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- - By brunjes (**) Date 2008-08-08 23:39
For reasons I cannot fathom, and I'm a Linux user for about 7+ years now, wine and Rybka-3 are not playing well. I'm going to have to stick with SCID and Rybka 2.3.2a which runs great on Linux with wine (and microwine for 64-bit engines). The fact that Rybka-3 won't run in SCID (at all) and cannot run in Aquarium with more than 32 MB of hash is simply not tolerable. I thought I had found that 256 MB of RAM was usable (that would still be too small), but alas, that fell apart.

Anything more than 32 MB of RAM allocated for hash (which by the way:  32 MB of hash shows as 107 MB of RAM consumed by Rybka-3 -- not sure how to make sense of that) causes some mysterious disk I/O that swamps all other system activity and Rybka searches about 0-1 Kn/sec on my 2.5 GHz dual core laptop; and the same for my 2 GHz Athlon single core and my 1.6 GHz dual core desktop.

Some here are able to make this work but I'll have to wait for a Linux native port of Rybka or some other engine. I've spent two solid days on this and cannot stand the pain any more.

Thanks to those who tried to help. Has anyone heard if Shredder getting a native Linux port (not that sad Java attempt)? What about Hiarcs?


Parent - - By Arkansaw (***) Date 2008-08-09 00:30
I think the best way for you to enjoy your investment now is to setup a dual boot for windows
Parent - - By brunjes (**) Date 2008-08-09 01:26
Sad to say that's probably true. That will cost me $500 though for a copy of Windoze. That makes Rybka 3 MUCH more expensive of course...
Parent - - By M ANSARI (*****) Date 2008-08-09 03:30
If you already have the hardware for 64bit ... the Win XP64bit will cost around $130.  If you already have a version of 32bit Win XP I think you can change it to 64bit for free.  You could probably talk someone who has moved over to Vista to give you his unused Win XP license ... what I know for sure is that running XP does not cost $500.  Also some have had success running R3 with Linux here on this forum using Microwine .8 which was developed by Sesse.  Have you tried the latest .8 version?  If it is still causing problems I am sure it will be sorted it out quite quickly.
Parent - By brunjes (**) Date 2008-08-09 03:47
I have tried the .8 version of microwine. The problem seems to be that for reasons unknown, with more than 32 MB of hash specified, Rybka-3 causes LOTS of writes to disk and pdflush does its best to push those pages to disk. The result is that the system crawls... It acts like there is too much RAM used for hash tables (i.e. swapping is occurring) but it is NOT that. It's very hard to understand -- I have a system with 3 GB of RAM (300 MB used by Linux) and I cannot even specify 512 MB RAM for hash tables without causing this behavior.

I do not have any more Windows licenses -- I made the jump to Linux years ago. Picking up an XP 64-bit license from a Vista user is an idea (if I could find someone who has made that jump - many are not making that move due to huge hardware needed by Vista).

Thanks for your help.

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