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- - By gracified23 Date 2010-03-12 00:31 Edited 2010-03-12 00:40
Can someone please point me to the right direction of how to install egtb on polyglot? I know it goes inside Yay folder - Winboard_X folder. i have to change polyglot document configuration. All my egtb are stored in my c: tablebases folder. in this folder, it has 1 folder for 4 men, 1 folder for 5, and 1 folder for 6. total size is 39.1GB.

Now.... how do i configure this inside polyglot.ini?

Max CPUs=2048
Display Draw Scores=false
Engine Priority=NormalAndLow
Display PV Tips=false
CPU Usage=100
Win Percentage to Hash Usage=false
Display Current Move=true
Compensate Lost Time=true
NalimovPath=c:/Tablebases               <------------ is this the right way to put it? Or, like this c:/Tablebases/4men/5men/6men?
Preserve Analysis=false
Server Buffer=false
Rate Of Play=Normal
Time Usage=Varied
Emergency Time Buffer=Medium

another question: how do i set the depth to 12 so that rybka can search deeper? i assume by defualt rybka search only 5 depth... well, this is in chessbase but im not sure about polyglot.
Parent - - By Charles (**) Date 2010-03-12 22:20 Edited 2010-03-12 22:44
Polyglot Question

If using Fonzy Bluemers Polyglot it could be this:


(Not sure which way the slash marks need to be, if need to be forward / or backward slashes \. Most likely important though.)

I only have a few tablebases in one folder, so I do not know if the other Polyglot versions can use the same thing. If using another version try it, with the quotation marks, and see if it works.

The readme_ini_file for Fonzy Bluemers Polyglot says this.


Since times polyglot used '#' and ';' to indicate a comment.This conflicts
with the usage of ; as a seperator in egtb path names.
As a workaround put the full paths in qoutes
e.g. NalimovPath = "C:\Tablebases\TB4;C:\Tablebases\TB5"
Polyglot will strip the " away.
Without quotes NalimovPath = C:\Tablebases\TB4 would be send to the engine as everything
after ; is treated as comment
A couple of examples:
   Path = "C:\bases\m4" -> Path = "C:\bases\m4"
   Path = C:\bases\m4;C:\bases\m5;C:\bases\m6  -> Path = C:\Bases\m4
   Path = "C:\bases\m4;C:\bases\m5;C:\bases\m6" -> Path = C:\bases\m4;C:\bases\m5;C:\bases\m6

if outer " are needed for whatever reason:
a pair of " right next to the inner ones are a special case:
   Path = ""C:\bases\m4;C:\bases\m5;C:\bases\m6"" -> Path = "C:\bases\m4;C:\bases\m5;C:\bases\m6"


Checking Michel Van den Bergh's Polyglot I didn't see anything in the read me files about it.

Depth Question - Someone else needs to answer
Parent - - By gracified23 Date 2010-03-14 00:10
Thank you for the information. Im currently use polyglot+winboard. I have set NalimovPath according to both way there, but i do not know if the endgames are working. Is there a way to test manually?
Parent - - By Charles (**) Date 2010-03-14 02:48
Try setting up a position that has just the number of pieces you have tablebases for. In your case maybe a six man position for one of the six man tablebases you have. After setting the position up, from Winboard menu select "Two Machines" to play an engine versus engine of the position. Of course the engine(s) being used would have to be able to use 6men tablebases. The moves of the engine(s) using tablebases should be immediate, no thinking involved.

When starting Winboard, from the 1st and 2nd engine selection boxes choose the engines that you will want to play out the position that you will be setting up. Then do the below.


To set up position

In Winboard menu select "Mode > Edit Position"

Then right click on board and choose "clear board"

Then right click on a square and from the selection choose the color of the piece that you want on that square and continue till you have the pieces where you want them.

Then go to the "Two Machines" in the Mode menu.


I tried Fonzy Bluemers' and Michel Van den Bergh's Polyglots with this (shown below) and I could only get Fonzy's version to work.


While I like Winboard X a lot, H.G. Muller has fixed a lot of bugs that were in the older Winboard versions so if you want a compile of the most recent Winboard version to try let me know by private message and I will send you a compile of it. You can still keep Winboard_X in one folder and the newer version in another folder.
Parent - By h.g.muller (****) Date 2010-03-14 18:48 Edited 2010-03-14 18:52
Note that in modern WinBoard versions, WinBoard sends the contents of the "EGTB Path" text-edit in the "Options -> Global Settings" dialog to Polyglot, and this overrules the settings specified in the polyglot.ini file. (Same for other parameters in that dialog, such as "Hash Size" and "Max Nr of CPUs", btw.) Only with WinBoard versions that do not set the tablebase path the path specified in the polyglot.ini file is used to fall back on.

This might explain why it does not seem to work in Michel's version of Polyglot (which is the recommended one for use with XBoard 4.4.2): you are probably changing a parameter in the ini file which is not being used.

Editing polyglot.ini files is ot recommended with Michel's Polyglots. It is much better (and easier) to change the parameters in those files through the WinBoard Engine-Settings menu dialogs.

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