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- By Vasik Rajlich (Silver) [hu] Date 2007-01-09 13:49
M ANSARI wrote:


The best books are definetely private. Someone with a strong book will have lines that will refute some variations that are thought to be sound. Most of those book authors keep those lines secret so that they can use them in an official Freestyle tournament or some other tournament. Once a good line is found it is quickly adopted by everyone ... and so on and on it goes. To make a good book you need to have very good games ... games between EQUAL hardware. An opening that wins with white could be unsound, and the only reason white won was due to superior hardware. This is especially prevalent in blitz games ... another reason why using books from blitz games should be carefully analyzed. But blitz games ARE very useful because many of those lines have been improved at home by someone spending minutes even hours on a particular critical move ... thus the opening phase will end up not really being blitz at all. It is important to go through the game and notice where the engine starts thinking for itself. Once out of the opening look at the position and see the evaluation of the engine. You really don't want your engine on its own with an evaluation that is more than -.1 if possible ... otherwise you have to go back and dig deeper and improve that line.


Indeed, for really serious play, public opening books can have a pretty short shelf life.

One idea we'll explore for Rybka 3 is to have a self-updating opening book - the GUI would periodically check for an update. Until then, everyone will have to fend for himself.


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