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- - By Deep Thought (*) Date 2007-07-27 13:53
I have read that Vasik made Rybka for giving players better analysis. My question is what is more important for a chess engine to be tactically better or positionally better.
Also lkaufman said in this forum "It seems that many strong players, even grandmasters, either think that the strength differences in the top programs are insignificant, or else that Rybka is only better positionally, not tactically, and they claim to use engines only to find tactics, so they don't care about this."
Parent - - By h1a8 (***) Date 2007-07-27 21:36
As quoted similarly to J.Silman
"Tactics are the watchdogs of strategy."

This means that Rybka must have equal or better tactical ability (on average) than the other engines in order for her strategy to work against them.
Or simply, she must see the tactics of the strategy in order to go along with it. Otherwise, her strategy would many times get destroyed, as chess is not a game of strict rules but a game with many exceptions.
And mind you, I've seen Rybka perform some very very deep tremendous tactics before. I also seen her miss some more simple ones too.
But seeing different tactics than another doesn't necessarily mean better or worst tactical ability.
Parent - By dareapa (**) Date 2007-07-27 23:51

This subject interests me because Rybkas tactics seems not to be speculative. Many tactics or combinations are risky by nature. Programs like Junior are good at this type of unsure strikes. Most of the time the program is successful, but sometimes its strike is refuted and it loses. Rybka seems to be very sure when it does attack with a tactical blow. she doesnt trust all tactical hits..we say she misses it...Rybka, to me, just tries to stay true to her style of play.  The programs like junior try to stay true to their style. They live by risky tactical play..Rybka lives by positional play that leads to a crushing (wont be getting out of this one) combination.
Parent - - By Vasik Rajlich (Silver) Date 2007-07-28 08:37
Both are very important.

In general, positional play is the heart of chess. The game is inherently structured and logical, this is clearly the #1 thing. Without the ability to understand positions, everything else is worthless.

Tactical ability is a crucial complimentary skill.

Parent - By diskamyl (**) Date 2007-07-29 09:51
rybka's understanding of "inbetween moves" in tactical shots make her play really beautiful tactical games, I've even seen a rybka combination last for 10+ moves.
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