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- - By nahab (**) Date 2009-10-08 07:33

comes pocket Rybka this year or not?

if the answer "no", then i can spend my money for Pocketfritz4

thanks Jörg
Parent - - By Felix Kling (Gold) Date 2009-10-08 08:59
mmh,only Vas could say something about that. Or is any prophet here? :P
Parent - By Banned for Life (Gold) Date 2009-10-08 13:07
I think nahab has a better chance of getting struck by lightning than being able to purchase a non x86 version of Rybka by the end of the year.
Parent - - By yanquis1972 (****) Date 2009-10-08 13:21
no. i can almost guarantee it. reason being rybka needs to be tweaked for this & vas is presumably still spending all his energy finishing up rybka 4.  only way this would not be the case is if part of the reason for his absence lately has been that he's developing a pocket rybka to be released in conjunction w/ r4, which is possible...but i'd say unlikely if no one's heard anything about it.

pocket fritz 4 looks fantastic so you can't really lose on this one anyway.
Parent - - By nahab (**) Date 2009-10-08 16:52
Hi yanquis1972

have you see screenshoots from Pocketfritz 4?

perhaps you can give me the a link of this screenshoots
Parent - By yanquis1972 (****) Date 2009-10-09 13:14
sorry, no, i was referring simply to its performance at the tournament recently.  as far as strength is concerned supposedly HIARCS scales much better on pocket processors than rybka, so eg HIARCS X on pocket pc's is actually stronger than rybka 3 (in its current form) on pocket pc processors.
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