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- - By Strength (*) [us] Date 2008-11-24 16:28
Does anyone have a link or know where to order a Skull Rail Unit from?

  In advance , Thx to all that respond,

Parent - - By M ANSARI (*****) [kw] Date 2008-11-24 16:54
Maybe you mean "Skulltrail" system?  If so a good place to get it from is  Basically Skulltrail is an Intel platform that uses the Intel DX5400S motherboard.  This motherboard is a dual socket motherboard that can use two LGA 771 Xeon CPU's and can also very fast registered memory (FBDIMMS @800 Mhz).  The motherboard will run around $600 and depending on the CPU you buy they will run you anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to over $2000 for the fastest unlocked QX9775 Extreme Edition.  The best deal is probably to get two E5430 CPU's and run them at 800 Mhz and thus get 8 cores of 3.2 Ghz ... those CPU's will probably run you around $800 for both.  Thus motherboard and CPU's and memory would be around $1600 ... which makes a $2200 system build possible.

Personally I would wait a little and pick up one of the new Nehalem's or Core i7's.  Apparently at 4 cores their performance can give an 8 core Skulltrail a run for its money for dramatically less cost.
Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2008-11-24 17:03
Per-above referenced conversation: 

    IntelĀ® QuickPath technology providing
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