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- - By wajit (**) Date 2009-10-18 16:29
I just got done testing Naum 4 with non default settings and seemed to do well.  The score against Rybka 3 was
Rybka 3   +48  +58/-34/=80   98.0/172
Naum 4    -48   +34/-58/=80   74.0/172

Tournament settings  bullet 1' 1" TC.  with colors reversed.  Rybka 3 book used for both.  No permanent brain.  Played on Core I7 920 oc'ed 3.8ghz ht on.
It played about 50-60 elo better than default settings.

Here are the settings that were used for naum 4.

PruningLevel 0
Drawcontemptscore 0
minegtbdepth 12
materialimportance -100
Minor vs pawns score -100
Rook vs pawns score -100
Rook vs minor score  -30
two minors vs rook score -100
three minors vs queen score -100
two rooks vs queen score  -60

any other settings not mentioned is default except for the bugged maxthreads that needs to be setup correctly.

enjoy! :)
Parent - By Uly (Gold) Date 2009-10-19 04:49
Thanks for the settings.
Parent - By wajit (**) Date 2009-10-19 12:54
I'm actually working on another set of different settings.  I think i can squeeze out a lil bit more from this wonderful engine. Your probably wondering why i made negative the like all of those settings.  I noticed that naum doesnt eval properly two rooks vs queen or even 3 minors vs queen.  In some of the games i seen. It seems to be on the wrong end of the deal. So by making them that way.  It  has to get a lil bit more for its money if it goes for a 2 rook vs queen or 3 minors vs queen type situation. I'm in process of tring to fine tune.
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