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- - By Venator (Silver) Date 2016-05-21 23:59 Edited 2016-05-28 12:56 Upvotes 5
Dear chess friends,

It has been over six years ago since my last official book was released, Rybka3.ctg. Now there finally is a successor: Noomen.ctg. And the good news is, that the book is free. You can download it from the following urls:

A direct link:

Many thanks to all the people who have made this book possible.

Jeroen Noomen
Parent - By Banned for Life (Gold) Date 2016-05-22 01:31
Thanks Jeroen! :smile:
Parent - By Gaмßito (****) Date 2016-05-22 06:04
Thank you very much Jeroen! :smile:

Best Regards,
Parent - By Dragon Mist (****) Date 2016-05-22 09:46
You're true benefactor to computer chess community, Jeroen!
Thank you very much!
Parent - By Peter Grayson (****) Date 2016-05-22 11:38
Thanks very much Jeroen, looking forward to the games it produces!

Parent - - By Morpheus (****) Date 2016-05-23 11:51
The link is not working :-(

Not Found

The requested URL /download/books/ was not found on this server.
Parent - By Venator (Silver) Date 2016-05-23 14:44 Edited 2016-05-23 14:59
I have corrected the link, it has been changed to

Edit: within a few days the book will also be available from
Parent - By keoki010 (Silver) Date 2016-05-23 17:30
Thanks Jeroen, looking forward to using it.
Parent - By irulats (****) Date 2016-05-24 22:34
Brilliant! Thanks Jeroen. :cool:
Parent - By yusevich (**) Date 2016-05-25 17:00
Dear Jeroen,

thank you very much for your fantastic book.

My regards!
Parent - By cma6 (****) Date 2016-05-27 19:24
When I loaded the new nooomen.ctg book as a tree into Aquarium, I did not see a field for "eval".
Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2016-05-27 23:12
Good to see that you are doing something productive with your time! Nice work!
Parent - - By jejega (**) Date 2016-08-28 08:43
Hi Jeroen,

I am using Chessbase Light 2009 but when I try to open your book it says it's not a database. I need your help please
Parent - - By Venator (Silver) Date 2016-08-28 11:12

I don't know ChessBase Light, unfortunately. It looks that it can only open databases, not CTG opening books. Perhaps someone else on the forum can answer your question?

Kind regards, Jeroen
Parent - - By jejega (**) Date 2016-08-28 15:05
Hi Jeroen,

thanks for your answer. In that case, what is the best program available to open your book?
Parent - - By Venator (Silver) Date 2016-08-28 15:49

You need a program like Fritz 15, or the ChessBase full version. Also older ChessBase GUI's will do. Perhaps you have an older ChessBase package, like Junior, Fritz or Shredder.

Kind regards, Jeroen
Parent - - By jejega (**) Date 2016-08-28 17:32
HI Jeroen,

actually I have your former Rybka 3 book installed on the same program and it works fine. I have installed your new book but I can't see any moves.
Parent - By Venator (Silver) Date 2016-08-30 15:20

I really have no idea why the Rybka 3 book is working with ChessBase light and the new book isn't! Perhaps it is best to contact ChessBase about this:

Else there might be people on the CCC forum who might know how to solve the problem:
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