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- - By user923005 (****) Date 2021-07-04 04:44
More than one hour to get to depth 30.  Maybe the two billion tablebase hits?  Still the board is sparse.

5K2/7b/1N4N1/8/2p2R2/2ppp2k/8/8 w - - acd 26; ce -4910; acs 2953; acn 211524000;
pv Nd5 e2 Rh4+ Kg3 Rxh7 c2 Rh1 d2 Rh5 e1=Q Rg5+ Kf3 Rf5+ Kg4 Re5 d1=Q Nf6+ Kg3 Rg5+ Kh2 Kg7 c1=Q Rc5 Qd8 Rh5+ Kg2 Nh4+ Kf2 Rf5+ Ke2 Re5+ Kd3 ; bm Nd5;
5K2/7b/1N4N1/8/2p2R2/2ppp2k/8/8 w - - acd 27; ce -4910; acs 2959; acn 211942000;
pv Nd5 e2 Rf3+ Kh2 Ngf4 c2 Rh3+ Kg1 Re3 Kf2 Nh3+ Kf1 Rf3+ Kg2 Re3 c1=Q Nhf4+ Kh2 Rh3+ Kg1 Rg3+ Kf2 Rg7 e1=Q Nh3+ Kf3 Ng1+ Qxg1 Rf7+ Kg3 Rg7+ Kf2 Rf7+ Ke1 Re7+ Be4 Rxe4+ Kd2 ; bm Nd5;
5K2/7b/1N4N1/8/2p2R2/2ppp2k/8/8 w - - acd 28; ce -4910; acs 3344; acn 239409000;
pv Rf3+ Kh2 Nf4 c2 Rh3+ Kg1 Rxh7 c1=Q Rg7+ Kh2 Rh7+ Kg3 Nh5+ Kf2 Rf7+ Kg2 Nf4+ Kg3 Nh5+ Kh2 Nf6 e2 Rg7 e1=Q Kf7 Qf4 Nd5 Qee4 Nxf4 Qxf4 Rh7+ Kg2 Rg7+ Kf1 ; bm Rf3+;
5K2/7b/1N4N1/8/2p2R2/2ppp2k/8/8 w - - acd 29; ce -6035; acs 3353; acn 240118000;
pv Ne7 e2 Rf3+ Kg2 Rf7 Be4 Nbd5 Bxd5 Rg7+ Kf2 Rg5 c2 Rf5+ Kg2 Rg5+ Kf3 Rg1 Be4 Kg8 d2 Rg7 c1=Q Rf7+ Ke3 Rg7 e1=Q Rg5 Bh7+ Kg7 Qa1+ Kf7 ; bm Ne7;
5K2/7b/1N4N1/8/2p2R2/2ppp2k/8/8 w - - acd 30; ce -6104; acs 3840; acn 276380000;
pv Rf3+ Kh2 Nf4 c2 Rh3+ Kg1 Rxh7 c1=Q Nh3+ Kg2 Nf4+ Kf3 Rf7 Kg3 Ne6 e2 Rg7+ Kf2 Rf7+ Ke1 Nd5 Qa3+ Kg7 d2 Ndf4 Qg3+ Kf6 Qxf4+ Nxf4 Kf1 Kg6 d1=Q Ne6+ Ke1 Nf4 Qd6+ Kf5 ; bm Rf3+;

Supposed solution is:
1. Nd5 c2 2. Rxc4 d2 3. Rxc2 d1=Q 4. Rg2 Bxg6 5. Nf4+.

Kh4 6. Nxg6+ Kh5 7. Nf4+ Kh6 8. Rg6+ Kh7 9. Rg7+ Kh6
10. Rg6+ 1/2-1/2


Stockfish liked Nd5 for two plies, but not much with a score of about -49 pawns.  The opponent play seems very strange, almost like helpmate conditions sometimes.  But I saw no indications of special circumstances in the problem description
Parent - By Eelco de Groot (***) Date 2021-07-07 11:59
Hi Dann, I don't know the chess problem here but just from a glance at the PV you give, I'd guess White might try to create a 'Mad Rook' (Dolle Toren' in Dutch) so that he can keep giving checks. Black will try to prevent that and may give material just to create some mate net I think, because it seems he has at least two Queens. Because of all the checks and material put in capture, Stockfish has probably problems just to terminate quiescence search. Just a guess, I could only use my new phone to check anything with Droidfish perhaps :smile:
Parent - - By MrKris (****) Date 2021-07-09 03:03
First taking the site's solution (then look at why Stockfish does not like it) :

After 1. Nd5
5K2/7b/6N1/3N4/2p2R2/2ppp2k/8/8 b - - 1 1

Black only has eight legal moves, 1...e2 wins and the rest draw or lose:
Stockfish_21070310:  PV=8   (R7 2700X)
     6 seconds     |     13 minutes
1...e2  -9.84 -+   | 1...e2  -24.44 -+
1...c2   0.00 =    | 1...c2    0.00 =
1...d2   0.00 =    | 1...d2    0.00 =
1...Kh2  0.00 =    | 1...Kh2   0.00 =
1...Bxg6 0.00 =    | 1...Bxg6  0.00 =
1...Kg3  0.00 =    | 1...Kg3   0.00 =
1...Kg2 152.53 +-  | 1...Bg8 152.54 +-
1...Bg8 152.53 +-  | 1...Kg2 152.54 +-

After 1...e2
5K2/7b/6N1/3N4/2p2R2/2pp3k/4p3/8 w - - 0 2

White has 26 legal moves. Stockfish_21070310 says black checkmates in each.
After 9 1/2 hours @ PV=26 , 7 longest mates ply 53, rest ply 52 (R7 2700X 16ths 24Gh Sy.6 Sy50mr=false)
-M24  2.Rf3+     -M17  2.Rf7      -M15  2.Nf6
-M23  2.Rh4+     -M17  2.Rxc4     -M15  2.Nc7
-M20  2.Re4      -M17  2.Ne3      -M15  2.Rd4
-M20  2.Rf6      -M17  2.Kg7      -M14  2.Ke7
-M20  2.Ne5      -M16  2.Nh4      -M14  2.Ke8
-M20  2.Nxc3     -M16  2.Rf5      -M14  2.Nb6
-M19  2.Rf2      -M16  2.Nde7     -M13  2.Rg4
-M18  2.Nge7     -M15  2.Nb4      -M11  2.Rf1
-M17  2.Nh8      -M15  2.Kf7
Attachment: post-Sf-problem1-e2--.txt - full PV=26 Arena text (446k)
FEN: 5K2/7b/6N1/3N4/2p2R2/2ppp2k/8/8 b - - 1 1 
R7 2700X (16 GB hash, Sy.6)
Stockfish_21070310:  PV=8 : +/- good/bad for mover black , best at bottom ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
 20/23  00:06      143,563k  24,558k  -152.53  1. ... Bg8 2.Nxc3 Bd5 3.Nxd5 e2 4.Re4 Kg3 5.Nc3 Kf2 6.Rf4+ Ke3 7.Nd5+ Kd2 8.Ne5 e1Q 9.Nf3+ Ke2 10.Nxe1 d2 11.Nc2 Kd3 12.Nce3 c3
 20/25  00:06      143,563k  24,558k  -152.53  1. ... Kg2 2.Nxe3+ Kg3 3.Nf1+ Kg2 4.Kg7 c2 5.Ne3+ Kg3 6.Rf1 c3 7.Kxh7 d2 8.Nxc2 Kg2 9.Ne3+ Kg3 10.Kg7 Kh3 11.Nf4+ Kh4 12.Kf6 Kg3
 20/9  00:06      143,563k  24,558k   -0.00  1. ... Kg3 2.Nxe3 Bxg6 3.Rxc4 c2 4.Kg7 Kf3 5.Nxc2
 20/9  00:06      143,563k  24,558k   -0.00  1. ... Bxg6 2.Nxe3 Kg3 3.Rxc4 c2 4.Kg7 Kf3 5.Nxc2
 20/9  00:06      143,563k  24,558k   -0.00  1. ... Kh2 2.Nxe3 Bxg6 3.Kg7 c2 4.Rxc4 Be8 5.Nxc2
 20/12  00:06      143,563k  24,558k   -0.00  1. ... d2 2.Nxe3 c2 3.Rh4+ Kg3 4.Nf1+ Kf2 5.Nxd2 c1Q 6.Rxh7 Qxd2
 20/9  00:06      143,563k  24,558k   -0.00  1. ... c2 2.Rxc4 d2 3.Rxc2 d1Q 4.Rg2 Kxg2 5.Nxe3+
 20/27  00:06      143,563k  24,558k  +9.84  1. ... e2 2.Rh4+ Kg3 3.Rxh7 e1Q 4.Rg7 c2 5.Ne5+ Kf2 6.Ng4+ Ke2 7.Re7+ Kd2 8.Nde3 c1Q 9.Re6 Qa3+ 10.Kg7
... ... ...

 28/28  13:34   21,703,966k  26,696k  -152.55  1. ... Kg2 2.Nxe3+ Kg3 3.Nf1+ Kh3 4.Ne5 d2 5.Rd4 Bc2 6.Nxd2 Ba4 7.Kg7 Bb5 8.Ndxc4 c2 9.Rd3+ Kh4 10.Rc3 Ba4 11.Ne3 c1Q 12.Rxc1 Kh5
 28/30  13:34   21,703,966k  26,696k  -152.54  1. ... Bg8 2.Nxc3 Bd5 3.Nxd5 e2 4.Re4 Kg3 5.Nc3 Kf2 6.Rf4+ Ke3 7.Nd5+ Kd2 8.Ne5 e1Q 9.Nf3+ Ke2 10.Nxe1 d2 11.Nc2 Kd3 12.Ncb4+ Ke2 13.Rxc4 Kd1
 28/9  13:34   21,703,966k  26,696k   -0.00  1. ... Kg3 2.Nxe3 Bxg6 3.Rxc4 c2 4.Kg7 Kf3 5.Nxc2
 28/9  13:34   21,703,966k  26,696k   -0.00  1. ... Bxg6 2.Nxe3 Kg3 3.Rxc4 c2 4.Kg7 Kf3 5.Nxc2
 28/9  13:34   21,703,966k  26,696k   -0.00  1. ... Kh2 2.Nxe3 Bxg6 3.Kg7 c2 4.Rxc4 Be8 5.Nxc2
 28/12  13:34   21,703,966k  26,696k   -0.00  1. ... d2 2.Nxe3 c2 3.Rh4+ Kg3 4.Nf1+ Kf2 5.Nxd2 c1Q 6.Rxh7 Qxd2
 28/9  13:34   21,703,966k  26,696k   -0.00  1. ... c2 2.Rxc4 d2 3.Rxc2 d1Q 4.Rg2 Kxg2 5.Nxe3+
 28/42  13:34   21,703,966k  26,696k  +24.44  1. ... e2 2.Rf3+ Kh2 3.Ne5 c2 4.Re3 c1Q 5.Ke7 c3 6.Kd7 c2 7.Ng4+ Kh1 8.Nf2+ Kg1 9.Nh3+ Kh2 10.Nhf4 Qf1 11.Re8 e1Q 12.Rh8 Qh4 13.Rxh7 Qxh7+ 14.Kd6 c1Q 15.Ne6

FEN: 5K2/7b/6N1/3N4/2p2R2/2pp3k/4p3/8 w - - 0 2 
R7 2700X (16ths 24Gh Sy.6 Sy50mr=off)
Stockfish_21070310:  PV= 26  : best at bottom  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
 52/23  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M11  2.Rf1 exf1Q+ 3.Ngf4+ Kg3 4.Kg7 Qxf4 5.Nxf4 Kxf4 6.Kxh7 Kf5 7.Kg7 d2 8.Kf7 d1Q 9.Ke7 Qd5 10.Kf8 Qd7 11.Kg8 Kf6 12.Kh8 Qg7+
 52/27  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M13  2.Rg4 Kxg4 3.Ne5+ Kg3 4.Nf6 c2 5.Nh5+ Kh4 6.Nf4 c1Q 7.Nf3+ Kg4 8.Nxe2 dxe2 9.Nh2+ Kg3 10.Kf7 Kxh2 11.Ke7 e1Q+ 12.Kd6 Qb2 13.Kc6 Qe6+ 14.Kc5 Qbb6+
 52/29  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M14  2.Nb6 Bxg6 3.Rf3+ Kh2 4.Rf2+ Kh1 5.Rf3 e1Q 6.Nd5 c2 7.Ne3 Kg1 8.Kg7 c1Q 9.Rh3 Qa3 10.Kxg6 Qd6+ 11.Kg5 Qf2 12.Rh1+ Kxh1 13.Nf5 Qff4+ 14.Kh5 Qxf5+ 15.Kh4 Qh2+
 52/29  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M14  2.Ke8 Bxg6+ 3.Kd7 e1Q 4.Rf3+ Kg4 5.Rf8 Bf5+ 6.Kc6 c2 7.Nf6+ Kf3 8.Re8 Qa5 9.Nd5 c1Q 10.Rf8 Qa4+ 11.Kd6 Qd7+ 12.Kc5 Qa3+ 13.Kd4 Qa1+ 14.Kxc4 Qc6+ 15.Kb4 Qaa4+
 52/29  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M14  2.Ke7 e1Q+ 3.Kd7 c2 4.Nge7 c1Q 5.Rf7 Qg5 6.Nf4+ Kg3 7.Rg7 Kxf4 8.Rxg5 Kxg5 9.Nd5 d2 10.Nc3 Qe5 11.Nd1 Qc5 12.Ke6 Bf5+ 13.Kf7 Qc7+ 14.Kg8 Kf6 15.Ne3 Qg7+
 52/31  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M15  2.Rd4 Bxg6 3.Nf4+ Kg3 4.Nxg6 c2 5.Nh4 e1Q 6.Nf5+ Kh3 7.Rd7 c1Q 8.Rh7+ Kg4 9.Nh6+ Kg5 10.Nf7+ Kg6 11.Rg7+ Kf6 12.Nd6 Qh6 13.Ne8+ Qxe8+ 14.Kxe8 Qxg7 15.Kd8 Qb7 16.Ke8 Qe7+
 52/31  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M15  2.Nc7 Bxg6 3.Rf3+ Kg2 4.Rf6 e1Q 5.Ne6 Qe4 6.Rxg6+ Qxg6 7.Nf4+ Kh2 8.Nxg6 d2 9.Ne7 c2 10.Nf5 c1Q 11.Ne3 Qa3+ 12.Kg7 Qxe3 13.Kf7 d1Q 14.Kf6 Qf4+ 15.Kg6 Qg1+ 16.Kh7 Qh4+
 52/31  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M15  2.Nf6 Bxg6 3.Rf3+ Kg2 4.Rf4 e1Q 5.Rg4+ Kh3 6.Rxg6 c2 7.Rh6+ Qh4 8.Rh5 c1Q 9.Rxh4+ Kxh4 10.Ne8 d2 11.Ng7 d1Q 12.Nf5+ Kg4 13.Nd4 Qxd4 14.Ke7 Qe1+ 15.Kf8 Qh8+ 16.Kf7 Qee8+
 52/31  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M15  2.Kf7 Bxg6+ 3.Kxg6 c2 4.Rxc4 e1Q 5.Nf4+ Kg3 6.Nh5+ Kf3 7.Rf4+ Kg2 8.Rg4+ Kh3 9.Nf6 c1Q 10.Re4 Qa5 11.Rd4 Qcg5+ 12.Kf7 Qa6 13.Rf4 Qxf4 14.Kg6 Qaxf6+ 15.Kh7 Qc7+ 16.Kg8 Qfg7+
 52/31  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M15  2.Nb4 e1Q 3.Rf3+ Kg2 4.Rf6 c2 5.Nf4+ Kg3 6.Nbd5 c1Q 7.Kf7 Qe5 8.Re6 Qcxf4+ 9.Nxf4 Kxf4 10.Rxe5 Kxe5 11.Ke7 d2 12.Kd7 d1Q+ 13.Kc7 Qd6+ 14.Kc8 Qc6+ 15.Kd8 Bg6 16.Ke7 Qd6+
 52/33  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M16  2.Nde7 Bxg6 3.Rf3+ Kg2 4.Rf6 e1Q 5.Rxg6+ Qg3 6.Rxg3+ Kxg3 7.Nf5+ Kh3 8.Kf7 c2 9.Kf6 c1Q 10.Ke5 Kg4 11.Ke6 Qe1+ 12.Kd6 Kxf5 13.Kc6 Qb4 14.Kc7 Ke6 15.Kc6 d2 16.Kc7 d1Q 17.Kc6 Qd7+
 52/33  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M16  2.Rf5 Bxg6 3.Re5 c2 4.Rxe2 c1Q 5.Re6 Qg5 6.Nc3 Kg4 7.Rd6 Qc5 8.Ke7 Bf5 9.Nb5 Kg5 10.Kd8 Qxb5 11.Kc7 Qc5+ 12.Rc6 Qa7+ 13.Kd6 d2 14.Rb6 Qxb6+ 15.Ke7 d1Q 16.Kf7 Qf6+ 17.Kg8 Qd5+
 52/33  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M16  2.Nh4 e1Q 3.Nf3 Qg3 4.Rf7 Qd6+ 5.Ne7 Bg6 6.Ng5+ Kg2 7.Ne6 Bxf7 8.Kxf7 c2 9.Nf5 Qe5 10.Nh4+ Kg3 11.Ng6 Qf5+ 12.Ke7 c1Q 13.Kd7 Qa3 14.Ne7 Qf7 15.Kc6 Qxe6+ 16.Kb7 Qaxe7+ 17.Ka8 Qc8+
 52/35  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M17  2.Kg7 Bxg6 3.Rf3+ Kh2 4.Rf2+ Kg3 5.Rf6 Be4 6.Nxc3 e1Q 7.Na2 Qa5 8.Kf7 Qxa2 9.Rf1 Qf2+ 10.Rxf2 Kxf2 11.Kf6 d2 12.Ke6 d1Q 13.Ke5 Qd5+ 14.Kf6 Qd6+ 15.Kf7 Bf5 16.Kg7 Qe7+ 17.Kh6 Kg3 18.Kh5 Qh4+
 52/35  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M17  2.Ne3 Bxg6 3.Rf3+ Kh2 4.Ng4+ Kg2 5.Rf2+ Kg3 6.Rf6 e1Q 7.Nh6 Qe8+ 8.Kg7 c2 9.Rxg6+ Qxg6+ 10.Kxg6 c1Q 11.Nf5+ Kh3 12.Nd6 d2 13.Ne4 Qc2 14.Kf5 d1Q 15.Ke5 Qd7 16.Kf4 Qf7+ 17.Ke5 Qe7+ 18.Kd5 Qcxe4+
 52/35  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M17  2.Rxc4 Bxg6 3.Nf4+ Kh2 4.Nxe2 dxe2 5.Rh4+ Kg3 6.Rh1 c2 7.Ke7 Be4 8.Rc1 Kf2 9.Kd6 e1Q 10.Rxe1 Kxe1 11.Ke5 c1Q 12.Kxe4 Qc5 13.Kf4 Kf2 14.Ke4 Qd6 15.Kf5 Kf3 16.Kg5 Qe6 17.Kh5 Kf4 18.Kh4 Qh6+
 52/35  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M17  2.Rf7 Bxg6 3.Nf4+ Kg3 4.Nxg6 c2 5.Rg7 e1Q 6.Ne5+ Kh3 7.Rh7+ Qh4 8.Rxh4+ Kxh4 9.Nf3+ Kg3 10.Ng5 c1Q 11.Ne4+ Kf3 12.Nc5 Qa3 13.Kg8 Qxc5 14.Kf7 Qd6 15.Kg8 d2 16.Kf7 d1Q 17.Kg7 Qg1+ 18.Kh7 Qdh2+
 52/35  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M17  2.Nh8 e1Q 3.Rf7 Be4 4.Nf4+ Kh2 5.Nhg6 Bxg6 6.Nxg6 c2 7.Rh7+ Kg3 8.Rg7 c1Q 9.Ne5+ Kf4 10.Ng6+ Kg4 11.Ne5+ Kf5 12.Rf7+ Kxe5 13.Re7+ Kf5 14.Rxe1 Qxe1 15.Kf7 Qe6+ 16.Kf8 Qd7 17.Kg8 Kg6 18.Kh8 Qh7+
 52/37  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M18  2.Nge7 e1Q 3.Rf3+ Kg2 4.Rf7 Be4 5.Rg7+ Kh2 6.Rg8 c2 7.Rh8+ Kg3 8.Rg8+ Kf3 9.Rg7 c1Q 10.Rf7+ Kg3 11.Rg7+ Kh3 12.Nf6 Qh6 13.Kf7 Qf2 14.Neg8 Qa7+ 15.Ne7 Qxg7+ 16.Kxg7 Qxe7+ 17.Kg8 Bg6 18.Kh8 Qf7 19.Ng4 Qh7+
 53/39  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M19  2.Rf2 Kg3 3.Rf5 Bxg6 4.Rg5+ Kf2 5.Rxg6 c2 6.Rf6+ Ke1 7.Ne3 c1Q 8.Ng2+ Kd2 9.Kg7 Qg1 10.Rg6 e1Q 11.Nxe1 Qxg6+ 12.Kxg6 Kxe1 13.Kh5 d2 14.Kg5 d1Q 15.Kf4 c3 16.Kg3 Qh5 17.Kf4 Ke2 18.Kg3 Qg5+ 19.Kh3 Kf2 20.Kh2 Qg2+
 53/41  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M20  2.Nxc3 Bxg6 3.Rf3+ Kg2 4.Re3 Kf2 5.Re6 e1Q 6.Rxe1 Kxe1 7.Kg7 d2 8.Kxg6 d1Q 9.Nxd1 Kxd1 10.Kf6 c3 11.Ke7 Kd2 12.Kf6 Ke3 13.Kf5 c2 14.Ke5 c1Q 15.Kd5 Kf4 16.Kd6 Qc4 17.Ke7 Ke5 18.Kd7 Qb5+ 19.Kc7 Ke6 20.Kc8 Kd6 21.Kd8 Qd7+
 53/41  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M20  2.Ne5 e1Q 3.Rf3+ Kh2 4.Re3 Qf2+ 5.Ke8 Kg2 6.Ng4 Bg6+ 7.Kd7 Qf5+ 8.Kc6 Qxg4 9.Nxc3 Qd4 10.Re6 Bf5 11.Nb5 Be4+ 12.Rxe4 Qxe4+ 13.Kc5 d2 14.Nc3 Qc2 15.Nd5 Qf5 16.Kc6 Qf3 17.Kc5 d1Q 18.Nf4+ Qxf4 19.Kb4 Qfd6+ 20.Kb5 Qb1+ 21.Kxc4 Qbd3+
 53/41  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M20  2.Rf6 Bxg6 3.Nf4+ Kg3 4.Nxe2+ dxe2 5.Rxg6+ Kf2 6.Rf6+ Ke1 7.Rc6 c2 8.Rxc4 Kd2 9.Rd4+ Ke3 10.Rc4 e1Q 11.Rxc2 Qa5 12.Kg8 Qg5+ 13.Kh8 Qh6+ 14.Kg8 Qg6+ 15.Kf8 Qxc2 16.Ke7 Qg6 17.Kd7 Kd4 18.Kc7 Kc5 19.Kd8 Qg7 20.Kc8 Kc6 21.Kb8 Qb7+
 53/41  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M20  2.Re4 Bxg6 3.Rxe2 c2 4.Nf4+ Kg3 5.Rxc2 dxc2 6.Ne2+ Kf3 7.Nc1 Ke3 8.Kg7 Kd2 9.Na2 Bd3 10.Kf7 c1Q 11.Nxc1 Kxc1 12.Kf6 c3 13.Kg5 Kd2 14.Kf4 c2 15.Ke5 Ke3 16.Ke6 c1Q 17.Kd6 Kf4 18.Kd7 Ke5 19.Ke7 Qc7+ 20.Kf8 Kf6 21.Kg8 Qg7+
 53/47  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M23  2.Rh4+ Kg3 3.Rxh7 e1Q 4.Rg7 c2 5.Ngf4+ Kf2 6.Nh3+ Ke2 7.Nhf4+ Kf1 8.Rf7 Qf2 9.Nc3 c1Q 10.Nfd5 d2 11.Ke8 Qxf7+ 12.Kxf7 Kg1 13.Kf6 d1Q 14.Nxd1 Qxd1 15.Ke5 Qd3 16.Ke6 Qd4 17.Ne7 c3 18.Nc6 Qe4+ 19.Kd7 Qd5+ 20.Ke8 Qxc6+ 21.Ke7 c2 22.Kd8 Qb7 23.Ke8 c1Q 24.Kd8 Qcc8+
 53/49  9:27:49  897,912,050k  26,357k  -M24  2.Rf3+ Kh2 3.Ngf4 e1Q 4.Rh3+ Kg1 5.Rxh7 c2 6.Nh3+ Kf1 7.Rf7+ Ke2 8.Re7+ Kd2 9.Ng5 Qxe7+ 10.Kxe7 c1Q 11.Ne4+ Ke1 12.Kd6 d2 13.Nec3 d1Q 14.Nxd1 Kxd1 15.Ke5 c3 16.Kd4 Kd2 17.Nb4 Qg1+ 18.Kd5 Qg4 19.Kc5 Qe6 20.Kb5 c2 21.Nxc2 Kxc2 22.Ka5 Qd6 23.Kb5 Kc3 24.Ka5 Kc4 25.Ka4 Qa6+
Parent - - By user923005 (****) Date 2021-07-09 22:43
Thank you for your effort
Parent - By MrKris (****) Date 2021-07-10 19:44
Interesting position!

After 1.Nd5 e2 "White has 26 legal moves. Stockfish_21070310 says black checkmates in each." -M24 to -M11.

It can not be wrong about that - or can it?  (It looked normal, high -'s, then some -M's, then some -M#'s slowly going down.)
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