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- By Vasik Rajlich (Silver) [hu] Date 2007-01-09 14:19
Rybka wrote:


Hi Vasik plz answer the question.

Besides this i have a suggestion for you that the current format of updating rybka version is definately putting a lot of pressure on you so may be in future you may not bound yourself to release the rybka versions frequently and give a decent time say 5 to 6 months or may be more to improve rybka's strength . because when a person thinks to release the next version after a short span of time he naturally don't think about making bigger changes and consume more time in removing bugs and adding little functions but if you are free from this updating pressure you may find some bigger revolutionary change . and may carry rybka to unsupassing level and improves the understanding of the game of chess for the humans.


I guess the question is about Rybka sales - this is confidential information, sorry :)

Re. release schedule, I'll think about it a little bit after Rybka 2.3 is released. It's not really very oppressive to release an engine quite often, just about the biggest research project I'll undertake will take a month or so. Anything more than that is just not practical. But yes, we probably will slow things down a little bit.


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