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- By grolich (***) Date 2007-03-02 02:07
Hi everybody.
I'm just a chess addict,

who also happens to be a programmer,

who, by some weird twist of fate (actually, by my own design... but it doesn't sound as nice) made AI and games (specifically, Chess and Go)
his main topic in the university... (my main project was/is actually about Go)

So I am very interested in the different chess engines and the different styles / levels they play at.
During the last few years I've been following the different engines, and I must say:

Rybka is AMAZING. Not only very strong, but its style is 'lectrifying (when I'm trying to remember I'm playing a computer and not a human, that is).

Great engine Vas. Keep up the good (I should probably say excellent) work.
I'll try to keep as close a watch as I can on this engine and its capabilities.
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