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- - By jaeger1975 (**) Date 2007-02-10 17:43
Hi guys

I ask you something. Yesterday I loaded a the version of "The King" (Chessmaster 10000) for GIU and as far as I know, this engine should be much weaker than Fritz 10 and Cia. But for my surprise, "The King" seems to be stronger than Fritz!!.
Well. I tried only one game, both engines with a neutral book (The Turk II) 7 minutes and 300Mb hash each one. and it was a clear victory for The King!
Then I tried another game, same control time, but fritz with its own book and The king with the Turk II and it was a draw, but Fritz had big trouble to force the draw!

Then. I made another single game with The King against Rybka 2,2n2, both engines with "The Turk II" Boook and another surprise! Rybka was defeated!. Then I tried two more games, same time control but Rybka with its own book and the result was two clear victories for Rybka!

Of course, I need more games to state a conclusion, but I think it is very interesting, isnt it? Or do you think that with this engine loaded into the Fritz 10 GUi had an interference with the performance of the other engines? I Have no tried against Shredder 10, but I will do this too during the weekend

What do you think guys? Perhaps we are looking for the "renaissance" of "The King"?
Parent - By Gaмßito (****) Date 2007-02-12 03:56

The last King engine (3.33) is a very good program. Its very powefull in tactics.  But Honestly, it is much weaker than Fritz 10 or Rybka.

You play only few games and it is very difficult to have good idea about what engine is really better.  When both programs are enough strong, you need to play 40 games minimum to have a good idea about the strengh of each program.

I hope to see a new King version very soon!


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