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- By Somnus (**) Date 2012-06-19 08:40
Hello everyone,

Several hours ago I posted this thread:

Since that time I have received more than 100 emails to my domain stating that people are not only interested in watching the event, but participating as well.

As such, I am formally announcing the event to take place July 28-29, 2012 on ICC. I chose this particular weekend because I personally would like to watch the ACCA event on July 14-15, 2012 (An event I watch every year and quite enjoy) and I am busy the following weekend.

Rules are as follows:

Site: The Internet Chess Club (ICC
Tournament Director: Peter Skinner
Date: July 28-29, 2012
Registration Deadline: July 23, 2012

Time controls: 50 + 3
Rounds: 7 Round Swiss.
Round Times: 09:00 11:00 13:00 15:00* (*Saturday Only)
(Above times are EST – Eastern Standard Time)
Please be sure to check for time zone differences!

All games to be played in one weekend:
4 games on Saturday
3 games on Sunday

Blitz Tournament to follow regular event

In the event of a tie situation: There will be a series of 10+3 blitz games until one player has a 1.5 advantage.

Entry Fees:

Main Event

There will be a fee of $100 to enter the main IWCCC Event.

Fee Breakdown:

$50 goes towards the prize fund.
$25 of this fee goes to the Internet Chess Club to pay for a 3 month membership to the venue.
$25 goes to the TD for services rendered and registration services.
If an entrant already has an ICC account, $25.00 will be subtracted from the entry fee.

Prize fund will be divided as follows:

1st place: 40%
2nd place: 30%
3rd place: 20%
Top Amateur: 10%

Blitz event

There will be a fee of $50 to enter.
100% goes towards the prize fund.

Prize fund will be divided as follows:

1st place: 40%
2nd place: 30%
3rd place: 20%
Top Amateur: 10%


Anyone can enter a program in to the tournament, but preference will be given to original authors.
In the event the original author enters their program, no other registrations by another party will be allowed for that particular program.
Registration will be limited to five entries per registrant. e.g. An author may choose to enter more than one version of his/her program as long as there is an entry fee paid for each version.
No registration will be accepted prior to the entrance fee being paid in full.


No manually operated programs, and all programs must kibitz their evaluation, and book moves/TB hits if possible. Providing as much information as possible for the viewers and participants is key. It should also be noted that 1-3 lines of text is sufficient. Whispering is not the same as kibitzing, as the opponent can not see your evaluation. If your program is found to be whispering instead of kibitzing, you will be asked to correct the issue. For this reason, you may need to disconnect and return. One disconnection towards rule 5 will be counted, whether you need to disconnect or not.

Participants can use any hardware they can attain. Participants choosing to use remotely located hardware are recommended to have a suitable back up solution in the event of an uncorrectable malfunction.

In the event that there is a late withdrawal or uneven amounts of players, the TD can substitute a program in place of the departing entrant to keep the numbered entries the same. And to avoid a bye round.

In the event that the wrong colors are played, the programs will have 5 minutes to make the correction, or the program that issued the match request will forfeit the game.

Disconnection/Forfeit Rules

In the event of a disconnection, the party will be given 10 minutes to return to complete the game; and no more than 2 disconnections per game will be allowed. On the third time, the game will be a forfeit. This is absolute.

The Tournament Director will keep track of disconnections, and responsibility is his alone to enforce this rule. The opponent will not have the ability to choose to continue or to claim the win. The Tournament Director’s decision will be final.

In the event that a program can not continue a game due to interface or program issues, it will forfeit the game. Under no circumstances will a new game be formed or the game restarted.

If a program is not open for matches or arrives late for a scheduled round, after 20 minutes the game will be considered a forfeit. This is common to all games such as these including in an online casino such as Intercasino and is instituted in order to eliminate one game holding up the tournament.

Seeding Criteria

Seeding will be based on the ICC Standard rating, as there is no way of manually seeding.

Register at

Peter Skinner
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