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- - By chessoholicalien75 Date 2009-10-08 18:24
Hi folks,

I'm running Deep Rybka 3 with the ChessBase interface under Win XP Home SP3.

I have some problems and questions concerning Rybka operation. Firstly, the problems:

- Rybka takes *much* longer than specified time to perform a Full Analysis/Blunder Check
(Tools>Analysis>Full Analysis>Calculation time (e.g. 15 min per game)) or (Tools>Analysis>Blunder Check>Time (e.g. 10 min))

- Deep Rybka 3 with Fritz 11 GUI has the Fritz 10 help file...

- Changing variation font colour causes all the text to change colour, including the main line!

- Rybka bug? When analyzing two games using Full Analysis, Rybka only provided annotations for most of the moves and then came up with a symbol which looks like 3 asterisks underlined. So from a 30-move game, Rybka analyzed up to move 24 for Black and then made that symbol. What does this mean?

Next the questions:

- Is there a site or sites that provide useful articles or advice for using Rybka 3 (ChessBase interface)? Similar to the ones done for Fritz by Steve Lopez (here: or the few done for Rybka on the official site (here:

- How do you get Rybka to store evaluations for each move (e.g. +0.99) when doing "Full Analysis"?

- Is there a way to change the colour of only the evaluations, i.e. make them a different colour from the variations?

- Is there somewhere that provides an explanation of all the various symbols used in Rybka analysis? (Or at least a site which explains the conventions of computer chess analysis in general).

Thanks for any help guys.

Parent - By Debaser (***) Date 2009-10-08 18:57
Rybka 3 help file is somewhat hidden in the link you posted, here is the direct link

Variation colour. Put the cursor on the first move of the variation line, right click and select variation colour. Choose the colour. You will have to do it for every variation line. I suppose this is how it is designed.

Changing the colour of the evaluations. The same, I guess you use copy to notation. But it seems that the last move on the variation line will also change the colour

Chess symbols
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