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- - By chezzter (***) Date 2009-08-29 09:21
ChessCube is actively being developed.

So far, It's a decent software. ~1600 players online in the afternoon. (1900 in playchess at the same time, and only 1000 at ICC) There will certainly be more than 4000 in sunday midnight.

Software in playchess and chesscube are easy to use, reliable and very fast. It's crappy in ICC. I wonder when will they get around to improving their design? Why are the games so slow? They recommend Dasher. I've tried other clients as well - Dasher, Blitzin, Babachess (for FICS)... no help. Slow and still at snail's pace. As if the software itself carries additional lag. I believe admins in ICC are rather friendly. ICC is good for computer chess. Human chess ain't any help.

I predict that in few years time, chesscube will be the best choice ahead of playchess in terms of number of people playing online. Playchess will lead in features that it offers.

Try chesscube, you will be impressed.
Parent - - By JhorAVi (***) Date 2009-08-29 12:37
I agree that ICC client softwares are all crappy. I wonder why it still survived today despite that condition.  As for me the best is Chessplanet and it's free :)
Parent - - By Nimzovik (***) Date 2009-09-11 06:29
I warned ICC  years ago they needed to improve with the market demands..  Words fell on deaf ears.  I left there what? 3-4 years ago?
Parent - By (**) Date 2009-09-12 14:57
The client "Dasher" is good. ICC has still the best offer for chessplayers and is very easy to use. Great support and nice people !
Parent - - By Rowlando (***) Date 2009-09-12 03:07 often has upward of 2500 players online at any given time.  Hopefully they'll start offering Advanced Chess and/or engine vs engine as their interface is very, very nice.
Parent - By Nimzovik (***) Date 2009-09-12 15:19
Dasher....yes....but isn't that GUI linked ONLY to the server?  Chess .com eh?  I will scope it out....thanks.
Parent - - By Audmeister (**) Date 2009-09-12 16:19
Have you ever tried Thief interface?

The only problem I have with chesscube is the time control they have. I would like to play 3 0 but it only offers 5 0 or 3 3 which I think is too long. But other than that, I like ChessCube's software, it makes me want to play there.

I think ICC just has better players IMHO. I started out in ICC long ago, but didnt want to pay anymore, so I switched to FICS using Thief interface. I still play there often but every now and then when I am at my University, I get on ChessCube because I do not have to download any interfaces or what not to play chess.
Parent - By Nimzovik (***) Date 2009-09-13 23:50
drat....  Cant remember which password and handle I used at  Catch 22 the automated system only allows for the password to be sent to e-mail.....bummer.   ICC can go jump in a lake.  too many computerusers there IMHO.  Playchess is the best I have seen so far...  I noted at chess .com I started getting pop ups.....that stops me cold from playing there.
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