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- - By jaeger1975 (**) Date 2007-03-28 23:48
Hi Friends

Can anyone tell me your own experiences with this engines? They are of course weaker than Rybka, but I think are very strong ones. Which are their styles and so on? IN my personal experience and with some eigne oturnaments, all of them have similar strenght, but their style seems different


Parent - - By gcrema (*) Date 2007-04-14 10:44
in myopinion the very interestng program is Shredder very strong in all game opening middlegame and final.This is in my opinion the real opponent against Rybka
Parent - By codonauta (*) Date 2007-04-15 00:47
I have started using Rybka 2.3 three days ago. In rapid games - 5 minutes each side - Rybka wins Fritz always, without any problem. But with long games - 40 minutes for 40 movemets - has been diferent: in 3 games, Fritz 10 won the first, Rybka won the second, and the third was draw.
It seems that Fritz 10 needs more time for playing very very well, at the level enough for defeating Rybka. But I saw that is possible that Fritz 10 wins Rybka2.3 ; It happened once in my PC yesterday.
Parent - By dareapa (**) Date 2007-04-15 03:15
I believe that, yes, shredder is a very solid program to me it is a positional player with strong combination powers when needed..However Junior and Hiarcs are the programs that offer more unpredictable and sharper styles of play.  These programs styles offer the human player more exciting games in my opinion..Fritz claims to be more positional than previous versions but to me it hunts for tactics, when it finds winning combinations it kills its opponents whether it be Rybka or or zapzanzabar problem is that when it plays truly positional programs like the "fish" it rarely finds the lines it loves so it loses.. However against strong humans fritz is very fun and strong...I love them all....Me and my group of chess playing friends could really care less which programs can beat the other..we have chess tourneys where we play to defeat the programs... Im around 1900 elo so as u see i'm not as strong as most people in this forum...and yes the programs have their way with me but i'm learning new things and it is very fun...

One Love,

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