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Parent - - By Geomusic (****) Date 2010-12-31 05:19 Edited 2010-12-31 05:23
felix, It would make Freestyle's an interesting concept. Considering the prize $$ involved I would think Vas's cluster will be very busy during that time. Infact I bet it's completely off limits  during that time due to Vas's own interests i.e.  entry of all cores :)
Parent - By TheHug (Bronze) [us] Date 2010-12-31 08:56
I wouldn't have enough money to get the cluster in my tournament :lol:
Parent - - By David Evans (***) [gb] Date 2010-12-31 09:27
What would be the point of hire of the rybka cluster during a freestyle the cost would outway the prize fund so if u want to spend thousands of dollars to try and win a tour with all the cost heading your way then go ahead

no feeling.....
Parent - - By TheHug (Bronze) [us] Date 2010-12-31 09:31
This has been planed a long time. But it is very risky. You can see by the poll, what the forum thinks. To be honest I just don't see it. Maybe there is a market out there that we don't see. I would guess they had a lot of good input of others to undertake this project.
Parent - - By Geomusic (****) Date 2010-12-31 09:33
those with deep pockets.
Parent - By TheHug (Bronze) [us] Date 2010-12-31 09:38
Well I'm sure there had to be a lot of word of mouth going on. I guess there are a lot more Joop van Oosterom in the world than me think.
Parent - By Geomusic (****) Date 2010-12-31 09:44 Edited 2010-12-31 09:54
someone would make it a tax deductable gift to certain parties and who in turn out of the "kindness" of said parties charitable nature, donate Server time to me :) LOL

just kidding!

I wouldn't know such people.
Parent - - By ppipper (****) [es] Date 2010-12-31 08:54
I am not sure about It. Correspondence can be played with very light comps If you are plenty of time.
Parent - By billyraybar (***) [us] Date 2011-01-03 20:53
What kind of fool will fork over 200 or 500 Euros a day to rent a handful of cores and the newest Rybka? I suppose a rich one.
- - By dragon49 (****) [us] Date 2011-01-16 03:37
Are there pre-orders.  Do you have paid customers yet?
Parent - By Uly (Gold) [mx] Date 2011-01-16 04:55
From here:

"So far [a formal confidentiality agreement] hasn't been [an issue] - none of our customers or our candidate customers complained about it. [...]


So, I guess the Cluster Model is already a success.
- - By djbl (**) [gb] Date 2011-02-09 05:24
wow,. this is the first i have seen of the actual details of this cluster idea. all i can is good luck with that! when i saw the prices i nearly choked, who in their right mind is going to pay hundreds of pounds/euros to win a few games in playchess engine room or to analyse their corres' games a bit better? i think this is a very ill conceived plan and is sure to fail. it is just not where the chess engine scene is at. i am not being a doom monger, just a realist. how many people have a few grand lying around to rent a chess engine? jeez, its almost funny.
Parent - By Labyrinth (****) [us] Date 2011-02-09 12:27
It's only for scientologists :razz:
Parent - By Gr00vy (**) [us] Date 2011-03-04 23:40
You're right the consumer group is quite small.  Maybe 10 players in the world.  But for those 10 players, very worth it.
- - By Mervin Date 2011-02-27 11:49
Interesting enough. Do you guys know that something similar exists for free?
Parent - - By jitan Date 2011-05-07 01:24
it doesn't install
Parent - By Mervin Date 2011-05-09 18:00
Hadn't any problems installing it on my laptop and PC too.

AFAIK, they are supporting Windows only.
- By donkey Date 2011-03-19 18:37
To me, the current rental scheme is quite users with large wallets. Whilst it's fine to have a high-end pricing structure like this for "professionals", it seems bizarre to me not to launch with a low-end pricing structure at the same time (and not many months later).

Personally, I think it's pretty obvious that people should be able to rent the cluster on a "CPU hours" basis, perhaps with a minimum purchase level to stop "jokers" buying just one hour (e.g. 50 CPU hours for 50 Euros or something like that). CPU usage would only be used up when the Rybka cluster was actually evaluating a position (including ponder mode) and should probably be monitored to 1/100th of sec of CPU time (the amount of CPU left should be visible in the cluster interface at all times) - all other use of the Web interface should not incur a reduction in the CPU hours left.

Obviously, 2 cores of the Rybka cluster would use up approximately double the CPU time (though each CPU core should have its own usage exactly calculated and the total usage deducted from the CPU hours left - e.g. 2 cores may use 1.95 * the CPU of a single core).

Discounts should be offered for larger blocks of CPU hours purchased of course, but this scheme allows any "normal" person to join in and use it occasionally for analysis or even to play some games against it or against other engines and with prudent use, the 50 Euros could last a full year. Oh and "top-ups" after the initial purchase should allow as little as 10 hours for 10 Euros, since you might only want to extend the CPU usage a bit.

I also think that there should be free restricted accounts available (e.g. one minute of CPU on a single core for a free registered user - once it's used up, they'd have to register a new account), so that the user can see what they'd be getting for their 50 Euros. I mean, has anyone even managed to review the user interface for Rybka Cluster, complete with screenshots and a list of issues that need fixing? The restricted accounts would let mere mortals "try before they buy".
- - By Regularuser (***) [gb] Date 2011-05-03 16:01
Could someone from the Rybka team please give us an update on where cloud Rybka for the masses is up to and specifically when we will be able to purchase by the hour?

Also Lukas's comment re the software beating R4.1 and others on 4 cores was helpful but quantified results would be welcomed.
Parent - - By Werewolf (****) [gb] Date 2011-05-05 06:11
I gave results 2 months ago on 'the edge'. Probably the cluster is a bit stronger now
Parent - By Uly (Gold) [mx] Date 2011-05-07 23:47
Now that clone names are allowed you can probably re-post that in the open.
- By jitan Date 2011-05-07 01:27
i can probably offer much cheaper than this and i use houdini :-)))
- By Agnelo - Brazil [br] Date 2012-01-03 10:28
Hello, I live in Brazil and I have a Macbook and would like to know if I can install Rybka 4 in 12 Shredder Classic.
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