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- - By pecomit (*) Date 2007-01-13 13:03
Hi all,

running 2n2mp.x64 until now without any problems. Now it were necessary to reinstall xp x64 completely from scratch. Also i installed f10 again. Creating the rybka uci engine made some trouble. Always it came up with engine: could not load ..... I searched the forum and found some recommendations (reinstall etc) . I tried all of this .- no success .
Funny is that with arena anything works fine (good for my corr chess). Chessbase support also doesn't gave an answer (unfortunally a common reaction).
Any idea how to overcome this problem? Any hints and tips are appreciated :-)

Thanks in advance
Parent - - By Felix Kling (Gold) Date 2007-01-13 14:03
Do you have tablebases installed? If yes, deactivate them (remove the path to them in the options). I had the same problem because some of my tablebases were defect and then fritz doesn't want to install new engines. If this works, download the program "wilhelm" an find the tablebases which caused the problem.
Parent - - By pecomit (*) Date 2007-01-14 13:57

thanks for this great hint :-). It works . Cant understand this really. Wilhelm tells me that anything is correct - but nevertheless it works.

Greetings and many thanks!
Parent - By Felix Kling (Gold) Date 2007-01-14 15:33
Hast Du auch wirklich alle Datenbanken mit Wilhelm überprüft? Schau nochmal nach, ob nach der Prüfung überall "integer" steht... Sonst habe ich nämlich keine Erklärung für den Fehler :) Nachdem ich die defekten Endspieldatenbanken bei mir entfernt hatte, lief wieder alles ganz normal.
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