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- By chezzter (***) Date 2010-03-13 11:00
Version 10 of the Strategic Test Suite series is now available for download.

* Consists of carefully selected 100 test positions on "Simplification"

* All of the questions in this test suite are selected by me and thoroughly verified by Dann Corbit through analysis with the help of top engines for hours. I initially selected about 190 problems and sent them to Dann, of which 100 has passed criteria. Dann then made the final selection.

[u]Key Ideas:[/u]

1) [color=blue] [u]Simplification[/u]: A strategy of exchanging pieces of equal value. Simplification can be used defensively to reduce the size of an attacking force. It can also be used by a player with an advantage to amplify that advantage or reduce the opponent's counterplay. Simplification is also used as an attempt to obtain a draw, or as an attempt to gain an advantage by players who are strong in endgame play with simplified positions.[/color]

2) [color=blue]Tests your engine's knowledge on initiatives, good trades, value of pieces, understanding of the position material-wise and positional-wise, and an ability to distinguish between good, average and bad pieces. [/color]

Download it! here:

Thanks to David Dahlem, Pedro Castro, Howard Exner and others who reported bugs and tested out this version.

Test Suite release time: 13th of March, 2010
Swaminathan and Dann Corbit
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