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- - By archiethehappless Date 2020-07-08 14:38
Hi - I am a newly retired newly acquired aquarium 2020 player looking to get back into chess and chess analysis.
I have previously only used Chessbase engines but I very much like the concept of IDeA to help develop (relearn) opening repertoires etc

However it is a steep learning curve to a newbie and there is precious little material evident to help move me forwards, from the 2% knowledge I have built up over the last week.
So - is there an aquarium savvy person out there, who is midlands based, who would be willing to come over to Staffordshire (lockdown now easing) to spend an afternoon walking and talking me through how to configure "stuff" to make "stuff" happen and showing when "stuff" does happen, what that "stuff" should look, so I have a visual benchmark of expectancy???

My progress today (read failure) is watching the available youtube starter vids and then configuring a Sandbox/IDeA combo using a critical position from an internet game that I lost.
After 27hrs running (with seemingly much indication of idleness and little output of helpful analysis) an internal crash/conflict/corruption closed aquarium.

My pc is a new build AMD Ryzen 3970x 32 core running on 64 RAM. (At the moment, the system is under performing and I have a call out to my local PC support chap to resolve this, but it should not be an issue for configuring and running Aquarium I think). 
I am happy to cover fuel costs + time to a modest level - I am now officially a pensioner of course!!

Many thanks
Parent - - By OempaS (***) Date 2020-07-09 09:03
Hi Archie
you may want to read en re-read the help files from Dadi.  See the 2nd main item on this forum.
And after that open the search funtion and search for Dadi again.
Those will give you an excellent start !
Parent - By archiethehappless Date 2020-07-09 14:37
OempaS - my thanks for your guidance
I have my paracetamol to hand and will search further...
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