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- - By Chris Whittington (**) Date 2017-12-08 11:58 Upvotes 1
AlphaZero and the Immortal Zugswang

My sentiments too re the old romanticism.

Technically, it looks like A0 has thrown out chess and computer chess paradigm of counting "material" and reinterpreted mobility. After all what are the material weights but a very crude interpretation of mobility and potential mobility?
Parent - By udokaiser (**) Date 2018-01-07 10:07
A0 invents something that got lost in computer chess over the years of bean counting.
Parent - - By Rebel (****) Date 2018-01-07 10:44 Upvotes 1
One of those games why it's so hard to believe I am not in the Matrix.
Parent - - By Labyrinth (*****) Date 2018-01-07 14:19
Parent - - By Rebel (****) Date 2018-01-08 08:10
The game in the OP in Nimzowitsch strangulation style, game 99 in Morphy style, but.... without any calculation error. Show me one (of such a) comp-comp game between top engines. My first instinct reaction, this is impossible, only a human can play such games.
Parent - By Chris Whittington (**) Date 2018-01-08 09:37
There is a second looking glass to step through, even more astonishing than the first. It must have been like this at Bletchley park, cracking the enigma code, you think for days that you worked it out, but that was just a level, which seemed the answer but actually wasn't, then with more level(s) above to get at the truth of the thing. The truth, if I got there yet, is astonishing and the process fascinating, but in the end slightly disappointing. From what I read, all dogs are barking up the wrong tree. Philosophically, deepmind must know what they have done, or some of them must. We might see from the paper to be published.
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