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- - By richbell (**) Date 2007-05-16 10:24
Hi there, i am a chess enthusiast from india. Great going Rybka (whatever i a have heard from others are so impressive so far).

I am a chess observer and not a great player so pardon if i am overlooking something obvious. I tested rybka 1.0 beta w32 with other free chess engines (about 8 engines in all like Toga II, Naum, Spike, Pro Deo, Crafty, Amyan etc.) Now results are very hard to believe. I expected Rybka to win hands down on a blitz game of 5 mins or 1 min with round robin options.

Rybka came 4th once, then on the next day it came 7 (out of 8 engines!). Now i am little confused on what i am missing. I haven't set an opening book for all engines. Also most of the time Rybka only times out in blitz. Is the search performance slow in my box? But how about other engines performing on the same box work well? I am really confused :-(  I would at least expect Rybka to come 2nd best to all.

Could someone please help me out here if i am missing something? I Also have a very decent box here.

Hardware: Dual Genuine Intel(R) CPU      T2050 @ 1.60GHz  with 1,024 MB Memory
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)

I don't see any sluggishness or performance hit while i am running the engines. I am using Arena as the interface, Could someone please help me understand?
Parent - By Svilponis (***) Date 2007-05-16 17:37

I have never used Rybka v1.0, so I am not familiar with her. But I use commercial versions, and those are very good engines indeed!

1. Are you sure, that ponder was OFF when you run those tournaments?
If ponder is ON, one engine might get much more CPU time for calculation than the other, so the result depends more on this factor, than on engines actual performance.
According to my experience Rybka gets usually significantly less CPU cycles than opponents, when tournament is set with ponder ON option.

2. Running bullet or blitz games without opening book might produce random results.

3. Rybka 1.0 beta is very young engine compared with many other free engines, therefore she might have several bugs and incompatibilities.
Parent - By Felix Kling (Gold) Date 2007-05-16 19:25
You can find several test websites, e.g. the ccrl : or the CEGT:

There you can see how strong Rybka 1.0 is, they played a lot of games.

I guess you made sth. wrong like turning ponder on, like Svilponis said. Also, it would be better if you let them play more games to get a significant result.
Parent - By richbell (**) Date 2007-05-17 05:22
Thanks for the reply i got some good tips to try out. Please reply your comments to following thread since accidentally i had duplicated the original here.

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