requirements. This in turn will make it much easier to deviate from default settings.

As far as running your system on the CB server, faster hardware is always better, but the key is really your book. I run a system considerably slower than the C2D at 2.4 GHz with the nick Lost Souls and still manage to spend most of my time in the 2800s with occasional jaunts below 2800 and above 2900 (when I'm not testing strange settings, resigning won games to confuse Eros, or competing in non-Rybka tournaments).



Just to put things in perspective a bit - if you overclock 20%, you'll get around 12-14 Elo. This is a half-point (ie. loss to draw or draw to win) every 30-35 games.

In other words - it's a nice boost, but please don't fry your machine for it. :)

Parent - By jpqy (**) [be] Date 2007-01-10 16:51
I'am agree with Alan...i have just build myself a new computer after long search and reading on forums,what parts i need,will they work together! with the meaning i will overclock my computer.So after many tests, my system Core 2 Duo E6600 with stock 2400Mhz run's now at 3600Mhz! stable. If people ask me,how to do? i can explain the basic things,but i find out if you want to overclock,that it depends what components you have,so for every computer is it different,but the basic is the same!

Do make it more easier...i have use excel,put their all my standard settings from my Bios,and begin to change,write everything down,in case you have a boot failer that you can put everything back to standard settings.The most new motherbords have a protection and will go back automatic to stock settings!

A little pactical test with Rybka v1.0 Beta - Arena
Mat in 13 moves
8/8/4B3/8/8/3K4/p2p4/kN1N4 w - - 0 5

@2400 Mhz : +M13 in 04m15s
@3600 Mhz : +M13 in 02m49s! is already a nice gain on the same computer :)


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