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- - By DamirD81 (***) Date 2007-03-07 01:53
Return unknown.
Parent - - By Michael Waesch Date 2007-03-07 05:28
LOL, the last time such a vacation was announced he was back after 3 days.

Parent - - By z0qxz (**) Date 2007-03-07 06:03
Mike.. wonder why u keep on talk about RS??   just get it over...ok??
Parent - - By sam_i_am (**) Date 2007-03-07 06:14
There is no need for sysops period on the server. From my experiance and many , many others...sysops will NOT respond to suggestions or bug reports. So what would it matter to announce a vacation. How about a retirement anouncement !

But I guess being a sysop would have its benefits , knowing where to get the quad + games to go into your book or the latest chessbase products free.

But anyways , sysops are only threre to ghost.

Someone please prove otherwise!
Parent - - By Michael Waesch Date 2007-03-07 10:47
It´s the standard Chessbase tactics of fooling around people after big incidents caused by him. They let him announce a "vacation" raising hopes that he might get replaced and when everyone calmed down, he returns in full force and just continues harassing, pestering, kicking and banning innocent people and harm engine chess in every way possible for him. That simple. And that´s the reason why I continue to talk about the matter so that at least of few people don´t forget or get fooled around.

Rest assured. He will be back soon. More evil than ever.

Parent - - By DamirD81 (***) Date 2007-03-07 12:32
It is different this time, his email will be closed and if some people want to get in touch regarding some problems on chessbase server or in general they will have to contact chessbase.
Parent - - By Michael Waesch Date 2007-03-07 12:50
Which will be actually in effect the same as contacting him. It was them who made him sysop and they ever were very well informed about the ongoings on the server.

But nothing what so ever now is going on there on Playchess, there is absolutely zero chance of any improvement:

If Stickles is to be replaced, which I doubt, who will take over the "job"? Now, let´s look at the description:

Not paid at all and at best he/she could get a free copy of Fritz for getting clobbered in the Rybka room.

No one will be attracted by that - and if I am in error it will just attract the same sort of guy/gal like Stickles.

Ergo: Nothing will change at all.

Et en plus:

No matter what´s happening now can draw back the time for years and take away the servere damages Richard Stickles did to engine chess - and none of his victims will have rectification and/or compensation.

Parent - By Wayne Lowrance (***) Date 2007-03-12 21:25
Gosh darn it, these threads here are beggining to look and feel like CCC. Hope Not
Parent - - By Richard Stickles (*) Date 2007-03-16 02:22
Funny thread indeed, Just shows how much people really know.......I was away due to moving......And yes i needed the holiday.....Michael you need to give up your love affair with me,cause honestly i could care less what you think of me.....
As for playchess, it will always grow with or without problematic people like yourself....
Now Michael i am offering you a peace offering i won't speak about you ,and you don't speak about me......
I am also offering you a lifetime registered account with NO STRINGS ATTACHED, this will be the second time i offer this to you....I don't care either way if you take it or not..

This bullshit has to stop one day , let the past be the past, and let's all move onwards. I don't care if you decline it or not ,that's your choice....The offer will always be there.....It's time this childs play ends.....

Best Regards
Richard Stickles
Parent - - By Michael Waesch Date 2007-03-16 03:31

you never offered me a lifetime registered account, because if you did this would have ended long ago although I don´t agree with most of what you say.

Well, offering a lifetime account definetely outweighs what you did in the past - at least to me, making me think that your offer is honest-based this time, so I would take the olive branch and accept.

Parent - - By Mark Mason (***) Date 2007-03-16 08:44

Glad to see that things are now patched up !  Does this mean that you may re-open your web site. I thought your site was excellent and it was one of the things that got me interested in the whole fascinating world of computer chess in the first place. I for one would welcome it's return.

Parent - By Michael Waesch Date 2007-03-16 14:09
I didn´t close it down due to the issues with Chessbase. Many informations are outdated and need a workover which just will take its time due to my severe diseases. Also, the more I dig into testing engines, the more I come to the conclusion that the slightest things affect performace - even the wing stroke of a butterfly on the opposite end of the world ...

Parent - - By z0qxz (**) Date 2007-03-16 13:34
Mike.....u should thank SR.... he give you another chance;s over and no more bullshit!!
Parent - - By Michael Waesch Date 2007-03-16 19:05
Nah. All this seems to be another joke by Mr. Stickles. Although he sent me a mail asking for a nickname he didn´t open that account. In fact I haven´t heard a single word from him since then.

I am now going to ask others whom he offered "a second chance" if he played this childish game with them too, just to see if there is a new pattern.

I must admit that he got better in pretending honesty, but I won´t fall again to his "I want peace trick"...

Parent - - By Michael Waesch Date 2007-03-16 23:45
Obviously there was only a delay. Sorry if I was to impatient and suggested wrong motives.

Parent - - By Michael Waesch Date 2007-03-17 01:40
After now seeing with my very own eyes that at least some bugs have been eradicated on Playchess and there is also evidence coming forth that at least some of the guys participating in engine chess provided me with false information in order to have me fight their battles, I will have to rethink my attitude about Chessbase - and may be not only about Chessbase.

This is one of the days where I think about quitting chess as a whole not only engine chess.

Parent - - By rivaldo (***) Date 2007-03-17 02:47
hi michael,
your name is cool! michael ge-wäsch. it seems you mostly exist on the web. if there was a webcleaner, which could erase all this trash you had to search for a new identity. I strongly recommend psychological help.
Parent - By Michael Waesch Date 2007-03-17 04:48
Says the one who need to hide behind a nick. Thanks for that superb joke! You just saved my day!

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