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- By Heinz van Kempen (***) Date 2008-08-11 15:23 Edited 2008-08-11 16:04
Hi all :-),

after roughly 30 hours of testing a first small sample of games is available for replay here:

and for download here:

In the first weeks (until we have collected more games) we should consider this games as service for people interested more in the beauty of chess and/or in opening theory (as soon as the tests with own books are started).

Conditions are as follows:

CEGT 40/120 repeated (real time control without adaptation to weaker hardware, this means with the new conditions roughly 6 times slower compared to CCRL 40/40 and 12 times CEGT 40/20 rapid chess).

1024 MB hash each engine
EGTB hash 32 MB

3,4,5 men EGTB, 5 men Shredderbases

Test suite with one hundred game fragments from Super GM tournament practice 2007/2008 collected by me, including the most popular openings currently, restricted to 8 moves. Each position was tested by me beforehand in order to give equal chances to both sides. It is the set already used for my CEGT Blitz test and it will be used for all Rybka 3 versions in order to provide exact testing conditions when all will have to play exactly the same lines twice with white and black pieces. The set is also available for download under the link given above.

used hardware is 4 x Core 2 Quad E6600 - 4 GB RAM

My first impression, as I am replaying all long time control games, is that Rybka 3 plays more aggressively than Rybka 2.3.2a what could result in more wins instead of draws. Time will tell.

Rybka 3 x64 4CPU only lost one game so far. This was against Hiarcs 12 ShPV 4CPU with black pieces. In a sort of Queen´s Indian/Bogol Indian hybrid Hiarcs managed to obtain a considerable space advantage at the King´s side putting a lot of pressure on the enemy king using it´s heavy pieces and provoking some weakenings like 29..g6. Hiarcs could transpose this advantage after queen´s exchange to a already won endgame with 2 rooks + 1 knight each side when the passed pawns on g and h file (later also the free d-pawn) proved to be decisive. Those who replay the games will detect of course also convincing wins by Rybka 3. I will give a collection of best games (in my point of view) when we have collected more.

So have fun with the games.

Next update on Wednesday or Thursday will already tell a bit more.

Interim result for CEGT 40/120 repeated dual core:

Rybka 3 x64 2CPU vs. Zappa Mexico II x64 2CPU +2 =2 -0

Best Regards
Heinz (CEGT)
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