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- By Vasik Rajlich (Silver) [hu] Date 2007-01-09 13:55
insipid wrote:

Can anyone tell me how to connect this? I'm a big fan and recent owner of this program, I see on the download page the opening book for Fritz interface, I have that connected and I like it very much. But I do not see how to get this opening book to work in Chess Assistant or Chess Partner, other interfaces I frequently use. I seem to be stuck using the default books of the UIs, can anyone help me? Is there a version of RybkaII opening book that will work with these UIs? (or a way to convert the chessbase one)

vampele wrote:

You can't. The ctg format is owned by ChessBase, and nobody else can use it. I think Vas said the Rybka 3 GUI is going to have a converter, but until then, there's no way.

You could play a lot of extremely fast engine games (so that once the engine is out of book, it immediately loses) and set learning in such a way that no line is repeated. This wouldn't preserve any of the weight information in the book, though. Playing the first games on Tournament settings and slowly increasing variance could give you some idea about which lines are preferred, though.
alkele wrote:

If people use Arena as interface, they can try out Dr. Dael Deeb's .abk book for Rybka:

He also made a .ctg book available from that link, to go along Noomen's book(s!). And there's the Sheebar.ctg there as well.

Overall, I think we could really use a new book-format that allows for advanced features + is easy to edit. The .ctg format is fairly advanced and easy to edit, but it's unfortunate that it only works within the Chessbase GUIs.

I hope that:

1) A .ctg converter will be made.
2) A superior format will be made so we can convert to this format.

I don't like to wait any longer for Chessbase to improve their format (or make it open).

Alan wrote:

In an ideal world, chess databases would be based on standardized databases, and companies could make proprietary applications to use the data in the standardized database. Unfortunately, Chessbase didn't follow this model, preferring to lock people into their proprietary format, and I doubt Convekta will follow it either.


For Rybka 2, the main Rybka opening book is in .ctg format. You can't use this book in another interface.

For Rybka 3, we're probably going to do both .ctg and a new Convekta format (for the Rybka 3 GUI). For better or for worse, people are using the Chessbase interfaces (and server) and any transition is going to have to be gradual.

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