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- - By Vasik Rajlich (Silver) Date 2007-10-29 02:14
The 27th Dutch Computer Chess Championship in Leiden has finished and Rybka has won with 8/9, ahead of Hiarcs, Diep and Junior.

The full Rybka team was:

Operation: Hans van der Zijden
Hardware: Lukas Cimiotti
Opening book: Jeroen Noomen, Dagh Nielsen
Engine: Vasik Rajlich, Larry Kaufman

I'd like to thank Theo van der Storm for making the tournament a reality and everyone on the Rybka team for their hard work. Both our book and engine teams are working very efficiently now, I really like how everything is going.

Our information center about the tournament is here
Jeroen's report is here
All games from the tournament can be downloaded here

Jeroen's report can be taken as our main one. It's always fun for me to look at these games, below are just my various first impressions:

Rd 1, Rybka - XiniX 1-0: White kept a clear edge throughout the middlegame after the offbeat 1. .. a6, this type of position is going to be hard for an engine to hold. White can and did play on both wings, with the breakthrough coming on the kingside.

Rd 2, Diep - Rybka 0-1: I guess that this is some sort of a theoretical line for white, but black's position at least looks easier to play. White has a cleaner pawn structure, while black has nice development and free piece play. It took just a couple of moves for white to get tied up and have to shed a pawn.

Rd 3, Rybka - Hiarcs 1-0: The opening variation is quite a mess but black obviously needs an improvement somewhere. It's hard to add to Jeroen's comments here. After 26. .. f6 black's problems are obvious to the naked eye.

Rd 4, The King - Rybka 0-1: The interesting position arises on move 14. The most direct move is 15. g5, as played in the game, but then black has 15. .. hxg5 and 17. .. e5 and white's g5 pawn is a problem. I wonder what black does against something more flexible like 15. Kb1. In the game, white sacrificed the g5 pawn, after which black cannot be worse. Eventually, black's kingside pawns won the game.

Rd 5, Rybka - Spike 1-0: Black's opening looks pretty suspicious. 14. .. d5 already offers a pawn. I think that any human would at least hold on to his material at that point. 17. Bd3 (instead of the obvious 17. Nxd5) is a funny move - black could respond with 17. .. Rb8, when white will probably just proceed with 18. Nxd5. Instead, black preferred to sacrifice two pawns with 17. .. Nb4, leaving white without much trouble.

Rd 6, Junior - Rybka 1-0: What can I say - white played well and even gave us something to think about for work on Rybka's evaluation. The opening seemed fine, although probably a little bit better for white, as main lines typically are. Rybka simply misevaluated the rook and two pawns vs two minors imbalance which arose on move 25 and persisted for the next 50 moves. It's a complex issue, related to properly evaluating black's queenside pawn majority. When you misevaluate, all sorts of ugly things can happen, and we saw many of them in this game.

Rd 7, Rybka - Crash Test Dummy 1-0: Another book win. The unusual thing here is that both engines were in book for the same number of moves, with white having a simple winning plan of 21. c6-c7 and 22. e4-e5 at the end of the complex and interesting variation.

Rd 8, IsiChess - Rybka 0-1: The opening seems quite drawish and no doubt white should have drawn at many moments. Instead, he waited too long and gave black time to get going on the queenside. At some point the b-pawn became dangerous, and in the end it was too strong.

Rd 9, Hermann - Rybka 0-1: White played a bit oddly in the opening - b2-b4-b5, later Nh4. Rybka just played normally in the center and everything went downhill for white.
Parent - - By oudheusa (*****) Date 2007-10-29 07:21
I liked the Junior-Rybka game, but in the final part we saw the same problem as in the Zappa match: Rybka avoiding repetition of moves because she felt she was better.

Also Kg8 was a weak move, Ra3 would have kept the knight away from d3.

But Junior played very well in this game.
Parent - By I AM SORRY (*) Date 2007-10-29 07:35
The main priority of Junior Team is to defeat the Rybka Team.
Parent - - By Bouddha (****) Date 2007-10-29 09:16 Edited 2007-10-29 09:33
Hi !

Thanks for the report.

I was unfortunattely unable to find the games to download ?!

thanks for your help


EDIT : I found the games. Thanks
Parent - - By Sellig1947 Date 2007-10-29 18:40
Where did you find the games please ?
Parent - By Harvey Williamson (*****) Date 2007-10-29 18:58
Where did you find the games please ?

They are here
Parent - By Lukas Cimiotti (Bronze) Date 2007-10-29 19:35
The download link is in the first post of this thread.

Parent - - By Fulcrum2000 (****) Date 2007-10-29 20:23 Edited 2007-10-29 20:25
Parent - By Sellig1947 Date 2007-10-29 21:50
Thanks !
Parent - By JohnL (***) Date 2007-10-29 19:43
In the Deep Junior-Rybka game, I guess Rybka saw at least further than the position after 27.Bb4 when playing exd4.

I would say that position is quite easy to judge even for a ELO 2200 human patzer as me, by just catching an eye. While the pawns are blocked including one target (and releasing it will create two targets), blacks bishop is "bad" and white has dark fields, white should be safely better with that material.

Maybe it is complex to fix as you say, but it sure looks quite basic :-)

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