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- - By gracified23 Date 2010-03-15 13:28 Edited 2010-03-15 13:31
Hey guys, i have the Xeon W3520 and i am well satisfy with this cpu. It is fast! Before i purchase this cpu, i was doing some reviews and read other people comment on it. I've heard from other users who have the same cpu and they all say that it is more high binning and could overclocked pretty well with less volts. That was why i chose to purchased it. The Xeon W3520 are D0 stepping and uses the same core as i7 (if im not mistaken). Anyway, i ran across a site called and i was kind of shock becuase the the i7 920 is faster as shown on the page. My question to those who know about cpu is: If the Xeon W3520 is the same as core i7 920, why does the site listed i7 920 as faster? Shouldnt they both ranked the same? I dont know how they test these cpus or what hardware it is tested on, but if i knew i7 920 is much faster i could had bought it. But its too late now. So for myself, using the Xeon W3520 already make me 2400 ratings in yahoo chess ( not overclocked). I could imagine if i would overclocked, it would bring me 2400+. The reason why i havent overclocked yet was becuase im still waiting for cooler to arrive. So i only play at stock speed which gives good results already. Also, if the W3520 vs i7 920, which cpu would give best results in term of speed and performance since they're both at 2.67 ghz stock?
Parent - - By BrandonSi (***) Date 2010-03-15 13:47
I'm pretty sure using a computer in Yahoo chess is considered "cheating", or at least against the rules. That being said, why in the world would you want to play there to begin with?
Parent - By JDrysdale (***) Date 2010-03-15 17:29
I like yahoo games above all others simply for the UI and feature set.   The java applets are well flushed out compared to other online chess platforms (pogo,, various flash based chess, etc).  Sure the cheaters suck but it is pretty easy to see who they are.
Parent - Date 2010-03-15 23:56
Parent - By Kreuzfahrtschiff (***) Date 2010-03-15 14:12
they are exactly the same speed, so ...


most i7-920 D0 are easier to overclock, but that could be random
Parent - By Vempele (Silver) Date 2010-03-15 14:42
Average CPU speed: 2555 MHz. The benchmark is meaningless if you're allowed to underclock and overclock the processor at will (W5590 average CPU speed: 3555 MHz when the default clock speed is 3333 MHz. Note it could be Turbo Boost, but only if the majority of the testing only used a single core).

But like everybody said, they should perform identically at the same clock speed.
Parent - - By M ANSARI (*****) Date 2010-03-15 15:09
It is an identical chip to the i7 920.  If you have the newer i7 920 D0, they should also clock quite well.  Even with your "normal" cooler you should be able to get to 3.2 Ghz with no problems and without adjusting voltages.  I would only go for water cooling or other expensive coolers if I was trying to get 4 or 4.2 Ghz.
Parent - - By gracified23 Date 2010-03-15 17:09
M ANSARI, you're saying the intel stock cooler could get W3520 to 3.2ghz without raising volts? :/
Parent - - By M ANSARI (*****) Date 2010-03-15 17:20
Yes ... at least the one I had I could very easily.
Parent - By gracified23 Date 2010-03-16 19:15
M ANSARI, i am still new to overclocking. So how did you managed to get to 3.2 ghz or so? Mind telling me the steps necessary to get that? I'd like to give it a try with stock cooler until my TRUE get here tomorrow. Where do i start first?
Parent - - By Master Om (Bronze) Date 2010-03-15 17:24

>Even with your "normal" cooler you should be able to get to 3.2 Ghz with no problems and without adjusting voltages.

How ? . Is it possible in DX58SO ?
Parent - By pokerpawn (***) Date 2010-03-16 14:53
there could be a change now the new Xeons are out

X5680  3,33GHz  6/12  12MB L3cache  130W   $1663

so is it possible now to build a dual cpu (12core)?
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