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- - By ok373 (**) Date 2007-03-27 15:01 Edited 2007-03-27 15:15
1.Cheat with Rybka in Playchess(but only as a guest!!) - in that way you will earn rybka style and accuracy.
You will see that in your tournament games you will stop doing moves as "a3","Re1" withot a purpose.
You will always ask yourself in your games: Rybka will never play this move from this position ...  Or you will ask yourself:Shuld I grab this pawn with this Rook or this Rook? It's probably doesn't matter... In a second thought Rybka evaluate the position differently after every grab... So think what is better!!Accuracy!

2.Play games at Playchess and analysed them after the game with Rybka. Learn from your mistakes!

3.Rybak will also learn not to give up. try to play a game in play chess as a guest.lose a night or a bishop or even a rook and then cheat with Rybka.Look how she wins from this horrible position! If you lost piece in a game,don't give up! Think How Rybka will continue this game!!

With only this tips I improved 300 points elo rating in 6 months(without reading chess books)!!

Even without an opening book Rybka is 2500+ player. she has only her logic and you can have it too!!
If you will play the middlegame and endgame like Rybka,you won't lose,my promise!! It's not a dream!!!
Parent - By ebutaljib (****) Date 2007-03-27 17:26 Edited 2007-03-27 17:29
Yes, cheating. Thats really the way to go   :p

Parent - - By Berfomet (**) Date 2007-03-27 17:57 Edited 2007-03-27 18:08
If your gonna cheat go to the engine room to meet one of your kind or join freestyle tournaments where anything goes. If you want to improve with your chess with your engine then play as centaur mode. In the guest room players are expecting a human player so if you cheat thats bad.
But I wonder how cheaters in the internet cheat with the chess engine, any suggestions?

By the way, I don't cheat but I have a neutral point of view to chess cheaters I don't admire them and I don't despise them. If I want to play with my engine even if its on another computer (8-way, but I don't own it), I play it on another chess engine user.
Parent - - By ok373 (**) Date 2007-03-27 18:33
I din't like to cheat but it is improving.

It's very easy to cheat you open Rybka and Playchess. You start a game. your opponent play e4. You move e4 in Rybka and it plays c5,so you enter to the game the move c5 and so on,untill your opponent resign...
Parent - - By BigBen (****) Date 2007-03-29 10:03
    Practice makes perfect as the saying goes ... A chess program\engine can really help simply because you have an opponent available at any time and you can practice your ideas ... Of course if you simply have no talent for the game then cheating will help your ego 
Parent - By stephenNJUKI (**) Date 2007-03-30 11:26
Does anyone use CPT on a regular basis?
Parent - - By diskamyl (**) Date 2007-03-31 09:16 Edited 2007-03-31 09:29
here's my list.
but first, presupposition number one: chess engine freaks work on chess in a way that's completely based on using the engine as much as you can, and that's SO wrong. it's like the idea "being married to a gm will make you a better chess player".
p. no 2: people are too much interested in playing all the time, I believe that should come second.

chess engine "fans" have to understand that the engine won't do any good if you yourself don't spend hours of analysis without the engine. actually, I think some training softwares like personal chess trainer or ct art and some serious books on specific different stages of the game (I mean specific books on endgame, tactics and positional play seperately) would be much better for improvement.

"main line":
2a) study endgame theory and endgame positions, and study tactical motives. and do this by (after basic theory of course) making deep analysis of some tactical positions or endgame positions you see on a tactics or endgame book or server ON YOUR OWN, try to find the results of different variations and try to make them as concrete as possible in your head).
2b) try to understand positional elements. try analysing some "positional positions" you see on a book and again try to find different variations to understand why that certain positional move in that certain position is important, and again, try to make these variations as concrete as possible in your head.
2c)study openings, and try to alternate from the main lines in your analysis to see why the main line is the "main" line. again, on your own.

3) only then, use your engine to check your analysis.

4) play games periodically, and the periods being certain training periods involving the three above. I, for example play 2 games (one with black, one with white) a month, and try to see what I have gained in the previous month and what I haven't that I should have.
Parent - - By Michael Waesch Date 2007-03-31 11:09
Good statements! Agreed!

Parent - By nuff (**) Date 2007-04-03 10:53
The OP is a miserable offender for thinking that cheating is a way to improve your strength. Till you learn to think for yourself, cheating will not improve your game by one iota. Please don't post stupid/illegal suggestions here in future.
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