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- - By gruenkohl (**) Date 2007-02-10 23:17
Hi Mr. Zmei Gorynich,
be careful what you write. Mr. Stickles will kill your account on the server.
He kills more accounts than CB sells software. He's a candian maniac. Never played a game OTB. Payed by CB with no chess knowledge.
Parent - - By Richard Stickles (*) Date 2007-02-11 00:50
A comment like that can only come from 1 person,And for your info i am not paid:-)

The TD for the freestyle event will be myself,and Holger Lieske ...
Parent - - By Michael Waesch Date 2007-02-11 01:53
Nah, such statements come from dozens of people. May be it´s time to post some again to refresh your weak memory...

Oh, and that´s what he will do to you if you just want to kib some games for your books:

"Richard Stickles to all:
Note to all players: Recently Michael Wasch has released a Auto Kitbitzer program.......ANYONE that i catch running a Macro's to kitbitz games will permenantly lose there account.We disabled auto kitbitzing for a reason......Now people think they will get the edge by using outside software....You will be shut down if caught........".

More to come ...

Parent - - By Banned for Life (Gold) Date 2007-02-11 04:13
Personally, I wish kibitzing would dissapear, and I'm in the majority on this, but Richard is trying to accomodate all, so its allowed.

Did you ever wonder what would happen if everyone became a script kiddy and showed up in the engine room with an auto kibitzer? Aside from not having anyone actually playing, I suspect it would create a ton of server traffic. But maybe that was the intent.
Parent - - By Michael Waesch Date 2007-02-11 07:08
Richard isn´t trying to accomodate all, he just abuses the server for his private little warfare against people he doesn´t like. Have you ever wondered why so many of these statements came up in the nearer past. I assume not.

For your kiebitzing problem, you are just playing on the wrong server. On ICC you can easily decide for yourself if others may pick up your games or not. And engines chess is a small little niche with very few participants, so even if everybody used a script you wouldn´t even noticed it.

LOL, in fact you didn´t notice, since some good dozens used their own scripts - I just was the guy who released his to the public to give the others a chance too. No more, no less.

Parent - - By Banned for Life (Gold) Date 2007-02-11 08:12

For me and you, engine chess is a hobby, not a necessity of life. If you don't like it, or you don't like the CB engine room, nobody will force you to participate. On average, there are about 100 people in there, mostly working on books. Many of them have also put together very nice chess computers. I assume they enjoy it, or they wouldn't be there.

Like most people, Richard helps out his friends and is less helpful to people that are trying to make his life miserable. As I understand it, his job is to keep the room orderly, which he does. Most people prefer it this way. Over the four years that I've been involved with the CB engine room, I've asked Richard for help on about a half dozen occasions, and he has been very helpful each time. My experience probably would have been different if I savaged him in the different forums.

I play on the CB server because the freestyle tournaments are held there and because there are some excellent book makers there. I suspect that CB has the most common book format too. Of course I'd prefer the book format to be open, but life is never perfect. I haven't tried the other servers but maybe someday I will.

As far as kibitzing is concerned, I don't like it, but I've developed techniques to make my games useless to others (some would claim that they were already useless :-) ). Its easy enough to write a script and they show up regularly in the engine room, but I'm always surprised when people use scripts from people they don't know. Its a very risky thing to do. Taking this a step further, it would be easy to construct a script that chewed up a lot of resourses on the server. For this reason, I'm surprised that CB tolerates them at all.

Parent - - By Michael Waesch Date 2007-02-11 09:32
There is never any way of making games useless to kiebitzers unless you use a miserable book and a miserable engine, but then why do you play at all?

Concerning RS I just disagree with you. He is the one who starts trouble with people. He is the one breaking the rules. You can verify that anywhere on different fora on the net. Here, on Talkchess, on the Arena forum on many private homepages, simply everywhere.

Some people still send me their troubles with Stickles. Here is a nice copy of a letter to Chessbase Hamburg, which I received some months ago. Here is the translation:


I would recommend you to inform yourself better of what Mr. Stickles is doing on your server. He muted all my accounts and doesn´t answer to mails. You also can ask many other people about illegal bannings done by Mr. Stickles (mail adresses included). If you do not make sure that my accounts are released, be prepared to be sued. Playchess is now widely known for the arbitrary and bizarre behaviour of the engine room sysop. Just take your time and stop over to ICC, just to get an impression of a proper server with competent admins. You´ll find a lot of your former customers also there.

Parent - By DamirD81 (***) Date 2007-02-11 14:25
Yea I were also having some problems with him. He sent me warning that he will guest my acount if I used Rocket chess engine. It is marely Rybka and Fruit clone.
When has playchess turn into such place where you can not use an engine of your choice. Even though you are a registered user with a playchess account.
Parent - - By Banned for Life (Gold) Date 2007-02-11 18:46

Its actually rather easy to make games useless to kibitzers. If you have a great book but your engine plays at 1400 Elo, you will lose most of your games and kibitzers looking at game statistics will believe they have winning lines against you, when in reality, they may not. This doesn't hinder the book making effort if you look at the eval when leaving book as the quality indicator rather than the game result. This is easy for me to do, because I look at all games before I include them in my book, but it is much more difficult for someone relying on bulk statistics from hundreds of thousands of games. I have received some angry emails from Eros indicating that I'm having at least some success.

I use the engine room to develop book lines for CC and tournaments. It is a good way to collect a lot of games against a variety of opening lines. I'm not really interested in the middle or end games played in the engine room and my only interest in Elo is to keep it high enough to ensure that the top engines play my engine.

As far as Richard is concerned, his job is not one for someone that wants to be universaly popular. I don't believe he bans people for no reason. I suspect that he bans people that don't abide by Chessbase rules for civil discourse. It seems to me that your real issue with Richard is that he is trying to maintain an orderly environment, in keeping with Chessbase's desires, while you are by nature, an anarchist. There's room for both types, but not necessarily on the the Chessbase server.

Parent - - By Michael Waesch Date 2007-02-11 20:18
In that case the kiebitzers are not very clever. If I pick up a game from you, you wouldn´t even know it.

I don´t know how you came to your conclusions about Richard Stickles. I just assume you just don´t care at all, because it´s simply not you who was illegally banned. There is enough proof that Richard is the offender, that he breaks the rules and if caught and made public he simply throws you out. I don´t think Chessbase paid all these refunds if what Richard constantly does is alright, but it also think if they hire a competent sysop they must pay him which probably cost them more, although this could change because more and more people take legal actions to get at least their refunds.

But since you propose that my arguments were not factual enough:

- Richard has given illegal ranks and was made public by me.
- Then he announced a 3 month ban for his illegal actions.
- Of course he lied about the 3 months and kicked me forever.
- Then more and more people came up with similar complaints.
- He kicked them all - and not only them.
- Then he lied about the amount of people he illegally banned.
- He still argues that these are a small amount of individual cases or even that only one person is behind all (me, LOL).

So banning people who catched him on his weird actions, then lying about it, displaying weak memory, no skills in maths at all ... The list is endless and even with giving him the benefit of doubt in cases where simply no proof is available, I have to agree to the posters who call him a "maniac" who rules the Playchess engin room for compensation of his poor little life.

The situation as whole won´t change as long it is cheaper for Chessbase to pay the refunds to a smaller minority who run to their attorneys and force in their refunds than installing a proper sysop - and I assume that they were rather prepared to close down the engine room than to do that, because the most income they make come from human players, so they can easily neglect that small niche of demanding people and go after the easy money.

Parent - - By Richard Stickles (*) Date 2007-02-11 20:39
only 2 words for you Mike.........Doctor&Meds
Parent - By Michael Waesch Date 2007-02-11 22:52
Ha, ha, a very good example how you constantly want to put your own problems on other. Which failures and diseases will you display next?

So, that was the fun part and now to your lyings.

Here is your email to me from August 14th, 2006:

"Hello Michael,

I would like to offer a second chance for you to play at playchess......I will release your accounts, On one condition.."

Here he admits his lying about the "3 month suspension". Why release my accounts when they should already be since February?

"#1 If you need support please ask me or mail chessbase support....Instead of spouting it off in main chat ....."

Here he admits that in main chat freedom of speech is supressed by him. Only what RS suit may be posted.
Addenum: Asking him or Chessbase support is a waste of time. They don´t care at all and of course did I ask them prior before asking in the main chat. I have irrefutable proof that they got my mails and never answered. That´s another reason why man people get kicked by Stickles, because its the only way to get rid of complaints. They never fix.

"We are both adults and i would only ask that you act like one in the server......
There is no strings attached to this invite.....Think about my offer and get back to me if you wish your accounts to be re-opened...."

In this paragraph he displays his intentions that he just wants some fun with me. First he admits all his lyings and then he suggests that he is an adult. Yeah right.

Parent - - By Michael Waesch Date 2007-02-11 01:48
True, but he does not receive payment due to his own statements on CCC.

Parent - - By CumnorChessClub (***) Date 2007-02-11 13:56
Not directed at any individual

Hmm, The Topic header shows "The fifth PAL/CSS Freestyle Tournament" but it seems to have turned into something totally different.

I do not care who's right or wrong, all i want is to read about  replies that are to do with the Topic header.

So Guys and Dolls please keep to the subject of this topic and not turn it into something else.

Thank you
Parent - By Banned for Life (Gold) Date 2007-02-11 18:51
Hmmm, looks like I'm a major offender with several off-topic postings. Sorry!

BTW, thanks for keeping us informed about the 5th freestyle event. Maybe with additional publicity, it will be even more successful than past events.

Parent - By Father (**) Date 2007-02-14 03:35
Hello everybody.

My nickname in is "Father".

I have been playing in for some years. I have played there many games, usually in engines room.

I dont have any special interest in any or in other way about chess software, or hardware, or competence. My time playing chess is just for hobby, and love for the chess, and chess computers. And my target, to find where can I usu all my anticomputer ideas.

I am happy playing against chess computers, becouse since many years ago, I find in computers, the best kind of oponents I could select in my life. I would like to play against a G.M. a Challenger, but this have been just a dream for me.

About chessbase, and, and the sysops Holger Lieske and Richard Styckles, and Enrique(many Mounths without chat with him a single world),  I only can say good thinks. They are good people, but usually there are many people that look with angry and envy against they.

In and I have discover only good thinks. My own calification about this Club is: "Ten over 10". They are a democratic scenary. In ICC was impossible for me to apply the antichess, just for my condition of amateur specialist in destroy the top chess machines over the Top GM chess performance doing what I did.

As a simple amateur that I am, I have had the oportunity to play against Top hardwares and softwares.  Since the great "Hydra", Rybka, Zanzibar,Deep Fritz, Deep Shredder,Hiarcs XI, Tiger 2007, Crafty, Rufian, Junior 10.1 (a beutiful training in pure chess tactic at home alone in real chess), and many not comercial machines.

My opinion and calification about Mr Richard Stickles and Holger Lieske is too " 10 over 10".

Now, there are competence in the chess atmosphere.  Then we have been appear new Monsters Like the beutiful Rybka, and now Zanzibar. Is there any bad think in the competence? Thanks to, Rybka to exist now, and thanks to Rybka we will be seeing better Juniors, Fritz, Shredder, Hiarcs, Tigers, etc.

We must to avoid the envy. Envy is happy when see a person in a bad situation, and Envy is sad when see a person in a good situation. But envy is a poison by itself that kill the person that has it into his/her brain.

With best respect,

Pablo Ignacio Restrepo
Father Nickname
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