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- - By MrKris (***) Date 2020-06-22 02:19
[1] No new Windows-included computers (OEM) with Windows 10 32-bit.

[2] However, there will still be "non-OEM", that is full priced retail OS, Windows 10 32-bit. (Presumably to allow older machines to be upgraded to 10 if they do not have it.)

[3] Very important: those currently running Windows 10 32-bit will not notice any change:
they will still get "feature" and "security" updates from Microsoft.
"Microsoft has stated that future versions of Windows 10, starting with the May 2020 Update, will no longer be available as 32-bit builds on new OEM computers. ... [1] "

Note the title is the complete opposite of the actual Microsoft statements in the very same article:

"Microsoft states that they will are still committed to supporting users running older hardware [3] and will continue to make 32-bit media available in non-OEM channels [2]."

Furthermore, Microsoft will continue to offer feature updates and security updates for versions of Windows running on 32-bit hardware.[3] ...
_ _ _ _ _

Ubuntu has no plans to harm anything 32-bit now running, as in the lastest long term, 5 years, Ubuntu 20.04:
Martin Wimpress on 24 April 2020

"... Although i386 (32-bit Intel) is no longer a release architecture, Ubuntu preserves a collection of 32-bit Intel libraries to satisfy Steam, Wine, Lutris requirements, as well as a large back catalogue of classic games and applications. The Steam package in Ubuntu has also been updated for 20.04 LTS and now supports a broad range of controllers and VR devices. ..."

See also:
Ubuntu Decides to Keep Supporting Selected 32-bit Libs After Developer Outrage
_ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _

Ubuntu: no new 32-bit libraries (frozen since 18.04, no one noticed) but a commitment to Steam, Wine, classics etc.
Windows: no new OEM 32-bit machines, commitment to continue to support current users of Windows 10 32-bit (and it still can be bought for old hardware).
Parent - By Vegan (****) Date 2020-06-22 22:53 Upvotes 1
This is more of a nudge towards getting the stragglers to migrate to 64-bit.

Way better memory management with 64-bit and any chess enthusiast all use 64-bit which chess engines can leverage more easily.

I used XP x64 when it launched and its been 64-bit for me since.
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