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- - By Bouddha (****) Date 2008-08-09 17:13

I installed Rybka 3, Rybka 3 Human and Rybka 3 Dynamic.

When under Fritz GUI I want to create a tournament and want to select a Rybka 3, the 3 of them are named Rybka 3 without extension so I dont know which one is which and often select the wrong engine. E.G. select Rybka Human instead of Rybka 3 (Default)

How can I change that ?

thanks for your help

Parent - - By Vasik Rajlich (Silver) Date 2008-08-09 17:24
Sometimes the interface gets confused, you need to edit the .uci files, usually here:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\ChessBase\Engines.UCI

Parent - - By Harvey Williamson (*****) Date 2008-08-09 17:50
one tip I got from CB to solve this problem in GUI11 is to load a CB Native engine before doing create uci. I dont understand why but it works!
Parent - By Vasik Rajlich (Silver) Date 2008-08-10 06:55
Thanks, I'll add to this to our FAQ.

Parent - - By Bouddha (****) Date 2008-08-09 17:51
I only have 1 Rybka 3.uci here.

But when I select the engines the name is correct, Rybka 3 dynamic, Rybka 3 Human. etc. the name is correct.

The problem is when you have the window to select your engines, all 3 versions here are named Rybka 3 with no extension.

Its only when you selected and loaded the engine that you see e.g. that you loaded the Human version.
Parent - - By Vasik Rajlich (Silver) Date 2008-08-10 07:03
What are the contents of this .uci file?

Really, this is a question for ChessBase support. I'm curious about the the answer, though, so if you learn anything useful, please post it.

Parent - - By Arkansaw (***) Date 2008-08-10 08:29 Edited 2008-08-10 08:32
uci is just some text file....with engine name and links to the exe etc, unless there's some serious problem with interface we can probably just edit the file to fix it

Name=Rybka 3
Author=Vasik Rajlich, Larry Kaufman
Filename=C:\Program Files\ChessBase\Engines.UCI\Rybka 3.exe

the file itself is placed under the Engines folder
Parent - By Vasik Rajlich (Silver) Date 2008-08-10 08:39
Sure, you can edit this file to clean up installation.

You can probably also manually add new .uci files to that directory to install new engines (not sure about this one).

Parent - By Bouddha (****) Date 2008-08-10 17:25
Thanks !

I worked that way
Parent - - By hiarcs1 (*) Date 2008-08-11 20:54
How do you edit the eng file?
May you give me step by step instructions?

Parent - By Arkansaw (***) Date 2008-08-11 22:11
Not the eng file, but the uci file which is just a text config file. Just open it with notepad etc
Parent - By Svilponis (***) Date 2008-08-10 08:04 Edited 2008-08-10 08:12
Try to remove all Rybkas and reinstall those under Fritz, but this time just add manually a detailed description, when you have the engine name box on the screen.
I reported this bug (probably of CB GUI, not Rybka) already here.

Maybe it is necessary to remove Rybka eng files too from engines folder before reinstall.
Parent - By Arkansaw (***) Date 2008-08-10 08:28
I think some of the Fritz guis have a bug when it comes to adding engines (I'm using Fritz 10 and it happens), so usually I use Chessbase 9 to create the uci engines
Parent - By Kreuzfahrtschiff (***) Date 2008-08-11 21:58
use fritz 11 or 10 as engine first and add then all rybka engines with fritz 11 being the active engine, then u have all right named

u should remove all rybkas in the engine list first to inactive
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