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- - By MrKris (***) Date 2020-11-28 22:19 Upvotes 1
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     Re: CCC gone or hacked?

     Post by Graham Banks ยป Sat Nov 28, 2020

ProDeo     Computer Chess    Subject: Talkchess situation
Talkchess situation Yesterday    Admin:
For those who wonder what's going on with CCC, I got the following answer from Quentin Turner the owner of the site with question to inform people.
"Hi Ed,

Our host temporarily has restricted it because it kept crashing the
server.  I'm looking at an upgrade, but we probably need to keep it
separate from the rest of the site somehow. For now, i'm just going to try
and pay extra to hopefully keep it safe, but ultimately it crashed the
entire site again this morning and my host wanted to leave it down for the
moment to see if that helped the load.

I'll try and get more details about when it will be back, but it's been a
bit hectic with the holiday rush.

Please let folks know i'm working on it, it's just not my top priority
with black friday / cyber monday.  I'll do what I can!

Parent - By Eelco de Groot (***) Date 2020-11-29 14:37 Upvotes 1
Thanks for letting us know. I had not noticed there were any problems because after they shut down CTF I almost never go there :fat:. My computer can't run much chess software so for the moment I don't have much interest in the site. I do think Talkchess is very fragile because it is not standalone, it is hosted on top of the ChesUSA site and if that site is busy, you probably get problems with Talkchess too. Any SQL search you would do on the archives can basically crash the system, even with say 5 persons doing a simple search simultaneously and for instance not closing their search pages, my guess is the thing can crash. So unless someone is willing to do the move to a real server, this will happen again. That is, if the host from which ChessUSA  rents server space itself does not shut out from accessing the site anybody they don't trust, which are all the foreigners. Not Quentin's fault, he just inherited all the problems.
Parent - By Vegan (****) Date 2020-11-29 19:07 Upvotes 1
I noted that the forum software has not been updated for some time. This likely has spambots drooling for a new place to post crap.

I usually use a separate VM for phpBB primarily as it can be busy enough to be too demanding for a multi hosted server.

The forum software here is last updated in 2012 which is an eternity in the PC universe
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